Jack Ma’s Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People – HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

My advice to
the young people 25 years old Make enough mistakes Don’t worry You fall You stand up You fall, You stand up Enjoy it, I mean, if you have 25 years old
enjoy the show, just enjoy the show From 30 to 40 years old You have to think
very clearly Were you working
for yourself? if you really want to be
entrepreneur So 40 to 50 think about how can focus
on things that you are good at But when you have 50 to 60 years old
work for the young people because young people
can do it better than you So rely on them, invest on them
making sure they’re good So 25 years old Don’t worry Any mistake is an income
Is a wonderful revenue for you In the future it’s not about
the competition of knowledge It’s the competition
of creativity It’s a competition
of imagination It’s a competition
of learning It’s a competition
of independent thinking If you think like a machine
the problem will come In the past 20 years
will make people like a machine In the next 20 years
machine will look like a people So in the future
it’s not knowledge driven It’s the wisdom driven It’s the experience driven In the past is the knowledge driven and it’s the manufacturing driven And in the future
is the creativity driven I think next 30 years
the world is going to change a lot The new technology is going
to change every aspect of the world So this is what we think The world
should be focusing on not only the IQ, EQ but also focus on LQ
the Quotient of Love Because only
when you cared the others only when you care
the others that succeed and more successful
than you are You have the chance 10 years ago internet
was so good when nobody believed internet
was so good Now internet is so tough
because all the smart people go to Internet So you should go
to the off ground I fail for… Funny things that I fail,
a key primary school tests for two times and I fail like three times
for the middle school, to go middle schools No I tried…
There is an examination that young people If you want to go University
you have to take the examinations So I fail the three times When I graduated from universities,
and before I… for three years I tried and I
failed in the universities. So I applied jobs for 30 times, got rejected. I went for police
They say: “No, you’re not good” I went, even the KFC, when KFC
came to China, come to our city 24 people
went for the job 23 people
were accepted I was the only guy And we went for police, 5 people, 4 of them accepted.
I was the only guy they’re not receiving. So to me, being turned down,
rejected. Oh, by the way, I told you that I applied
for Harvard for 10 times, rejected. I learned so much about the Hollywood movies
especially Forrest Gump -You love Forrest Gump
-I love Forrest Gump -Why do you like him? Simple Never give up People think’s he’s a dumb but he knows what he’s doing And I was very depressed the day… a year 2002 or 2003
in the United States I was very depressed when I could not
define out a way for the internet and then I watch the movie
in my friend’s home Forrest Gump when I see him I think This a guy we should learn from Believe what you’re doing Love it Whether people like it
or don’t like it, be simple and like the word: “Life is like a box of chocolate,
you never know what you can get”, right? I never know I would be here
talking to you I never know But today I made it I told to my people
in my apartment 18, 15 years ago Guys we have
to work hard Not for ourselves If we can be successful 80% of the young people in China
can be successful We don’t have a rich father A powerful uncle We don’t have
one dollar from bank A someone from government Just work as a team I worry about it today young people
A lot of young people lose hope Lose vision And start a complaint We also have the same problem when I got… It’s not a good feeling
being rejected by so many people We also depressed but at least later we find that the world
has a lot of opportunity How you see the world? How you catch the opportunity? So… Hollywood give me
a lot of inspiration I at the beginning
I never thought… I thought when I was young
I said: “Everything is possible” Now I know not everything is possible We have something
you have to think about You have to consider about the others
You have to consider about the customer Society, Your employees The Shareholders There are so many things that I think
If you continue to work hard There’s possibility It’s not a mission If you don’t do it Nothing is possible If you try to do it
at least you have the hope Calm down There’s always a way out And keep yourself balanced And meanwhile
don’t try to keep because business is a… Competition is a fun Business is like a
battlefield You die or I win Business… even if you die there will be
another winner, right? So it’s better fun Yeah, tell them the story and tell them that if Jack… I don’t think in this world there’s a lot of people
be rejecting more than 30 times If we… you know,
the only thing we never give up the only thing in we are like
Forrest Gump We keep on fight We keep on change ourselves We don’t complain Whether you are successful
or not successful I find that one people
when they finish the job If they make a mistake
and they fail If they always complained
the others This guy will never
come back If the guy only
check himself Yeah, is something wrong with me here
Something wrong me there This guy has a hope So many people I talked to at that time
for Alipay, they said “This is the stupidest idea
you have ever got” but I say: “I don’t care if is a stupid clue
as long as people use it” Now we have 800 million people
using this Alipay 1999 year 2000 and even at the Yahoo time a lot of people say: “This Jack is crazy,
he’s doing something that we don’t understand” a lot of venture capitals give you money because
there is such a American model already there but they say: “Alibaba? We don’t see
this kind of model”, right? -They said: “Jack’s crazy”
-Yeah, this is crazy guy I mean, I remember
my first time in Time magazine They call me
“Crazy Jack” And I think crazy is good we are crazy
but we’re not stupid We know what we are doing But if everybody agreed
with me If everybody believed
that our idea is good We have no chance So that’s… The money we raised
we’re very thankful So, when our investors
makes a lot of money I feel proud and honored Everybody’s made it
a unique and different So, you must have a unique
and different way A lot of people today
have a lot of complaints Say: “I don’t have opportunity” I complain a lot when I was young and suddenly
realized complaint is not solve any problem The opportunity is always
in the place where people complain There are so many opportunities
in the world In this world Because there are
so many complaints If you can solve the complaint,
one of the complaints That’s the opportunity So this is what we made I think young people My advice to be an entrepreneur Don’t be scared of failure Of setbacks And don’t give up When we start the business we had 18 founders
including me 17 of them Now most of them
are my students and most of them… Well, today people think: “These 18 people
are the smarter people in China” We don’t think
we were smart Honestly, we all graduate
from the very poor schools The only thing we did We’re very united We all believe the future We are all optimistic And we learn
through mistakes We never give up If you graduate
from famous Universitys Please Respect the people
who graduate from the poor schools Those people like us graduate from a poor universities Please
respect yourself We have chance We came today
to down We made
so many mistakes People say: “You are lucky”
Yes, we are very lucky We in only 19 years
reach today’s size But we gone through
so many tough situations We made so many mistakes
that people cannot even imagine in probably 19 years You have to gone through
so many tough experience And that will make you
different ♪♪♪

