Ko 2 Tamil Full Movie

‘An imaginary character in this film
is impelled to abduct the Chief Minister’ ‘Since we discourage abduction
of people’s representatives…’ ‘…and abduction is not
the driving element of the story’ ‘…therefore we concluded
the abduction episode inexplicably’ ‘The King’ “You don’t really have to do
anything unusual or new” “If you do your duty true
that will do to live up to” “Rivers naturally bend and bow
Are they s(p)oiled as they flow?” “To join the sea
rivers zigzag gladly” “Waves break recurrently
So will the sea wallow in misery?” “The sea will struggle to strive daily” “If you change the ‘u’ in yoU” “You can change your city too” “Change your nation
Be the transformation” “If clock be turned back yesterday
today can be a better day” “Behind you will follow
a better tomorrow” “If you change the ‘U’ in you
you can change your town too” “You can change your city too” “Change your state, nation
Be the link for expansion” “If clock be turned back yesterday
today can be a luckier day” “An amazing tomorrow
automatically will follow” “You don’t duly have to do
something special or new” “Your duty if you do
that will do to revive you” “What should an individual do?” “He should protect his family true” “What should be
every leader’s duty?” “Leaders should protect
their motherland perfect” “What wins in life
despite all strife?” “Integrity and fair play
always hold sway” “If you change the ‘u’ in yoU” “You can change your village too” “Change your town, nation
Create tomorrow’s vision” “If clock be turned back yesterday
today can be a finer day” “A stimulating tomorrow
spontaneously will follow” “If you change the ‘U’ in you” “You can change your district too” “Transform your state, nation
to meet the new generation” “If clock be turned back yesterday
today can be a splendid day” “A radical tomorrow
readily will follow” “Look around you laboriously
Peep in 8 directions properly” “Touch even fire, you won’t burn” “You’ll be enlightened when you learn” Can’t keep pace, huh? In your youth if you hadn’t
kicked up your heels… …you needn’t be huffing
and puffing now! Is this advice only for me? For me too Run…run Are we running? We are only trying to run We can’t even do that now
Let’s catch our breath If you didn’t jog along with me… …I’ll be bored to death Did you think I jog
to keep you company? You promised to get the Chief minister’s
signature for my company’s license I’ve no other choice
but to huff and puff with you What are you looking at? You wanted a guest house
in Ooty and I obliged You wanted me to deposit in your
foreign account and I complied Then you wanted your son
to be a partner… …in my company under
a different name I did that too Haven’t I ticked
your entire wish list? What did I ask of you? Just a signature
from the Chief minister You are yet to
keep your word Is this an admission
for a kindergarten class? What you want
is worth 10 billion (phone ringing) You know about
our Chief minister, right? Proverbial dog in the manger Please be patient Sir, DGP is on the phone Why is he calling me so early? What’s up, sir? CM…? Sir…sir…? Who is here? Chief secretary is
waiting inside for you Media is waiting I’ll see them later Good morning What actually happened? Who kidnapped our CM? What was the motive? What is their demand?
Where is he now? He inaugurated
an old age home As per our Protocol department’s
information, it was an unplanned program He was kidnapped from there At the present moment we have
no other information , sir DGP is monitoring
the situation closely In another few minutes, he will
join us in a video conference Sir…? To handle this situation… …we should appoint
a special officer immediately Correct Appoint Satish Kumar
Our encounter specialist Sir, to handle this situation… …an encounter specialist
is not necessary DGP and I discussed this We’ve fixed Commissioner
Sandhana Pandian of Tirunelveli Heard he is a little weird! Sir, if you appoint someone
according to your whims and fancies… …and if anything
happens to my leader …I will have to face the music According to our track records
Sandhana Pandian is the best officer He’s a good officer, huh? Sir! Will you release the news officially
to the media or should we? Is it true that our Chief minister
has been kidnapped? Is it true? Please…please…please It’s true that our Honorable
Chief Minister has been kidnapped Today… …our democracy has been tarnished
is what I would like to record Our commissioner is heading
a separate task force ‘Whoever kidnapped our beloved CM…’ ‘…I’d like to inform them’ ‘Millions of followers are ready to
sacrifice their lives for their leader’ ‘While hordes of people
are reaching out…’ ‘…to support the Chief minister’ ‘…at the same time
few mischief mongers’ ‘…are involved in
untoward incidents’ ‘The Police department
as a precautionary measure’ ‘…has declared curfew in
all areas prone to violence’ ‘Who are the people involved
in the Chief minister’s abduction?’ ‘And their motive behind this
is still not known’ ‘I am right outside the old age home where
Mr Yogeswaran was allegedly kidnapped’ ‘CM had come here this morning
for its inauguration’ ‘No one knows how he was
kidnapped after he went in’ ‘The Police force is
on tenterhooks also’ ‘Beyond a certain point
the venue has been barricaded’ ‘Only specific media personnel
have been allowed inside’ – Good morning, sir
– Ah, morning Give us an update, sir The entire building is being monitored
with CCTV cameras by the kidnappers We’ve also been warned by them
not to cross the demarcated white line They are communicating through
the speaker on the front side Available technology has been
utilized in a very smart manner Commissioner sir…? They’ve hung a mike
from that branch, sir I think they’ll be hear- That’s all fine Can I get a cup of hot coffee? Sir…! Relax Don’t be tense We’ll take care Call the officer here CSO…Palanisamy What happened? Sorry, sir
Bad luck! It was beyond our control Bad luck…? Dumbass! You don’t believe in yourself You believe only in your luck, eh? Irresponsible idiot! Tell me what happened We came to know only this morning
about CM’s inauguration program On his way to his mistress’s house
he changed the plan suddenly So we didn’t have time to
screen or check the building ‘He came here in the morning
to inaugurate, sir’ Give me the garland – Hello, uncle
– Welcome, sir Good morning I’ve organized it upstairs This way Welcome, sir Good morning 2nd floor, huh? You take the stairs Okay, sir ‘We went up the stairs’ ‘There was no elevator, sir’ Something wrong Come fast ‘When we tried
prising the door…’ ‘…we realized it wasn’t
an elevator at all’ ‘Found a stun gun which
can provide heavy shock’ ‘That fake elevator has been set up
just to abduct the Chief minister’ ‘A slide door had been fixed
behind the elevator’ ‘That must have been
his escape route with the CM’ ‘The minister’s son
had fainted on the floor’ We then realized
it was a planned trap Before we could decide
our next move… …we heard someone instruct through
a speaker warning everyone to leave Because the CM was inside,
we didn’t want to take any risk We came out after informing
the Director General of Police ‘The moment I got up
I heard gun shots’ ‘I had no idea
what was happening, sir’ ‘They came in holding guns-‘ ‘You didn’t see
anything after that?’ ‘I jumped over the wall and ran’ The CSO who was with the CM
has a totally different story Worse than a mongrel
Bloody drunkard! He is narrating it as if he saw
the incident first hand ‘My friend told me sir
that the CM was held captive inside’ After CM was kidnapped,
ngiven to the media So they are spinning
their own yarn ‘I see TV reporters
all over the place’ ‘Don’t know what’s happening’ What do you want? Is it true the CM was kidnapped
by 10 to 20 armed men? Good lord!
