Is It Too Late To Start My Business?

Hey, it’s Jeff Walker, and I recently got a question
from someone who is looking to get into the
experts business, information business… become a knowledge entrepreneur is one of the
terms I’ve been using lately… and he’s like, “Are all the good niches taken? Have all
these great marketers already swooped in and they’re now dominating these markets
and there’s no chance for me to get in?” And it reminded me way back when I
started, and so this is in the ’90s. When I first got this idea to
start publishing online, and I guess this was probably ’95 or ’96, and the thing I was looking at publishing
about was the stock market. That’s how I started in this business. I spent about 8 years publishing about the stock market. But before I got started, I was on this one email list. And this
email list was this guy who would at the end of each day in the stock market
send out an email. And the email would just have closing
prices for the various stock market indexes, like
the Dow Jones and the S&P 500. And that might seem a
little silly now because that information is available anywhere, like on a 100 apps on your
phone, on your desktop, a bazillion websites. But back then in the nineties, getting that kind of information you’d usually have to wait until often
the next day in the newspaper, or maybe you could look at one of the
financial TV networks or something. So that was actually something… I
mean this is like a long time ago, right? But I remember
looking, and one of the things he would do is down on
the bottom his email, he would put how many people were getting his update, his daily update. And I remember he had somewhere around
six or seven or eight hundred people on the list. I remember looking at it, and I’m like, “Wow, this guy’s just got this amazing power. He’s got this ability to reach all these people and he’s not charging for anything now, but one day I can see this is gonna be a real business for him. Let’s ust say it was
600 people. And I remember looking at him like, Oh man, I wish I had that idea before he did. You know, he sort of locked up this market
now. He’s got all these six hundred people and there’s… This thought going through my head, like
there might not be any room left in the market. Well, that was obviously pretty silly thinking. But it just
goes to show that it’s just a natural thing for us to
look around and say is there too much competition. But the reality is, I
started newsletter. I went on to build a newsletter, several newsletters, a
nice business. I had tens of thousands of subscribers and I
was barely even scratching the surface eight years later when I ended up
leaving that market. So the thing is is the
statistics show that there’s going to be 3 billion new people coming online over the next few years and there’s
already billions online. There’s never really
been a better opportunity to get into this business, this experts businesses, this knowledge
business, this wisdom business, this information business… because they call it the long
tail, the idea where there is an infinitely huge number
of niches that keep on dividing and subdividing. Back then, I was publishing for
mutual fund investors. Then I started publishing for day traders. But
there’s all different ways. And then I started publishing for mutual fund
investors who have just one tiny little piece of software. It can go on and on because there are so many
more people coming on, and there so many new communities and new tribes for me. The fact that you’re able to share
your knowledge, your wisdom much more efficiently, much more
effectively now… we didn’t have video then. The world belonged to people who
could write really really well. Now it belongs to anyone who can turn
on a camera and start to speak. You don’t have to be beautiful. You don’t have to have
a face for television. You don’t have to have an incredible voice. You just have to get a little practice
in front of the camera and be willing to share your authentic self, because that’s what
people really connect to and that’s how you differentiate in this market. You might be publishing
almost identical things to someone else in your market, but you’ll
be publishing it in a different way and bringing your own special sauce to the mix. That allows
you to differentiate. There’s a lot of other mega trends
going on right now. I’m talk about it in another video. But like, for one, Facebook makes it—and other social, but
primarily Facebook right now— makes it far easier to reach markets and reach enthusiasts and reach communities than it’s ever been
before. I’ll do another video about that soon, but
it’s fundamentally changing the way the game works right
now. So, yeah, three billion new people coming onboard, plus the
billions that are there already… not all of them, but
some tiny tiny tiny, some segment of them is waiting to hear from you. They’re
waiting for your wisdom and that’s why it’s such an incredibly
exciting time. The ohter thing right now is almost all major purchases begin online, begin with online research. So even if you’re selling a
widget or a service or cars or hotel rooms, getting online and authentically and transparently and congruently sharing your
message is the ultimate win right now. So, yeah, that’s it. I’ve never been more
excited about this business. I’ve been in this business for 20 years now. Never been a more
exciting time. If you’re watching this anywhere else
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8 thoughts on “Is It Too Late To Start My Business?

  1. Thank You, I am sending this to my Grandson. Who is just beginning to sell life Insurance and finance. Or deciding if he wants to become a lawyer. He has a father, and uncles that are all lawyers. It's tough getting started in the beginning.

  2. "I am still with you IM Mentor Jeff Walker . My business plate is still very full however and need to clear the distractions some family matters some personal obligations and other stuff out of the way first to clear my head and my garden front desk table . So I am still with you Jeff Walker to keep you up to date . Your IM marketing friend Holistic Chef Barry Anderson .

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