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100 thoughts on “Jack Ma’s Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People – HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

  1. But the truth is it's hard to become successful if don't work hard ,we faces so much struggle before succeed

  2. I've got Interview yesterday and it was today I got the news from them that I didn't get the job and I am feeling 😞

  3. The time I started BELIEVING in myself and my CREATIOR ALLAH , I start becoming successful….. I advise everyone do your best till your death. Never give up. Please don't become HOPELESS. PLZ. Stop sharing and showing your probs to others. Obey your teachers and parents, respect elders. You will achieve a lot if you done a little hard work as well… One day I WILL BE roll model of whole world.. INSHALLAH. …….

  4. The best motivation in the world ever for me 🤑🤑
    I'm 18years old now and i believe myself i will set in four years must
    And you🤑🤑

  5. I'm 17 years old
    And I have 1 month left to prepare for entrance exam .
    I really wanna be dentist so badly.
    May lord favour me this time.


  7. I was born with ADHD and it’s very hard to stay concentrated. With three years of age I had a meningitis ( viral brain infection ) which could have cost my life and or my mental health. Dear god and the doctor my mother worked for gave me a chance to survive without any damage. This doctor became one because his father allowed him to study. If he wouldn’t let him do it my life would have gone another way.

    I failed in school changed my jobs very often. I decided to change my life and in the next 12 months I am going to finish all my exams from my past school and apprenticeships.

    After this if god will give me the chance I will go to medical school to become a doctor and be thankful for the chance god gave me and with my life saved I will save hopefully another 1000 life’s or more. This is my wish and to make my mother proud that suffered so much because of the years of disappointment I had.

    I will become a doctor !

  8. I'm still young to dream but ..there's a lot of hesitations in my mind…17 i believe i can achieved it since i i'm now motivated to follow it …thanks…

  9. That's I make my way after a long failure . that's was a true the one who fails got the chance but the one who pass never get the chance to test him because he always try to be pass if he try to know himself and his talent he will be success . so don't let your hope to destroyed keep it up.

  10. To achieve great things is good but what is most important is to accept and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour. Repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour and decide to walk with him. God loves you and has a plan for your life . Come to him and discover your destiny.
    God bless you all know

  11. Thanks very much more than this so good idea but you so much more than this 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 but the best perfectly idea for you to follow me thanks very much more than this so much more than this video but you 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  12. Poor people speak wisdom it sounds like a bullshit. But even tough a Rich people talk shit, it sounds like a wisdom

  13. 25 years old don't worry any mistake any failure its wonderful revenue for you.
    that words give it to me a big big motivation. thank you jack ma.

  14. I'm turning 20 next here I'm full of motivation !!! I wanna be successful and I will work to make it !!! Because I won't be able to help the poor people if I am poor

  15. The people of India have no work, so they work to watch videos and write comments and read from people all over the world.

  16. This guy is good in talking but it always contradict on what he prech! He said in 1 of his interview that never plan things, he said he planned to apply to other companies including kfc but he failed, he said he never plan to have a company like alibaba and he succeeded. That is BS! You mean your company dont have planning department??? He just talking and talking.

  17. I am only 19 year guy ..my problem is over thinking about my future…what is the solution of this problem?😢😢😢 Due to this reason I am feel very weak .. Everytime.