Is that so? Is it true? Is it true the ransom amount
is more than 1 billion? Did they ask you? Please don’t joke, sir My job isn’t to answer
all your assumptions We’ve got a witness We are inquiring And I’ll come back to you And one more thing Please don’t confuse
the public with false news It’s my personal request ‘With a stumping majority
Mr Yogeswaran won the election-‘ (News from different TV channels) ‘There is no lead till now
regarding the kidnappers’ ‘Home minister Mr Thillainayakam
addressed the Press and Media…’ ‘…confirming the incident’ ‘Despite losing the previous election to
‘Siragugal’ the new party by students…’ ‘…due to Mr Yogeswaran’s
intellect and perception’ ‘…’Siragugal’ party
could not hold power’ ‘The recent election however was
a landslide victory for Mr Yogeswaran’ Who are you? Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve kidnapped
the Chief minister of a State You can’t escape from this crime What do you want? ‘People whose only goal is
to scavenge for their next meal’ ‘Engaged in constant worthless petty tales’ ‘Therefore with wilted minds
immersed in mental agony’ ‘Their actions meant to hurt others’ ‘Greying old without achieving much’ ‘And finally succumbing
to the fate of death’ ‘Like these risible people’ ‘Did you think I too would
die like a pitiful person?’ Greetings to one and all You will know why I shared
this poem now with you… …as time goes by The Chief minister is with me Safe and sound I have a score
to settle with him Hello…! Classic poem! Heard this ages go Who are you?
Which group do you belong to? What is your demand? All that is none of my concern First I want to know
if our Chief minister is alive I’m popularly known as Commissioner
of Tirunelveli 97 batch CM knows me Let me hear his voice We can discuss the rest later Make it quick You tied me up
and you got caught! ‘Law and order’
is questioning you Answer them Speak up, man Get the mike here Sandhana Pandian This is CM speaking Thank you, CM sir Thank you very much, CM sir Commissioner sir – Satisfied now?
– What is your demand? – Why have you kidnapped CM?
– I didn’t kidnap CM No one can kidnap
our Chief minister I cast my net and waited He fell into it by himself Now he is my guest! No one instigated me Me, myself, I… …did this out of sound mind No one is responsible for this In the name of inquiry… …please don’t torture anyone! One more thing, Commissioner Assuming I’m all by myself… …if you try to save
the Chief minister …with this gun …I’ll shoot him And finish the game Okay I take your word
as gospel truth Let me know your demand Do you want any terrorist
in jail to be released? Or do you want wads of money? Euros or dollars? Commissioner sir I took the risk Are you specifying my demands? That’s wrong, sir I’ll tell you my demand
at the right moment Wait until then He wants us to wait? I must wait for my coffee Ditto for the demand! ‘Chief minister was kidnapped
by a single person’ ‘This has now been announced
by the abductor himself’ ‘Party men in most areas burnt
effigies of the kidnapper and protested’ ‘Due to untoward incidents
in many parts of Tamil Nadu…’ ‘…all means of travel
is at a standstill’ ‘Shops and other offices were shut down’ ‘Normal life has been affected’ ‘Since some hospitals and
pharmacies are closed…’ ‘…patients have been
put to undue inconvenience’ What, sir? All crimes have a motive It could be money or power What is your problem? Tell me The whole country is
dumbfounded by your action They asked you
about your demand And you intend announcing
when the time is right? Do you know how valuable
5 minutes is to me? Only too well So you hold a gun to my head
and threaten to kill me? Sir, a gun cannot differentiate
a Chief minister from a Prime minister Press the trigger
and game over You got scared? When I was just 16
I’ve stared into the eyes of death I’m not sitting here shaking in fear
thinking you’ll shoot me Millions of people out there My party which I nurtured My followers Don’t want them orphaned That’s not called ‘fear’
It is ‘responsibility’ If you get caught
after you shoot me… …do you know your plight? Sir! The very next second
after I shoot you… …I’ll shoot myself Why should I worry about
what happens after that? ‘- Release
– Our leader!’ ‘Free our leader!’ ‘Release our Chief minister’ ‘Release our Lion-king’ Mr Arivazhagan, how did
these fools come inside? They are the ruling party’s men
inside the area we blocked Just give me 5 minutes I’ll clear them You’ll clear them from here and
they will go squat on the road An unruly crowd will gather Unnecessary tension Make them sit to one side ‘- Release
– Our leader’ – Silence please
– Bullets are like shawls I’m warning the police force
one last time now If you delay any further… …I’ll go alone and
rescue my leader Good afternoon, sir But because we believe
in our police department… …and since we respect him too (clears throat) …it isn’t right for us to
take law into our hands Therefore we take leave
Thank you very much Sir…good afternoon Kaateri Kunju from
Kaatupaakkam Out Get out! ‘CM’s security officers have
been dismissed from work’ – Mr Sandhana Pandian
– Sir…? Why don’t you send your men in
and rescue the Chief minister? Why are you holding
discussions with him? Sir…! In such dicey situations… …when, how, what one should do …we are well equipped
to handle, sir What…? You’ve studied how to
hold a debate with him? Please Let our Chief minister be rescued I will paralyze your analysis! Sir…? Minister’s son is conscious now, sir Tell me You are Bala, right? Yes, sir Tell me whatever you know
about the kidnapping incident I don’t know anything, sir What is this, Mr Arivazhagan? He doesn’t know anything it seems Okay – Let’s go then
– Thank God Thank you, sir – You’ll get it from me
– Sir…sir! Don’t mess with me
I’m a minister’s son Mr Manavalan’s son Minister’s son I spared you from being beaten up
not because of your political connection Your father is a good man Okay, tell me what happened Sir, uncle came
in the morning, right? Huh…uncle? Is he your mother’s brother? CM…! Continue CM sir came in the morning, sir? Must be a power outage – There must be a generator
– That’s okay Sudden visit, so Electricity board
wouldn’t have been informed Otherwise they wouldn’t have cut it I felt an electric shock
run through my body That’s all I know, sir Security guards said
they carried me here Okay, who is he? I have no idea, sir No clue whatsoever But because the kidnapper asked
he will bring the CM here, right? What is his name? Kumaran, sir How long do you know him? I met him only recently Give me his phone number Sir, he doesn’t have a phone Whaaat? He doesn’t use a phone I’ll hit you
Do I look like a fool? He’s cussing me How do you know him? I was driving back home after
watching a late night show, sir Yov! How can you park
your bike like that? 1 tight slap Why didn’t you
stop at the signal? Then levy a fine How can you hit me
without any decency? It’s the policeman’s duty
to make you cough up a fine So you are not a policeman? Do you know who I am? Minister’s son
If you- Another tight slap! Who are you, sir? A minister’s son should
not be breaking rules Do you know the kind of
responsibility you have? Get that checked shirt Sir, you’ve brought along
such a huge gang? I don’t mind kneeling down
and asking for forgiveness, sir! Let’s escape Run…run Who are they, bro? Why did they come to hit me? They came to finish you
once and for all Kill me! Why? You must have needled them
with your political clout Or due to a vendetta on your dad
they could be taking revenge on you My dad’s integrity
is hounding me! What are you looking for? – Bike yours?
