Know Your Toyota: Toyota Entune 3.0 – App Suite Connect: Yelp

[Upbeat music plays]Today’s internet savvy customers enjoy referring to Yelp when looking for the best places to eat, drink and relax. As part of Toyota Entune App Suite Connect, you can access Yelp on the go with the convenience of your touchscreen multimedia display or intuitive voice recognition technology. A comprehensive search function and crowd-sourced ratings from other Yelp users help you make the right choice every time, with quick links to the phone number, address, hours and more for each listing. The App Suite Connect Yelp app can be activated by saying “Launch or Open Yelp” after tapping the talk button on your steering wheel; it’s important to note that voice recognition must be used when the vehicle is in motion. You can also access Yelp by pressing the Menu button on the multimedia display and then tapping the Apps icon on the touchscreen. An array of categories with different points of interest will appear onscreen for you to browse, or you can search for a specific category of your choice using the search feature. When you navigate the Yelp app using voice recognition, appropriate response options will conveniently appear on your screen, so you don’t have to guess what to say to get the results you’re looking for. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, just ask for it by name, or use the categories to narrow your search, such as “Arts & Entertainment” for an activity, “Shopping” for a store, or “Restaurants” for a great place to eat. Once a location is selected, you’ll be able to see the first user review, as well as its star-rating, and get an idea of the average price for the activity or the establishment. You can tell the system how you’d like results to be sorted, selecting from best word match, shortest distance and highest rating options. Use the Distance or Price tabs to prioritize results based on relative proximity to you, or average cost. Use the “back” arrow to retreat a step in the process or use “start over,” cancel” or “help” at any time during your current search to look for something else. Conveniently call the destination directly via your paired smartphone with a tap of the call button or a quick verbal instruction. You can also send the location to your navigation and map it with your integrated onboard navigation system or Scout GPS Link, depending on your Toyota model. You can clear your search history at any time by saying “clear history” and then confirming your choice by saying “yes,” or by tapping the trashcan icon on the search screen. The Yelp app in App Suite Connect is a terrific resource when you’re on the road, whether you’re looking for great sushi, the perfect organic roast, or an inspirational hit of culture. With its easy-to-use touchscreen interface and distraction-free voice recognition technology, it’s a thoroughly modern feature that connects you to the world, and your Toyota, like you’ve never connected before. Thank you for watching this Know Your Toyota video![Upbeat music fades to silence]

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