IS NTM Portable Rollforming Right For My Business? Thoughts From An Owner

– You know walking away
with 35 feet of waste is a beautiful thing,
but you just never know you know what you are going to run into. So, being able to carry
an extra coil with you and just knock one more panel out as you go really really
helps change the game. (upbeat music) – My name is Joe Keene,
I’m with Integrity Metals. I guess at my previous employer, we ran fleets of those
machines across the nation. We ran every single profile
you could run on them and we had a crated division
and we had an on-site division. We ran that machine in the shop to, you know when we were crating and we took it in the
field when we weren’t. You know have you ever had a
job with 76 foot panels on it. You know might be my
first question I ask them. Do you ever want one? You know because your not
going to ship that panel without cutting it in half. Do you like seaming panels? I don’t, you know. So, maybe that would be a good question. If, maybe they’ve used another rollformer. I’ve used other rollformers
where the panels come out neck high, where it has to
stop to shear the panel, you know with 30 foot
of panel sticking out of the rear end of it. You know there’s pluses and
minuses to all these things, but I’d say the ability to
import panel list via USB, where you’re not having to reenter. You take the human error out
of the backside of that thing. You don’t have to worry
about your guys going out and reentering data into a
machine that you’ve already had to reenter, that somebody
else sent to you via email or on a napkin or however,
you know it was transpired to you in the first place. So, I could think of a
pretty long list of questions to ask and why they’re not
interested in a New Tech machine. I guess that’s a couple of them. (upbeat techno music)

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