– Yes, sir I went to pee and
someone stole my bike You stole his bike? When it’s a question
of social service… …I forget myself totally! Hereafter you shouldn’t pee
by the roadside Okay, sir Heard me?
I’ll slice you into two – Okay, sir
– Go now Bro, looks like there is
no limit to your social service! Bump in front
One at the back Your car seems to be
dented quite a bit My car is least priority, bro You’ve saved my life I must repay your kindness Let’s drop the car
at the mechanic shed Check the damage Windscreen, right? Please wait inside
Let me take a look Where are your parents? I don’t have parents Free bird Does that mean
you’re an orphan? Solo From the moment
you saved my life… …you’re no longer solo
I’ll be there for you Trust me, I am a politician’s son My word is gospel Sir, tea Why did you get
just 1 cup? Go and get 1 more Don’t hang around What’s wrong with him? You drink first No, you go ahead You drink, brother
He’ll bring 1 more for me ‘Worst tea of my life!’ Okay, see you Where’s your place?
I’ll drop you As if I have a house I need to go
to Central station Why, brother?
Going out of town? That’s my house! You’re piling me with shock waves
one after another, bro You claim to be an orphan You say you stay
at the Central station I’m thoroughly confused, brother My dear chap Many people like me
live in our railway station Brother, I can’t help
that many people You’ve saved me I can take you to
our guest house You can stay there No need
I’ll manag- We take my car
We leave this place We will ace it
Rock it How can you carry on
like this forever, bro? Sleeping in the railway station Head deep in social service Don’t you wish to
settle down in life? There’s an old age home
in Gandhinagar Okay If only I have access
to 30 to 40 million… …I can run it
on oiled wheels 3 to 4 crores!? You are asking for the moon That’s no big deal If the Chief minister inaugurates
the old age home… …automatically funds will flow in You mean Chief minister
of Tamil Nadu? Yes, bang on Your dad belongs to
the ruling party, right? Yes Then he must be pally
with the Chief minister I was so worried my dream
would never come true But now I’m confident Aiyaiyo! No…no…no way, bro Please change your dream I thought your dream
will be something do-able? You want me to bring
the Chief minister? No chance Please drink up your beer
and hit the sack Friendship at first sight Sounds good as a dialog ‘I deserve to be
beaten to a pulp’ Hey, wait I’m also coming Bro…bro Where are you off to, bro? Why? She’s calling me free-ah
and you’re stopping me If I don’t stop you… …you’ll plummet down and
go straight up to Heaven Get down, bro Tell me now Who called you so free-ah? Not ‘free-ah’ I said ‘Pri-ya’ Love! Where and how
did you meet her? Tell me, bro Hello! What the heck! How dare you Excuse me Who do you think you are? How can you
throw this on me? Are you brainless or what? I’m asking you “When you look at me…oh!
Words fail me…aiyo!!” “Dumbstruck I freeze” Hello! Excuse me What are you gaping at? Hello! If a beautiful girl,
with her beautiful hands… …throws that coke can
into the trash can …how happy the trash can will be? Instead you threw it
in the middle of the road Is that fair? Sorry Very sorry From now on I won’t
trash anything on the road Sorry I thought you’ll argue with me But you’re apologizing If you had directly accused me
of throwing the coke can… …I’d have fought
with you for sure But your beautiful dialog
touched a chord in my heart That’s why I’m not mad at you You are…? I’m Kumaran If anyone trashes stuff
on the road like this… …my job is to go
and give it to them! Some are sportive Some are abusive They hit you? Then why do you do this? If we don’t follow the rules
made for our own good… …how is it right? You didn’t introduce yourself Priya Nice What are you doing on
this road at this time of night? When I was getting back
from a function… …I don’t know why
but my car stopped So I’ve called my friend My hostel is quite nearby Hostel? What about your parents? They live in the U.S I wanted to study I.A.S I’m attending coaching class
and staying here in this hostel Look at that!
Future Collector Yeah! This is like the intermission break
at the most important point in the film 1 minute 1 more beer Wait Love story? I’d like some water, sir Sure Mr Arivazhagan Drink Sir, can I get ice cold water? Arivazhagan, you know
that ice ‘lathi’- We have a few, sir Sir, ordinary water will do ‘In front of the residence
of the Chief minister…’ ‘…women from the ruling party
lamented and protested nonstop’ Your activities seem to me… …like you were trained by
a full-fledged terrorist group Which one? Al Queda? Lashkar-e-Taiba? Yes, sir Lashkar-e-Taiba
J.C.Mohhamad All the Islamic terrorist groups
Indian Mujahideen, ISIS… …have joined hands
to run a training school I’m a gold medalist
from that school Stop being funny, sir The pains I went through
getting this gun from a Bihari…! If you went through
so much trouble… …why don’t you tell us
what your demands are? You claim you’ll tell us
at the right time Your demands need a specific
auspicious time or what? Don’t you check the auspicious time
when you solemnize your oath? Did we question your superstition? Then according to your story… …his name is Kumaran Yes, sir He is 100% on the dot Orphan If it’s on the house, he will
guzzle 2 extra beers happily Correct, sir What else do you
know about him? I’ll tell you
all that I know, sir No…no need Why tell me what is known? It’s enough if you
tell me the truth Go ahead Here you go, bro Please, bro Continue, bro Hi Hey! Hi Look, I came to show you
before I throw it in the trash bin Wow! I was thinking of you whole day Me too I was thinking of you Really? May I know why? I flooded a stranger
with compliments I felt I had gone overboard Of course not! Nothing wrong You were being factual! Come Having professed our love… …you should be frank and loving
just the way you are now And buy me an ice cream
even if I ask you at midnight Hey! 1 minute Did I hear you right? Have we professed our love? The words just tumbled out in a flow
what will happen in the near future Flow? My mind thought aloud What was bottled
in your mind…! “Beautiful eyed lassie
Don’t mesmerize me” “Hey! Miss World beauty
Don’t talk to me” “Like winding waves
your glance plays” “Like a sluice if your eyes open wide” “I’ll be drenched in delight” “Like a tempest in a hurry
are your words in a flurry” “Your lips like a window don’t open” “Then I’ll be transported to Heaven” “Sweet voiced koel, Kohila dear
Do you make lightning flash here?” “Kohila, my love so true
Is my world magical thanks to you?” “Kohila, my world seems topsy-turvy” “Is it because of your words lovey dovey?” “Doe eyed lassie
Don’t hypnotize me” “Miss World sweetie
Don’t talk to me” “In summertime in a spring
I dip my feet in waters refreshing” “You are that cool, fresh feeling” “Like the sacred shadow of a temple’s tower” “You cover my body forever” “Girl, when your fingers
linger and caress my hair” “My anger vanishes into thin air
I become a bright flame of desire” “To join zillion dots, dear
and make a picture clear” “You are the line linear” “Sweet voiced koel, Kohila dear
Do you make lightning flash here?” “Kohila, my love so true
Is my world magical thanks to you?” “Kohila, my world seems topsy-turvy” “Is it because of your words lovey dovey?” “Did my eyes scan you?” “My soul, my beau
Did my mind open up anew?” “Like serpentine waves
my mind sways” “Like a sluice opening if you hug me” “I’ll be over the moon decidedly” “Like a whirlwind of desire” “Through the window of my lips, dear” “I will lose myself forever” “Sweet voiced koel, Kohila dear” “Do I make lightning flash here?” “Kohila, my lovely lassie” “Is your world magical thanks to me?” “Kohila, your world seems topsy-turvy” “Is it because of my words lovey dovey?” “My sweet koel lyrically” “Kohila, my one and only” “Kohila” I’m soooooo happy today – Why, my dear?
