Kim Kardashian West Reveals Rodney Reed’s Reaction To Stay Of Execution | TODAY

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100 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian West Reveals Rodney Reed’s Reaction To Stay Of Execution | TODAY

  1. They just want limelight… This broad and her filthy husband are charlatans.. There are many many people who were wrongly convicted and they used this case for publicity, but in reality they give 0 $#!+ about old dude.

  2. Really Kim.. your kids will never know what it's like to be a black man in the world…to much money for them to Know what it's like out here

  3. As much as i dont care for kim and i know she wasnt the only one talking about him but if her thotty self is what gets the ball moving for any innocent person then so be it

  4. If she really looked into this guy's record, she wouldn't have so easily jumped in and inserted herself! He's a monster. I think she would have gotten into law if she wasn't a famous gold digging money-grubber. But this one I'm not on board with just like with cyntoia brown! Why isn't anyone stating with this man actually did do?

  5. Kim, you are bringing a lot of attention to people who are always ignored out of existence.

    Please engage in more due diligence in the Texas prison system.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant

  6. So if you're rich and obnoxiously famous, you can just skip real schooling, take an apprenticeship to become a lawyer and have people watch over you while you take test and hold your hand? She's wrong on this one. And Karma will come back and smack her in the face

  7. Didn't Kim say the same ..when she came spreading out her holes on Ray Jay's camcorder. How soulless people try to buy it back. 🙉🙊🙈 👀

  8. Kim, you should SERIOUSLY reconsider your make-up artist. (They did a HORRIBLE job with your lipstick, guuurl.) 😬


  10. Kim wants Jesus miracles and soon you will see them healing poor people with their money and saying they have nothing involed

  11. Kim K has a huge heart! If Rodney gets released maybe she could offer him a job help him get on his feet and reintegrate into society. He could be Kim K's babysitter, I'm sure he would love that.

  12. Kim remember the victims! Read the transcripts! Did Reed take a lie detector test? There was DNA from Reed.She was engaged she would not have cheated on her fiancée! Kim don’t be a fool! They had DNA!

  13. People don’t care if you’re guilty or not just how they feel about you when they think about the crime. The most dangerous people are those who think they know it all and are doing whats righteousness from a bias perspective

  14. Now we are getting news from these Two……what a joke. kardashian another lawyer like her dad to let a murderer go FREE

  15. Kim, Rodney Reed had a fair trial and NINE APPEALS, and ALL found him guilty. Have you watched the KVUE series? He got enough attention to get a stay, but I am convinced (like all legal reviewers) that he is guilty. Please review this case again and again and again before your put your name on it.

  16. I would love to contact Kim an let’s fight to get these young kids records clear of felonies do they have a chance we all make mistakes an if young kids are in for the first time they should be sent home to try to become a better man or girl there are girls in jail also who made mistakes so I hope these laws change

  17. So she has no doubt about his guilt LOL how does she know. I preferred when kardashians gave toys to an orphanage ( it was in Thaïland) only when they do everything to free a big and strong man potentially dangerous. Help mistreated kids I dont know… Why celebrities… Help ppl in prisons… lol

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  19. Gm edagdwg thanks God bless you for being a real loving person when God calls you pick up the phone she was called God said so 🙏 changes everything linda j ☮️ 💯💯💯❤️❤️🎋🌈🌹🌹🌹🌹

  20. Sad people are hating because she's helping black people she sounds like she would help anyone she could she has interracial family that's what people don't like sad Linda j ☮️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯🌈🌈🌈🌹🌹🌹

  21. The amount of criticism on this comment section is so sad no matter if you like her how can you discourage some one who is trying to improve people Lives and save them for injustices of the systems we all complain about … it’s the only Problem with today and why none of our problems with be fix so focused on the ego we don’t focus on the bigger pictures she’s doing more than any of the elected politicians who are supposed to be responsible for creating a better society

  22. I think rodney reed is no saint but also he should not die for something he did not do .Evidence by many experts prooves he did not do it.How about jimmy the real killer he is out there living life without a care in the world.

  23. Why are the Today show host all saying they would have never thought Kim K. had such a talent to become a lawyer? Duh? Her dad was a lawyer! Boy they all sound real intelligent. 🙄 Just because the Kardashian/Jenner girls come off looking like bimbos and bozo's, doesn't mean they are. Look at the money they have made in businesses. Kim doesn't have to do this! However, she has finally grown up and wants to do something for others. Perhaps, she has given her life to Jesus like her husband and this is her calling from God. Don't criticize someone for what they are doing. The case I don't know about, so that, criticize all you like. But don't criticize Kim for what she is doing in general. It could be your family member she helps next!

  24. Disgusting! Kim Kardashian walking in daddy's footprints & getting a black guy off for killing a white woman.
    Bravo Kim. Way to use your celebrity for good & not evil

  25. Kim your the best, keep up the excellent work your doing, bringing justice, and fairness for everyone, especially people of color, who need it the most…


  27. Kim I totally love how you have used your platform for a critical issue and that you have took the negative of your infamy and have totally inverted it into worthwhile cause. Lady You are AWESOME!

  28. I am not a particular fan of the Kardashian show but Kim is very very impressive in this interview. She is very passionate about the law and rights for individuals. Good for her. I am sure her father is proud from the heavens and law is in her DNA. Gutsy Gal!!

  29. This makes me feel horrible n coming to realize the b.s. of social media. This case of Rodney Reed was on a show called Dead Again. THT show showed he was innocent, she's now doing this? Gimme a break

  30. Why would an engaged person be having an affair? The jury heard all the evidence! Alice situation different. He will re offend and Kim will be sorry if he does.

  31. Thrilled for Rodney ! but on a sidenote, Kim really needs to stop with the botox – she can hardly move her face !? Her mouth moves and her eyes blink but she cant make any facial expressions anymore.

    Still love her though, but daaaaymmnnn

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