Jimdo review: pros and cons of this website builder

Welcome to this Jimdo review! With several million users this website builder has become a popular choice for users from all around the world. To edit a Jimdo website, simply go to your homepage and click the “login” link. Now you enter your password to access the website editor. When you are logged in you can see this toolbar where you find a range of important functions. But more on that later, let me first show you how to edit a Jimdo site. When I move my mouse over a Jimdo element it will be highlighted telling me that it can be edited. If you want to make changes in this text block for example, simply click on it and this text editor will open up. Here you can change the style of your typeface and also choose a different color if you want to. And here you can change or add an image by uploading a new one from your computer. To add a new element, all you have to do is click the ‘plus’ button. This gives you the whole variety of Jimdo elements that you can add to your page, for example a photo gallery, file downloads, a contact form, YouTube videos or even a newsletter subscription form, as Jimdo has its own simple built-in newsletter tool. You can also easily add “share buttons” so that your website visitors can share content they like with their friends on Facebook and Twitter for example. If you decide that you’d rather have this widget in the right hand column you can simply drag and drop it there. What’s special about this side-column in Jimdo is that it will be shown on all pages. That means you only need to add the share buttons once and they will appear on every single page of your website. What’s important to know is that changes will be published to the web immediately. With many other website builders you first have to click “publish” before it will be visible to the public. If you don’t want certain pages to be seen from the public you can enable a password protection. But more on this later. As always, click on the element to edit it. You can move around your existing pages here … and also change their hierarchy. You can have up to three levels, which isn’t too much but should be enough for most small to medium-sized websites. To exclude pages from your navigation, click on the eye symbol. This way you can hide pages–like your terms & conditions page, if you have one – and only show it in your website’s footer for example. To add a new page, simply click – you probably guessed it – the “add a new page” button or this “+” icon. Let’s now take a look at the website’s header. When I click here the header editor opens up. Jimdo offers a range of free images to choose frombut you can also upload your own image. Check the dimensions of your banner here to make sure it will be the right size. If you have your own company logo you can add it to your website here. You are free to move it around in the header area any way you want. Jimdo offers a wide selection of template layouts ranging from playful and artsy ones to more business-like themes. There are special layouts reserved for Jimdo Pro and Business customers. I am going to change to this template now … and as you can see all my content is still there as it only changes the design and nothing else. And if you’re a pro and know how to code HTML and CSS or know a programmer who can help you, you can even create your own theme from scratch. The style menu offers a couple of preset font settings. This is very convenient if you don’t want to put together your own fonts and font sizes. If you need more creative freedom simply click on each individual item and customize it the way you want. These changes will be active on all pages of your website, making it very easy to change the entire style very quickly. Here you can customize the background image of your Jimdo website by either choosing a pattern, one of Jimdo’s images or by uploading an image of your own. Now let’s take a look at the most important settings. Everything to do with your email address or domain can be managed here. Pro and Business users get their own domain name and email account as part of the package. Here you can password-protect certain areas of your website for different audiences. A mobile-friendly version of your website will be generated automatically, which is very handy. Pro and Business users can also optimize their website for search engines here. Most importantly the title and description of your pages. Unfortunately Jimdo somewhat limits the customization of the title it’s more or less the same on all pages. But in general Jimdo has search engine friendliness built into its core system. Here you can activate your blog, and here you find one of the most interesting Jimdo features: The online store As this is very powerful we will create a separate video with a detailed review of Jimdo’s ecommerce features. Creating a website with Jimdo is easy enough that even people who would have never even thought about creating their own website will be surprised what they are able to achieve. Jimdo scores especially with its ease of use, social media features and the online store. It would be nice if they could also add a few more levels to the navigation and further improve search engine optimization. But from what we have seen so far Jimdo has been very innovative and will probably have a lot of pleasant surprises ahead for their users. On WebsiteToolTester you can find an even more detailed Jimdo review as well as a comparison chart with other website builders. There we also provide a video that explains everything you need to know about creating a free Jimdo account and getting your own domain name. And as always: if you have any questions, please do leave a comment! Thank you!

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40 thoughts on “Jimdo review: pros and cons of this website builder

  1. Hi, I wouldn't know a solution for online radio, sorry. But you can use SoundCloud to integrate music files on your website.

  2. Love the site…after trying a few different free ones…Jimdo is definitely the best….just wish I could change the background of the actual body of the site….that would be nice…and also be able to move around the nav bar would also be helpful. The one thing that does annoy me is how much… up selling they do….not that they send ya emails or anything like that…but for any kind of…special addition….you have to pay…cant even get visitor counts…lol.

  3. Thanks for your comment! I am glad you like Jimdo. For the changes you mentioned you need to edit the CSS of the website, which requires some technical knowledge unfortunately. But you can actually add Google Analytics code without upgrading. This will give you even better details than the integrated Jimdo analytics app.

  4. You can find information about multilingual sites in our reviews. Just go to WebsiteToolTester > Website Builder Reviews > Jimdo Review and you'll see "Languages" in the table. I would have posted the direct link but YouTube doesn't allow links in comments. Let me know if you have any further questions! // Robert

  5. Do you have a more recent review, especially regarding SEO and different title tags and meta data on each page…?

  6. Hi, you can edit the page titles and descriptions now individually for each page. Only the URL is not completely flexible. It will always be generated from the page name in the navigation. Let me know if you have any further questions! // Robert

  7. You don't need WordPress for it. Jimdo is an all-integrated website builder that comes with the editor, web space and a domain name. // Robert

  8. Great, feel free to tell them about us 🙂 We also have a little beginners guide to website creation on our site. // Robert

  9. In the navigation is an eye symbol. By clicking on it, you decide whether the page is visible or not. A draft mode is not included.

  10. Excellent! Wish I'd discovered this site earlier, would have save so much time. Thanks for clear and concise (and unbiased) reviews guys. Could you do a series on we hosting companies as well? Thanks again.

  11. Thank you so much! There are quite a few not so unbiased review sites out there so it's great to hear that our visitors appreciate that 🙂 We are already pretty busy reviewing website builders and live chat software so I am afraid we won't be able to do web hosting reviews in the near future. Thanks again for your support!

  12. Ive just made myself a Jimdo site … How do i launch it online? I cant find anything that tells me how to do that … Help please! Thanks 🙂

  13. Very good! I'm pleased to have run into the website by accident. Can't wait to put it to use. Thanx!!!

  14. Hello fellow youtuber,
    I have a question, does this website offer services for fanfiction writers?

  15. Hi I'm new to all of this but can you recommend the best webisite builder to use to start an online magazine that can also be accecced on mobile devices etc. .Is it also possible to design the theme for the website first and purchase a suitable domain and host after? Thank You

  16. Thanks so much for making these reviews. Making a decision on which builder to choose from, can be time consuming and aggravating. Your detailed examination has saved me time and made my experience easier. Great Job! My review on you is 5 stars out of 5. Thanks Again!

  17. hi i would like to create a website for my business. Do i have the option like adding add to cart, chat with me and shipping costs into every item on my website ? Is there any maximum number of item uploaded?

  18. Hey great video! My question is , if i create a website on jimdo will i get my own website name (ex: www.mywebsitename.com) or will it have " .jimdo.com " in it?

  19. I am interested in having my website to promote VPN affiliate program links. It is like somebody sees the information about the website and just click on the affiliate link to sign up on the VPN website. Is it possible? 

  20. Hi, will Jimdo be a good web builders if my website data increases perpetually (e.g. accumulating articles etc).

  21. hi thank you for this video…..is it possible to add this website, I mean the free one, to Google Adsense account ? if yes, then would there be any revenue sharing?

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