– My parents are coming down We’ll get their approval
We’ll get married And then we fly to U.S
for our honeymoon Super, dear Wait…! What happened to your job? Job…we can take care of that later Which means…? Silly goose!
You forgot? Old age home, CM inauguration,
fund raising, my aim Let me tick my wish list
and I’ll look for a job later So you don’t intend
working now at all? No, dear If you keep thinking of
this old age home… …what about our life? Hey! Why get tense
for no reason? As if I committed
some big crime You bet it’s wrong How do I introduce you
to my parents? Nitwit! Tell them I’m your boyfriend
Brave, smart, brilliant, etc, etc Do I need a designation
to be introduced? Kumaran…? I’m talking about our future Your replies are
so irresponsible Priya, I have 2 top priorities in my life My aim and you Even I have
only 2 top priorities One is you and the other
is the life I dreamt about – So…?
– So…! Get a job before
my parents land in India Otherwise…? Otherwise my parents
will choose my groom Listen, Kumaran I know I want you in my life You must decide
if you want me in your life Get off Get down Before I could finish 10 beers… …your love started And ended in disaster, bro I feel awful listening
to the climax of your love Don’t know why
your girlfriend ditched you But my girlfriend… …is a plain Jane
in stylish outfits Hello…! Waste fellow! Hi…! Are you brainless? Waste fellow! Hey! Nutcase I’m a nutcase?! You’re the looniest guy on earth! Senseless nutcase! Looniest of the lot
in the loony bin Hello…! Who are you? You drank Pepsi and
used my face as trash bin Didn’t you see the number
of trash bins on the way? You could’ve tossed it there, right? Beautiful…! He describes trash as beautiful? No one has advised me
so vehemently Just nod your head I’ll take the garbage contract
for this entire area! And keep this area
spic and span daily – Just say ‘yes’
– Hey…! Don’t act extra smart Overacted as usual, huh! – You can go now
– Is that all? That’s all
What else? 2 beautiful youngste- We’ve met for the first time Shall we have a sandwich or burger? Your face doesn’t look
the pizza burger kind If you want, we can
go for an ice cream Ice cream…?
Okay – What is your name?
– Darshini By the way
what do you do? Are you a student? I’m trying to get
into films as a heroine Oh! Really? Most of the directors
and heroes are my friends Tell me what help you want? – Your wish is my command!
– Really? You don’t mind acting
with Arvind Swamy? I like Arvind Swamy- But I like Ajith a lot My wish is to act with him ‘She’s going for the jugular!’ You are out at night
all by yourself Won’t your parents
worry about you? My parents live in Coimbatore I’m staying in a hostel here Soooper So we can meet daily
and eat icecream too Okay My dear chap Did you propose
your love to that girl? Did she accept? Forget my proposing to her Your love is senior love You said your girlfriend
walked away in a huff, right? First let’s set that right, bro Your love takes priority No…no…only your love! Shall we toss a coin? Now… …with the help of this bottle …if I break that street lamp …you will profess your love If you don’t break it? Even then it will be your turn Super, super, super, bro Perfect verdict Bless me, dear Lord Hit it Takes the bottle Aims at the target Released the bottle Bear is dead Hey! Who is that? King, I say Auspicious time Ultimate star Ajith will preside
ultimately over your wedding Where is your girlfriend? Just a few minutes, bro
She will be here “Are you the rain or the sun aglow?” She’s here, bro Don’t look there Bro, aren’t you my best friend? Point out my girlfriend Please, bro What a weird sentiment! “Are you the magical net
anyone can fall in an instant?” “Are you a beginning or the end?” ‘Why is my Priya here
instead of his Darshini?’ “Are you the waves in the sea
that ebb and flow daily?” ‘To be on the safe side anyway
let me introduce my girl to him’ “Girl, is your glance a pleasure?
Or a pain I’ll always treasure?” The girl in that white dress She is- Great, bro You’re truly my best friend How does she look?
Awesome, huh? She looks very beautiful I have an errand to run
I’ll see you How can you leave now? – Wait, I’ll introduce you
– I’ll see you later, bye Bro “Like a candle I melt to slowly decrease” Wasn’t that Kumaran? You know him? Yes Super character, right? But we’ve lost touch At one point I had
planned to marry him Were your parents in the U.S? Yeah They were in the U.S then
Now they are in Coimbatore – Did you try for IAS initially?
