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I find digital marketing really exciting because It is always changing, it is ever-evolving and so The sky is the limit. There is always more to learn, more to do, and so You never really hit your cap, and you never can become stagnant either And it’s really exciting to help a business reach their audience, expand their exposure And reach their goals in a very concrete and measurable way I decided to take a digital marketing course because it was something I was super interested in And it’s the way the world is really going It’s something that is super practical, hands on and that the industry is continually growing And so getting a base knowledge of these skills and the digital marketing practices Would really give you a competitive edge when looking for a job after university And also, if you’re entrepreneurial, want to start a small business, it’s something that can Really give you a base knowledge in how the digital world works And how you can grow your business from that The training I got from Jelly Marketing is something I’ll definitely be taking an applying To everything I do online for the rest of my life One of the biggest surprises that I found coming back to school with Jelly Marketing Has been how much that the social media landscape has changed just in two years Maybe 18 months, even 6 months. It’s just like everyday, something new The benefits of actually having an instructor versus just reading it online or in a book You can actually talk to the people, they actually know it They live it, breathe it every day You can come to them and they can tell you why things are the way they are The digital marketing course will help me either get a job in specifically digital marketing Or in something more broad, but I do think it gives me an advantage as I have a base knowledge Of skills if the businesses need some sort of recommendations, I have a knowledge in that Really it should go without saying that digital really is the way of the future The way things are going, the way they already are And even more than that, people nowadays really are just looking for businesses and services near them Through digital, all online, and even more so often just on their phone And so, we want to be and help businesses be where their clients are looking for them Digital marketing training ensures that we know where to be, how to be there, and when to be there So we can actually capture for those really invaluable micromoments where they’re ready to convert

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