Jump Start New Web Traffic Before SEO Kicks In For Small Business

look in the JumpStart traffic to your
small business website while your SEO kicks in that’s what I’m going to talk
about in today’s video blog either internet fans it’s Ryan Perry and
today I want to talk about how to kick-start traffic to your website when
you’re not ranking on the first page of Google there are a number of key things
that you can do in order to help you drive traffic and build SEO value and
quality with Google in order to ensure that you do get ranking on the first
page as quickly as possible the very first thing you’ll want to do
is citations these are local search directories and the number one search
directory that you want to be in is Google my business the reason why it’s
important to be in Google my business is that if you want to be found on Google
Google’s giving you a way to plug your information directly into its database
if you’re never in its database you’re never gonna be found and you will never
be ranked Google my business is the first place you want to start set up an
account and make sure that you fill in all the information make sure the name
the address the phone this is called nap in aap name address phone is correct
hours of operations description upload images do your best when you create
shortcuts essentially what you’re telling Google is that you may be a
legitimate business but we know that a lot of hackers and people that are
trying to shortcut the system don’t put the effort in to fill out their
information completely as you’re filling out the information for your Google my
business account make sure you keep that information in a document like a notepad
or a word file that way you can copy and paste that information into a couple of
other directories that I’m going to talk about later now that you manually set up
and created a Google my business account there are three other accounts that I
highly recommend that you manually create one is going to be being places
for business Yelp and if it’s relevant to your industry a trip advisory account
I’ve highlighted some of the most important accounts that you want to
manually create that means you basically go in create a username and
password fill out all the information there are thousands of other search
directories or citations as they’re called the industry that you want to be
included in and in order to do that I recommend logging in to a national
database that’s a high level database that will take your information and
bring it down to all of the other search directories or citations some of those
national directories would be next bright local or white spark you don’t
need to be in all three because those are competitors choose one you’ll find
pricings different feature is going to be different find one that’s best suited
for your company go ahead and fill out the information and what they’ll do
again is they’re gonna take all of your information and bring it down to all of
the other search directories that part can be done manually the key thing when
doing all of this is that your information is consistent across the
board some places where I find people have issues is doing certain things like
do I spell out the word Street or do I abbreviate it st if you’re going to
abbreviate st make sure you do that for all the directories although it sounds
kind of silly because it’s you know to the human brain street and st mean the
same thing we have to remember that computers are zeros and ones yes they’re
smart but we want consistency I should say Google wants consistency therefore
we want consistency in order to ensure that you are a legitimate business once
you have all the citations out of the way one of the easiest ways to drive
traffic to a new website that does not have any visibility on Google search is
paid advertising I know that could be a dirty word for a lot of small small
business owners we don’t want to pay for anything we’d love to get it for free I
mean that’s why they invented the internet anyhow isn’t it so you can get
everything for free well not the case Facebook has made it
very simple to target specific clientele in a very targeted area maybe a city a
zip code they’ve done a great job and you can actually boost a post on your
business page for as little as five dollars so totally recommend if you
don’t have a Facebook account setting up a Facebook account and while we’re
talking about Facebook you should also set up a Twitter account these are very
large social media channels that Google looks at and relies on for trying to
determine if you’re a valid company or not even if you don’t use Twitter I
always recommend to all my clients make sure you have a Twitter account that way
not only do you have the fact that you have the accounts
that’s another citation which is important for Google but additionally
it’s another backlink to your website which is also going to improve SEO
regarding Facebook advertising boosting a post is going to be one of the easiest
ways take some time review some videos understand how to boost post effectively
get the most value out of your money and spend as little as five dollars a month
boosting one post a month if you can do that once a week that’s $20 a month it’s
going to be a very effective way for driving traffic to your website and pro
tip here one of the things that Google looks for when determining ranking is
how many people are visiting your website if Google indexes your website
they go through your website and they go oh nobody’s going to your website it’s
not going to help you aren’t ranking running some paid advertising even at a
limited dollar amount will help the other forms of advertising that you
could look into would be YouTube or Google pay-per-click typically I steer
people away from this unless they have a large budget and are willing to
outsource it as the interface is quite difficult it’s a very robust a very
powerful interface but it has a very steep learning curve so it’s not
something I would mess with instead totally recommend sticking with Facebook
boosted post there are a number of traditional offline channels that you
can use also print ad radio TV depending on what your budget a lot of people have
found email marketing is a great way to grow
promote a website especially if it’s a new website and you have a large email
list always want to promote your website through all of your marketing channels
may it be your business card any brochures postcards any type of paper
product that’s going to promote your business should always have your website
on it and even your email signature when you send an email out to somebody you
should have an email signature at the bottom that has a link to your website
so people can check you out then if you really want to go old-school there is
the old meet-and-greet that is go to Chamber events join a BNI
a business networking international Rotary group any other type of nonprofit
organization let people know who you are and what you’re doing and share that
business card with your website these are all simple and easy ways to by the
way if you found value in this video please let me know by subscribing to
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2 thoughts on “Jump Start New Web Traffic Before SEO Kicks In For Small Business

  1. Great video as always, though I got a little confused when you mentioned Facebook ads. Did you say boosts, or just the targeted ads. I learned from a guy who owns a marketing company for doing Crowdfunding pre-launch campaigns, says Boosted posts are a waste of money?
    Thanks again!!

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