– Yeah, correct Then what about trying for films? That’s also true Tried for Administrative services I couldn’t get in
So now it’s cinema What’s your problem? Your name is Priya, right? My full name is Priyadarshini Why are you getting upset
so often for no reason? I might have feelings
of my own for you, right? Keep those feelings
safely locked up It’s getting late We’ll meet tomorrow, bye Why…? Why do you look at me
like I’m some divinity? I’m not a perfect man But I had no idea
Priya is your girlfriend I’m to blame for your love
being messed up like this I am sorry I’m an orphan
I didn’t belong anywhere You’ve given me
a place to stay Given me clothes to wear And beer to drink How do I repay you
for all this? I don’t need anything I have only one resource My love I will I will sacrifice TAKE IT! You saved my life Mine was a very small favor You are sacrificing
your love for me I should also do something Want to do something big What do you want to do? Imported clothes? Extra 2 bottles of beer? No need
Leave it I won’t You gave my life back to me Now you’ve given me
a life partner! For realizing the dreams in your life… …give me an opportunity to help you Don’t get it I’ll fall at my dad’s feet And bring the Chief minister for
inaugurating the old age home Bye I was in this celebrating mood, sir Every side, nook and corner… …was a kaleidoscope of colors Unbelievable love, sir Can cherish it in my heart Heart…? I will pound you
few inches below Bloody fool…! He pretended to
sacrifice his love And maneuvered
the Chief minister here Aren’t you educated? You and your wonky face! Forsaking love is
a positive attitude, sir What crap! Positive attitude it seems Mud between your ears! He can give up his love Why should this girl sacrifice too? Are you as smart as hero Vishal? Or as handsome as Sarathkumar? None of that, right? What rubbish, Arivazhagan? – Give me that girl’s mobile number
– I don’t know, sir You would’ve recharged
her phone, right? – Tell me
– I swear, I don’t know Okay, fine At least tell me
her vehicle number – What…?
– Mr Arivazhagan…! He’ll only flip for
the figure, not the vehicle! I’m talking seriously
and you’re laughing Rascal…! Look here It’s easy to cheat the Govt But if you get caught… …I won’t let you get up
for the next 5 births! ‘Secretariat
Tamil Nadu’ Chief Secretary and DGP
are both on the line Tell me, sir Listen Commissioner you appointed asked
if CM was alive, we got the answer He’ll ask for ‘biryani’ for lunch
and he’ll get that too Whether someone lives or dies… …you will be paid on the dot
on the 1st of every month But will we get back
our leader alive or not? We should control ourselves
in a situation like this If everyone gets emotional,
who will control law and order? Why won’t you ask? Why won’t you drop
pearls of wisdom? DGP, Commissioner and you
came into power in the previous rule When we came to power,
we should’ve replaced all of you We are to blame
for not doing so If you had brought in Commissioner
Satish Kumar as I had suggested… …I’ll be having lunch
with CM now, sir I’m aware of all that’s happened so far But access was a problem Come Commissioner sir…? I’ll tell you my demand Listen to me carefully Nothing difficult Very simple Few days ago… …I stepped into an ATM
to withdraw money I got a fake 1000 rupee note When I went to the bank
to exchange it… …the bank officer tore it to bits
saying it’s a counterfeit note If you can return
my 1000 bucks… …CM can walk out a free man 1000 buc- Commissioner sir I don’t think you get
what I’m saying Few days ago I went to
an ATM and withdrew money Got a counterfeit note When I went to
the bank to exchange it …the bank officer tore it to pieces Therefore… …if you return my 1000 bucks …CM can walk out a free man Did you get it? Did you kidnap our CM
for a measly 1000 bucks? ‘New twist in CM’s abduction’ ‘CM Yogeswaran was abducted…’ ‘…and held as hostage in
an old age home in Gandhinagar’ ‘Special task officer
Mr Sandhana Pandian asked…’ ‘…the kidnapper his motive’ ‘…and to spell out his demand’ ‘He refused to talk initially’ ‘When he withdrew
from an ATM…’ ‘…he claimed he found
a counterfeit 1000 rupee note’ ‘Later when he went to
the bank to exchange it…’ ‘…he said the bank authorities
ripped the note to pieces’ ‘He has promised to free the CM
if his 1000 rupee note is returned’ Sir, did you listen to the news? ‘This news has shocked
and confused everyone’ Hello…? (News on TV) Are you holding a Chief minister
captive for a miserly 1000 bucks? Somebody would’ve given it to you
for free if only you had asked Look at the situation, because of
your madness there’s protest…violence The entire administration
has stopped functioning This doesn’t seem like
a 1000 rupee note motive But people’s loss
thanks to you is crystal clear ‘Condemning the abduction
of the Chief minister…’ ‘…his party volunteers are threatening
shops and offices to close shutters’ ‘For the Chief minister to be
released safe and sound…’ ‘…women volunteers are resorting
to traditional sacred vows’ We will fight for our leader
whom we value more than our lives Our Honorable Mr- Thillainayakam, forget all that If CM isn’t around,
will you usurp his seat? Were you waiting for this? The people of Tamil Nadu know very well
I am not interested in name and fame He’ll always be my leader,
philosopher and guide And I’m his true follower You have a hidden agenda
Please be quiet This isn’t about 1000 bucks He doesn’t get it Won’t you raise an objection? Do we have to toe your line? Listen to me
Sit down Will you please be quiet? After a thorough discussion… …we have decided to
give in to his demand Was the CM kidnapped for a mere
1000 bucks or something else? As far as we know… …that boy has gone to
the ATM to withdraw money There was 1 counterfeit note When he gave it in the bank
the employee tore it to bits Angered by this… …he has enacted
this kidnap drama If we give his Rs 1000… …he will release
our Chief minister A citizen’s anger is justified But the manner in which
he demonstrated his anger… …is punishable and
a matter of grave concern You claimed anyone would give
Rs 1000 without thinking twice Even if the Chief minister is abducted,
they hold a meeting for 2 hours And then pass the order That is my Govt That’s our sincere Govt Whether it is me
or the common man… …be it 1000 bucks or 10 billion
there is a proper procedure for it And that’s what my Govt
is doing there You dish out comical dialogs
even when you’re a captive They will be arguing whether to give
that 1000 bucks from the Govt treasury Or from some charity fund Just wait Your commissioner wants
to say something Let’s hear him out Yes, commissioner sir The Govt is ready to give you
the 1000 bucks you demanded I would appreciate it if you could tell me
the venue and means of delivery Thanks a ton for
the arrangements made I have no objection
to releasing CM sir But I have a minUte request The deal was you’ll release him
if we pay you 1000 bucks Then what’s this new
request or bequest? Nothing fancy, sir I am extremely fond
of Mahatma Gandhi The very mention of
the name ‘Gandhi’… …reminds us of
ahimsa and prohibition But if we go to the meat market… …we pay the butcher a note
with Gandhi’s face printed on it Ditto in a wine shop He is smiling on
that bill cheerfully That really disturbs me So the note
you owe me… …remove Gandhi’s face Give me in such a way it will
be accepted as a legal tender I’ll release CM sir immediately This is my minuuute request Hey! Do you think… …it is a cinema poster to
remove Gandhi’s face that easily? To change anything
on a currency legally… …a law has to be passed
by the Parliament And the Reserve Bank of India
has the final say This is the job of
the central Govt How is it connected to
the kidnapping of a CM? The Central Govt decides Sir, isn’t the central Govt
functioning within our country? We now have with us
renowned economist Mr Pratap If we comply to his demand
and remove Gandhi’s face… …black money hoarded