  18. Do the things before the other do , wake up before the other wake up , and be more brave than the other , because you know that 'you're amazing

  19. Im worried about life.,life is to short,.just a year u become old.,but im more worried about where am i going after life.,i mean u can be at age 80s 90s or maybe 60s and then gone,..to say how hard you think. .how hard sacrifice ..how hard u work to achieve. .and everything you wanted to be in your dreams no longer there., ,.its gone.,u left your dreams behind.,.it means dream never come true,..what else u get?. .nothing? blurr. ? Or just silent with ni soul.,?what dreams do we have. ?there is no dreams. . Just Remember.,. dream means forever..,not temporary.,

  20. Bringing together the e commerce platform. We need globalisation. Brand is not a problem, but let it be a healthy competition. No problem in copying. But dont kill the origin source of idea. Franchise and franchisor can be implemented. China has debt with Eu and Us.

  21. Im 19 yeara old and i felt like a failure. Not accepted at a good uni, not making proggress in my uni, i always felt like making mistake in my life, but this video make me believe that we have to trust our progress even though it felt like hell but that what make i now as an i.

  22. Thanks so much! I am very disappoint. Because I haven't a good job after go out university. It help me motive power…

  23. I am from India and I am defence aspirant.
    2 Times rejected by NDA.
    8 Times rejected by Indian Navy
    3 times rejected by Indian Air force.
    1 time rejected by Indian Coast guard.
    But being looser is not in my blood. I am never gonna give up.
    I will definitely edit this comment after my selection ❤️.

  24. I’m 15 years old little girl. Broken fam. An introvert. I don’t have friends. I don’t go to school because of my anxieties . I STOP because people keep bullying me. Throwing harsh words. (Even the teacher) Calling me names like (crybaby.).

    I disappoint my mom.

    I know I’m weak but i really want to be a soldier someday. But they always saying that I can’t do it. They also said I’m too weak for that job.

    I’m so depressed rn. I’m scared for my future. I just want to be a soldier.

    (Sorry for my bad english. I am a native speaker and it’s hard to speak in 3langguages)

  25. I am now 38 years old.

    When i was 20 – 28 im nothing being employed but when i start my business from 29 – 35 im booming, but problem is just coming and i cannot stop and failing, im now so failed. Now im 38 i have so many debts to pay. I have nothing now and have to pay my debts for the rest of my life

  26. Sometimes the reason why I thought of giving up was my parents. I always prayed to God asking what I should do but I will never give up. 😢💔

  27. Wow so you guys believes in words came out of mouth of an evil communist Chinese mainland living creature, interesting.
    Keep boycotting Mulan anyway.

  28. I'm 29 but still keep failing my board exam many times and feel pitty for myself. And rejected for a bright future cause I'm not a passer. I'm depressed and worried so much now. Pressured all aspects of my life..😟😟.

  29. Every One of this listener person must if graduates famous university respect the people who's graduates form the poor school university hatss up ,,,,,

  30. I am also going through same bad feeling but I believe I can be better. If I succeed my limitations I would like to help poor people.

  31. hope I’ll be successfull before I reach 30yrs old. I’ve been making many mistakes since High School ☺️

  32. I want to become successful because, to be really really FUCKING honest, there are few things that feel better than being superior to the average ppl you see on the streets, and knowing that you lead a more fulfilling and comfortable life than them because you worked for it. Being superior and able to look down on others feels even better than the success itself for me.

  33. For some reason I've always seen myself as a complete failure, I've always been the last one, the one who needs much more time to learn and understand new things, the dumb girl you can not trust because you never know how many things she will forget and fuck up again. Everybody in my company is laughing and complaining about me and I can see what they think about me through their eyes "Gosh how can somebody be so stupid, how could she get the job, we don't need her here". For five years now I've been crying so much because I gave up myself more and more and got depressed to the fact that my existence doesn't make any sense to me. I'm 20 now and really hope that in the next 10 years I'll find my true self and people who see something good in what I do, how I think, in me. Maybe in another city, another country … I try to get up again and again and stay patient.

  34. I am about to start college and boy am I terrified because I have no clue what to. do with my life at all, and I dont want to go to college but I feel like I have no choice because I dont want to work a minimum wage job. However this video made me hate the idea of going to college a little less.

  35. I know I will make it big time and I know you reading this will make it big time in life too….. Hit on the like button if you believe

  36. The reason why jackma is filthy rich becos he had a chance to approach western achievement (internet and amazon) before other chinese. His wealth is solidly based on relations with chinese government. He is talking shit and normal people like us keep believing. So sad.

  37. Deadline for fulfilling my DREAM is two years(2021) apart..
    For now my life is a Pack of FAILURE'S,
    I don't know if I can achieve it or lose it to fate.
    But Still struggling to hold it!
    I hope I can Accomplish it to change My life, My Family and finally My upcoming Generations Girl-child's future!
    I am commenting here as a PROMISE to myself not to GIVE-UP!

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