ISO benefits for business and government

Today’s world is full of challenges for business, government and society facing up to these challenges requires
leadership and vision but leaders also need practical tools
they can rely on. ISO Standards helps CEOs to achieve their business
objectives and provide governments and regulators with vital technical support ISO’s voluntary standards draw on a
wealth of experience and expertise Are developed in partnership with government,
business and consumers, tackling the environmental, economic and societal challenges
of sustainable development: ISO provides a forum for cooperation
and consensus, developing standards through the people that need them, implement them and are affected by them. Standards help create growth open up global markets facilitate trade reduce risks, and ensure that
developing countries share in the benefits. ISO provides the tools to
tackle challenges like climate change sharing innovation improving performance and increasing
energy efficiency Standards help build partnerships,
increase customer satisfaction and ensure quality making the world a more productive creative and safe in place Leaders count on ISO. With over 60 years of experience,
a network of standards bodies in 163 countries
acting globally and locally, More than 18 000 standards for nearly
every aspect of technology and business, ISO tackles the issues that
keep leaders awake at night, by working hard on global solutions the global challenges. Today, tomorrow and for the future.

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