without the Govt’s knowledge …currencies with Gandhi’s face
will be redundant and worthless At the same time… …counterfeit notes from abroad
will be completely wasted Anyone can print a note
without Gandhi’s face Sure, that’s possible But at that time… …if the Govt is a little careful …this illegal hoarding
can be wiped out totally Listen! If I see a man once
I can assess his character to a T But in your case… …you are totally unpredictable You are well informed You recite Bharathi’s classical poems What is your hassle? Drink some water What is your problem? The water you’re drinking now For this 1 glass of water
40 years from today… …people will be staking
their lives for it This is my prediction Do you agree? Not at all Because with great foresight
we have built dams Rain water harvesting Preventing sand robbery Schemes for fixing taps in
every street to supply water All this is going on You’ve built dams
and reservoirs… …by taking bribes
for sand, cement etc After a deluge of rain
before you reached out to us …dying of hunger …thanks to your wonderful Govt,
we were stranded on our terraces To construct dwellings
over reservoirs and ponds… …permission was granted
only by your Govt, sir! We couldn’t supply water to
the farmer who gives us grains We don’t have the facility
to conserve rain water We open the sluice gates often And then go beg water from
our neighboring states shamelessly You changed nature’s gift
the ‘rain’ into a curse, sir To top it all… …you profess agriculture
is our backbone You make promises
on stage in the scorching heat Then whether you should veto
the methane scheme… …is your debate in cool comfort
in an air-conditioned room Exhaust that too The next generation
won’t have water …to drink or
wipe their ass Good Very good As a common man, it’s good
to rattle all this and to hear it too You’ll even have an audience
with a standing ovation But when you take some decisions
for the progress of the State… …few sacrifices
have to be made Whose progress, sir? Answer my question, sir For the progress of
2% men who are rich… …you’re ready to sacrifice
98% people’s lives Is it fair? Tell me now, sir For this single glass of water… …why shouldn’t I kill you? – Mr Pandian?
– Sir If I trust you
beyond this point… …this task won’t
be completed Neither can I be
patient any longer Tonight NSG commandos
will take charge You ensure the coast is clear
including the Press and media Most importantly
you should be silent They will enter And make a smooth exit
with our Chief minister Sir, we have to solve this In case something misfires- Why don’t we hold
this NSG operation a bit? Pandian, I’m being pressurized by
the central Govt, my hands are tied We are even more concerned
about our Chief minister than you He’s already a patient Why am I explaining
all this to you? Will you just obey
my orders implicitly? Please Anything serious, sir? Our Home minister
wants to bring in… …the National Security Guards That’s good, sir Please make sure there is
no power cut in this area Hello, Chitra has sent us
her pup’s snap from Malaysia What is our wifi password, dear? Shut up!
And don’t call me back again Sir, is that Home minister? Yeah! My Home minister!! Move…move
Please move We can’t, sir Why should we move? ‘- We will all protest
– Till the end we will revolt’ Is the gun loaded? Yes, sir ‘- We shall go
– We’ll clear out now’ We have to leave, huh? Don’t push me Sir…sir…sir NSG commandos
have gone inside I have recorded it secretly If we telecast this
it will be a sensation And create big hype, sir? Even the abductor will watch
the news if we telecast this And then what if he takes
a rash decision? It will backfire
So don’t do it Media should be a pillar
of support for good news And an enemy to bad news Kidnapper has fixed cameras
all around this building All CCTV cameras
will have a blind spot Must track that And find a way to go incognito
between 2 such blind spots Using a map the police gave me… …I have created a 3D model By using the data
and the 3D model… …I’ve traced a way to go in
without alerting the kidnapper But we must find out their
exact position in the building Sir, brilliant technology They will definitely
rescue our Chief minister Sir, I checked with a device used
to rescue earthquake victims There are 2 men in the central hall Over to you
for decision, sir Guards, move ahead – No one is here, sir
– But we can detect thermal waves He has fixed wireless mike
and speakers here He is operating from elsewhere
Looks like we are being misled, sir What?! ‘- No one is here, sir
– But we can detect thermal waves’ ‘He has fixed wireless mike
and speakers here’ ‘He is operating from elsewhere
Looks like we are being misled, sir’ What…? Attention NSG team I know 8 of you
are waiting inside I will give you
10 seconds In 10 seconds if you don’t
leave the premises… 9 corpses including
the Chief minister’s body… …will be flung out Do you get it? Hey! Call them back right now Operation Octopus is aborted Let’s move Hello, Mr Paul? You slid in like a snake Didn’t you click a snap? You ran in like a marathon sprinter? Now you are back to square one Whatever you tracked
with great enthusiasm… …we are already aware of Mr Arivazhagan, you claimed
it’s advanced technology You know one thing Technology should be
an accessory to the brain Not become the brain primary! Do you understand? Commissioner sir On one hand
you negotiated with me And side by side let
the NSG Operation team in Don’t think you can
get away with a good name If the CM has been kidnapped… NSG, National Security Guard… CRPF Central Reserve Police Force COBRA – Commando Battalion
for Resolute Action Or… …I know you’ll make
some other team enter I know how well to
handle even that team Every step you take
towards rescuing the CM… …don’t forget he’s inching
closer to his death! This is not a warning, Commissioner Ultimatum! I shouldn’t set my eyes on you
anywhere in this area Out of my sight Out
Officer…! – Let’s go
– Clear them now NSG Commando should be
on standby as per our plan, right? Though we were not for it… …you compelled us to
carry out this Operation You saw what happened now? They kidnapped
the Chief minister at 8:00 a.m What is the time now? No information
till this minute He’s used to taking
medication in time To rescue the CM, I gave permission
for the Commando Operation According to you,
CM is a senior official To us he’s not only
our leader but God! Sir, please talk like a minister Don’t talk like a politician Secretary sir, I’m fully aware
of what I’m saying I feel you’re talking way too much Sir…sir…sir Who is right or wrong
isn’t important now What is our next move
in our CM’s case is priority We saw his reaction with NSG Who knows what he’ll ask
or what his next move is? Who will negotiate with him? No one needs to go I’ll myself go and
talk to him in person Happy? ‘Hearing about CM’s abduction…’ ‘…100000 volunteers
belonging to the ruling party’ ‘…went on a ‘fast unto death’
in Tamukkam ground in Madurai’ ‘This is a first of its kind in the State’ ‘Long live…Minister’ ‘This incident has created
quite a stir in the political circles’ Sir, excuse me Sir…? If something happens to CM in NSG attack,
you’ll become CM by default, right? Hey, you knew I was
coming here, right? Then why the hell did you
make them wait here? Sorry, sir Sir, please answer What is your question? If something happens to
our CM in NSG operation… …then you have a good chance
of becoming CM, right? That’s what I asked I can’t answer such
hypothetical questions Not just for you I’m saying this to everyone here
Please listen to me carefully The awkward situation
in which our CM is now Not only for us But we are aware how much heartache
it has given our people of Tamil Nadu Very soon this agony
will change to happiness We will rescue our CM Under his leadership… …I’m happy to announce, once again
his golden rule will continue Until then… …I request people of Tamil Nadu
to maintain peace, be calm With utmost humility Thank you! Thank you, sir – What’s your name?
