Jeff’s Story: How he’ll use the Covered California Small Business Exchange

Hi, my name is Jeff. I’m 32. I live in Sacramento.
I’ve been an entrepreneur trying to do my own businesses. So my first company that
I had, we had five employees. I wanted to get healthcare. Once I ordered it I had it
and I was proud. It was like hey, our business is providing healthcare. During that process
I just kept seeing the bottom line getting hit harder and harder. Eventually we just
had to stop, I just had to stop it. It didn’t make sense anymore because I couldn’t afford
certain things that were happening around the business itself. So, basically we went
without insurance until about last year. We’re now moving into a business where we’ve incorporated
it and we’re looking into it again and we’re excited about next year. Bringing about something like SHOP sounds
really exciting. When you can provide something like that, which seems like it’s like a holy
grail. You feel like you’re actually doing something for the group that you have, so
you’re being supportive. You want everyone to be healthy. You want everyone to know that
they’ve got coverage. Knowing that there’s that stability for them, then they feel like
they’re actually doing something for their family so they’re feeling… They can remove
that fear, I think.

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