It’s not business, it’s personal – Tony Sleaze

[Voiceover] Meet Tony Sleaze. He recently decided to live his life as a corporation. Well in certain countries, the law considers corporations to be people. So I thought, why can’t I become a corporation? I mean, I already don’t give a f*ck about anyone. [Voiceover] As a corporation, Tony has devised complex techniques to maximise his profit margins. I don’t pay for things. – It’s a shop, my friend. I’ll pay for some of it. I’m not paying the tax. Look, all my spare change is tied up in Luxembourg alright? Do you accept strip club loyalty cards? – You can leave. People say us corporations don’t care about the planet, but I’m always campaigning on environmental issues. Climate change is a lie! It’s a lie made up by polar bears to make us feel sorry for them. Al Gore’s an idiot. Polar bears are scum. – If you actually look at extreme melt at the North and South Pole. Ughhhh.. One law he believes he cannot ignore is his obligation to maximise returns for his shareholders… By any means necessary. Don’t worry about it, it’s ok. It’s free innit, to just pour it on that swan. – Come on! Do you speak english? – Er, no. This.. Here. And the fish like.. [choking] [See Love In People] Relationships are key for a corporation, so obviously I’m deeply concerned about the consumer’s view of me. Pick it up. And this.. How about that? No. Please! No, not my arm! – If you do not pay tax that means you’re a thief. [Climate change is a lie]
Climate change is a lie. – It’s not a lie so f*ck off. You’re the joke. You’re the hippy. – Mate get the f*ck out my face. Oh that’s good. Very environmentally friendly.

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13 thoughts on “It’s not business, it’s personal – Tony Sleaze

  1. Great video, made me laugh and makes the point better than any preaching video could, great stuff!

  2. This is such a puerile, lowest common denominator kind of video. I’d wager that a company like Tesla has, in the short time it’s been around, done more to protect the environment than Greenpeace or its silly content team could ever dream of.

  3. Of couse the climate changes, dahh. What should be discussed is geoenineering. Greenpeace is full of it. Dr Paul Johnston, greenpeace stooge, touches on the topic whilst addressing the Royal Geographical Society in 2009. He just fail to mention that aerosol injection (SRM) via private, military and commercial/passenger jumbo sized planes, is in full swing or the large scale dumping of Iron into the sea to promote mass algea blooms that could be responsible for the mass die of much sea life including reef systems. Greenpeace just drip feeds the sheeple garbage. Green politicians worldwide ain't any better.

  4. You know one day one of you fuckers needs to fucking swap genders of portraying characters like this

    Where are the Evil Capitalist Women who run huge soulless corporations?

  5. A stooge calling himself 'Dr life kowalski' commented to my earlier post, regarding the importance of educating the masses on the geoengineering programs that are well and truly in full swing. I suggested that he should look at all time lapsed footage of SRM being sprayed in the sky worldwide. Or better still, use the conspiracy term 'chemtrails' instead of SRM bc you'll get more videos. Don't be fooled by the persistent contrails argument, do your homework. Also watch Prof. DAVID KEITH on BBC Hardtalk discussing geoengineering. Ocean fertilisation via the dumping of iron oxides over large areas to promote algea bloom, thus capturing carbon that sinks to the sea floor once it dies off. All this and more, how amazing. BUT WHAT ARE THE HEALTH EFFECTS THAT MAY COME FROM THIS ENDEAVOUR? REMEMBER ASBESTOS? ARE WE, AND THE GOD DAMNED WHALES, THE LAB RATS?

  6. Dr life kowalski is an idiot and judging by his speedy disinformation rants is either, a low paid shill or a sad, lonely and angry sack of shit. I mean what kind of lonely soul would respond so quickly? Get a life blockhead. Enough of that fool for now. He can bag me for a while, I'm moving on to russian and polish idiot drivers videos. Believe what you want people. I'm just doing my bit to get some critical mass thought on what governments are doing to the air we all breath, including the god damned whales. Read the I.P.C.C. report on Geoengineering and the numerous scholarly articles and papers on the field.

  7. I couldn't resist, I'm momentarily back. An interesting YouTube channel titled WeatherWar101 discusses and analyses different geoengineering techniques (not all) via time lapsed satellite imagery. Geoengineering is a broad term. As individuals, we geoengineer unintentionally everyday, for example, the pollution emitted from our cars and power stations. If we have to intentionally geoengineer the planet, then lets do it together with full disclosure, especially the data on health effects. Ah wait, we can't do that. Where's the profit. Better to stand over smaller countries by flooding them, making droughts, manipulation of storms to intensify or weaken them etc,,,, basically, weather as a weapon or commodity.

  8. Dr life kowalski also refers to the ozone layer. Well, well, well, Dr David Keith being questioned about SRM Geoengineering's (chemtrails) side effects on BBC Hardtalk. He stated, DEPLETION OF THE OZONE LAYER will increase. There are videos on YouTube, true of false, showing readings of deadly UVC, that should read zero. I haven't tested myself, so I can't verify.

  9. In reply to taras bullbar aka CHEMTRAIL MCGEE. I suggest unless you OR green peace can prove any of my questions not valid then can you show me. These are obvious questions that need to be talked about and PROVEN FALSE. Any attempt at slander blackmail or other such pseudo science or conspiracy without proof will be treated as a smear campaign. Because unless you can stop the ocean evaporating and iodine rich plants or animals from dying and evaporating your creating an industry out of panic. 300 parts per million co2 is nothing. Nore can you do anything about methane. Note these facts are freely available. More over by not addressing this only with accounts with nothing on it using slander and bully tactics to shut me up don't work. Its starting to look exactly like it is. Complete bullshit for the masses uninformed. Like everything else.

  10. Dr life kowalski is a shill cockhead, look at it, 9 comments spread out over 24 hrs. The looser has got no life. Im sitting on my deck chilling out with some associates and a baileys on ice, ahhhhh.


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