– Priya, News 7 Nice name
Stay blessed Thank you, sir ‘To maintain peace, be calm’ ‘A private bus was set ablaze
by few antisocial elements’ ‘Passengers escaped unscathed
by a sheer stroke of luck’ ‘This incident has created fear
in the minds of the general public’ Mr Pandian…? Do you have everything you need? Isn’t the tent stuffy? Shall we ask the Govt
to air-condition it? I need to talk to him Officer…mike Sir, please wait there He has issued orders
not to cross the white line Hey! Kumara…? Epitome of intelligence! – Good afternoon, minister sir
– Good afternoon, my boy I’m extremely happy you are here I’m also very happy talking to you Sharing a legendary name as
Kumaran who saved our flag… …can you do this? To decide if Gandhi’s photo should stay
or not will take 6 months, sonny Tell me something do-able at once
I will get the job done in a jiffy Certainly, sir
Thank you very much – A small appeal
– Tell me Last year same day in Yugoslavia,
4 farmers committed suicide Okay Shall we observe silence for 2 minutes
for their souls to rest in peace? Shall we start? Yu-ko-slo-vokia? We’ll do it right now Guru…? What is he trying to say? I think he might sing
our national anthem Let’s all stand in ‘attention’ position Thanks, minister sir Okay, my boy Your concern for
your Chief minister… …even if you were a little late …you’ve come straight to the spot
to ask about my demand I’ll definitely tell you, sir But before that… …there are a few petty problems Just settle those alone If all he needs is money,
he could’ve asked me Why is he asking in
front of so many? Tell me, my dear boy Nothing fancy, sir I went to a pharmacy I bought 5 pills
for blood pressure Cost me Rs 9.52 Okay I gave him 10 bucks He refused to give me
the balance 48 paise Please get my 48 paise back We’ll talk about
my demand later Minister sir, are you
in a state of shock? Listen clearly I went to the pharmacy I bought 5 pills
for blood pressure And it cost me Rs 9.52 I gave him 10 bucks He refused to give me
the balance 48 paise Please get my 48 paise back We’ll talk about
my demand later Hey! Are you mad or what? I really want to know
if you’re a lunatic! Even if he had to pay you… …there’s no 48 paise coin And anyway it won’t be valid Not even knowing this, you’re talking
as if you are so reasonable! No coin in that denomination And anyway it won’t be valid If that is so, sir,
who fixed this price? Was it your father
or grandfather? He’s calling his mother, father,
grandfather, the whole family 48 paise is too cheap for you, right? Same way, milk packets, hotel,
medicine, mall, wherever you go 25 paise for that
and 55 paise for this A person gets cheated
of 2 bucks per day 1200 million people Rs 2 per day 365 days If you add it all up,
it comes to 850 billion! Vendors are looting 850 billion
It’s called daylight robbery You don’t have the brains to
understand or the power to change! Will you release our CM
only if I collect that 850 billion? You are at sixes and sevens
when all I asked was 1000 bucks And you’re talking
about 850 billion? You can’t do it That is why… …pass a law that whatever item
one buys, the balance in coins …should go to CM’s relief fund We can discuss the rest later You don’t have to somersault
in the Parliament Nor do you have to
beg the Central Govt – Well said, right?
– What did he say? But he missed out a valid point If I buy a quarter in a wine shop
he asks for extra 5 bucks Even if it’s 1 buck less,
he refuses to give me the booze He takes 5 bucks for a ‘quarter’ 10 bucks for a ‘half’ Rs 20 for ‘full’ bottle – Whose account is this?
– He’s right When I asked this in public… …he says I’m drunk and blabbering Hey, come here You gave a good idea for me
to become a minister We’ll take this as our agenda My post as minister
is 101% guaranteed! You read up
some wrong statistics You think you are being
clear cut and logical Listen Central Govt’s sales tax is 14% On top of it Swachh Bharat
cess tax is 0.5% Because of all these taxes,
these ‘petty cash’ problems arise Without knowing these facts
don’t act like a smart Alec You seem to have your tax and
its % in your fingertips, minister I’m impressed You collect tax after promising
quality education and prompt medical aid Yes, of course But you are not keeping
any of your promises Education which helps our existence… …and medicine which saves lives …you’ve privatized both sectors But not aware that wine shop
which destroys lives… …shouldn’t be run by the Govt What do you think, minister? What’s wrong if the Govt retains
the maximum revenue outlet? Correct, sir Without hiding anything
and openly you’ve agreed… …our Govt runs only
on wine shop revenue I didn’t mean it that way- Hello…hello What is this? What is happening here? Did he come to save CM
or crack jokes? ‘Home minister’s speech
causes an uproar’ ‘Home minister’s opinion
on the sale of alcohol-‘ ‘Our country has been affected
very badly because of alcohol’ ‘No point blaming
one Govt over the other’ ‘Whichever Govt comes to power’ ‘Who will first ban alcohol?’ ‘In this situation, leaders strongly
condemned Home minister’s speech’ To bury farming
in our country… …and to do roaring business with
alcohol is our minister’s suggestion If questioned they claim
our State is leading in everything! Where is it in the lead? Only leading in booze What’s your take on Govt running
wine shops, right or wrong, sir? What I’m trying to say is
if the shop is opened for 8 hours… …then keep it open for
only 5 hours and 30 minutes If you pass a law stating
drinking is legal above age 21 …these hassles won’t crop up Nowadays teenagers have
taken to drinking ‘Minister who holds a responsible post
is saying that revenue from booze-‘ Tell me this, sir Your party’s most important pillar
is behaving like a joker You are so serious
instead of enjoying his jokes How much did
the opposition pay you? Because you don’t seem
to have any proper demand You wanted my party to be disgraced
So you made Thillainayakam blabber Listen to me I can change this disgrace
with one simple meeting My party is basically the flesh
and blood of my followers It isn’t a honeycomb to disperse
when you hurl a stone at it How much did you get paid? Sir, I can’t take responsibility
for your assumptions If your minister blabbers
how can you blame me? But what he said was true, right? If he blabbers something,
should I agree? I don’t need to run the Govt
with revenue from alcohol I was the one who started
the revolution to prohibit alcohol Don’t talk without knowing history We know all about
your struggle and history Your protest stating… …alcohol consumption is harmful
to your house, motherland and health …ends with this label
on the bottle You are blessed with
the gift of the gab Go hammer and tongs at the Govt Let me ask you this None of you will study
in a Govt school You won’t step
into a Govt hospital Won’t respect any Govt rule But you’ll keep insulting the Govt You’ll deride its educational system
and lack of medical facilities But all of you want
only Govt jobs Now tell me who is to blame Only you, sir Pass a law that only students
who have studied… …at least 5 years in
a Govt school or college …are eligible for Govt jobs Everything will change
for the better Wait and watch One day revolution will explode Fat hopes! Revolution it seems! Post your revolutionary messages in
Facebook and count the ‘likes’ you get In your generation, ‘revolution’
as a word makes no sense whatsoever Thanks to a handful
of leaders like us… …keep spreading social awareness
our country is running on oiled wheels What hopes he has! Instead of criticizing
your motherland… …think of prospering in life We know how to run this country Sooty-pot!
Are you watching TV? This is confirmed for sure Bala who was an accomplice
in Chief minister’s abduction… …will be hanged until death Father, he keeps hitting me! Pa…! Why are you hitting me? Tell me Why did you do this? DGP is accusing me
of having a hand in this You’ve destroyed the good name
I had earned all these years Sir He won’t answer if you
interrogate him this way Go for the 3rd grade treatment Only then he’ll answer If he doesn’t answer even then… …kill him right here! I have told them
everything I know, pa I didn’t commit any crime, pa Believe me, pa Sir Can I talk to him alone
for 2 minutes? I don’t know anything, pa Come here I have no clue
what you did But do you realize what
you’ve done is a huge blunder? I didn’t do anything wrong, pa I believe you’ll come out
of this confusion somehow I don’t know anything- Take me with you, pa Sit, I say Sit down! Both father and son beat
our Chevalier Sivaji hollow! Your father also is involved, right? Tell me He’s also aware, right? My father is in no way
connected with this, sir This building His grandfather is a freedom fighter Belongs to Kumaraguru, sir – What are you saying?
– He wanted to open an old age home And help old people
He begged me, sir That’s why I told my father And I asked CM uncle
to come here Besides this, we don’t have
any kind of link with him, sir I never expected him to do this Why didn’t you tell me all this while?
Cat got your tongue or what? – I was too scared
– Lunkhead! Yes, sir This building belongs to
freedom fighter Kumaraguru He donated this building
to function as a post office Later the post office was
shifted to a new building This building is completely damaged
without proper maintenance We don’t know
who owns it at present Officer…? I want all details of
Kumaraguru’s family Yes, sir I want it on my table, okay? Officers, please come here Listen, inform North, South, Central
control rooms immediately You inform East and West I want them to be
online the entire time Alert our informers too Crisis Intervention Team
Come online ‘After minister Manavalan
spoke to the kidnapper…’ ‘…there is an uproar
amongst the police officials’ ‘The special task force has collected
information about the kidnapper’ ‘But due to security reasons
it is being kept under wraps’ Sir, it’s time for your BP pills ‘News 7 team is collecting
information individually’ ‘Over to studio, Shobi’ You’re so sure I won’t escape? I believe you’ll face this
with your head held high! You have a way with words You knock the nail on its head
with your questions Can you reveal your true
identity to me alone? Why are you in a hurry, sir? From A to Z, very soon
your police force… …will announce my entire history These are the photographs of
Kumaran and Mr Kumaraswamy Stop near the ATM I want the CCTV footages
of Axis bank ATM in Korattur Korattur SBI bank ATM footage – ACP Arivazhagan
– Hello, sir Show me the CCTV footages
of their ATMs in Korattur So Axis bank’s ATM is near
Kumaraswamy’s house And SBI ATM is perpendicular Last few years, did you notice
any abnormal traffic pattern? That is any suspicious
movements in the footage? 1 second Rewind a little bit Freeze it right there Zoom in please Go to the previous day’s footage Hold on Tell me that car’s registration number? TN 29 AH 5496, sir Next Next So this car has circled
Kumaraswamy’s house 75 times in 15 days Inspector I’ve mailed you
Kumaran’s photo Take a print out and
give it to the commissioner Have you seen this man? Sir, he is the one, Kumaran But he had less hair
on his head than this Maybe he suffered from hair loss Sorry, sir Take a good look and tell me Is it him? I swear this is Kumaran Please trust me Yes, sir? Nothing to worry A small enquiry Come My jeep is here, sir The driver can follow us Let’s go Pandian Update me on the status The status- You’ll tell me
you’re still enquiring Isn’t it so? We’ve got Kumaran’s photograph We are collecting details now Kidnapper’s photo? Then release it immediately No, sir We felt we should collect
all the details thoroughly And give authentic information You can share your details with
the media as soon as you know Release the photo immediately We can buy some time Officer, make an official statement
in the Press that he is our kidnapper Sir, I am begging you You want water to drink? Aiyo! Not water Please ask that sketch artist to stop He has a fertile imagination He is even sketching faces of
those not yet born and torturing me He’s staring daggers at me, sir He even draws faces
of his own relatives, sir Please for God’s sake
ask him to leave this room Get out, man He is here When our Chief minister
has been kidnapped… …what’s all this about?
Brainless or what? You called me all this way
just to deal with these 4 cops? Let’s go Sir, may I know
who you are please? Pratap, the only son of
Home minister Thillainayakam How could you…? Sorry, sir
Our mistake I pulled the right strings You have high connections That’s why they asked me
to give you privacy ‘Who kidnapped the Chief minister?’ ‘Official announcement from
Police special task force’ ‘The police force has released
the kidnapper’s photo’ ‘The man in this photograph
is presumed to be the kidnapper’ ‘His name is Kumaran’ Sir The name of the boy in the photo
we sent is Kumaran, sir I found a record
in the Govt hospital According to the report
he died a year ago, sir Dead? I am asking you one more time Yes, sir Is he your friend?
Tell me the truth You roamed the city
with this chap? I am telling you 1 more time He IS Kumaran I befriended only this fellow Bring them in Who is he? They are showing
some other face as Kumaran What is this? Here…here, sir My official meeting with you
was slightly delayed As announced earlier… …Kumaran has kidnapped
our Chief minister This is his grandfather’s bungalow He is Kumaraguru He is a freedom fighter Kumaraswamy is Kumaran’s father When his movements were tracked
in a forgery case, he went into hiding Sir, in the previous election… …Mr Thillainayakam won
by a slim margin of 5 votes He filed a case against him for
winning by fraudulent means Is it the same Kumaraswamy, sir? Exactly So is there a link between
Kumaraswamy filing a case… …and the minister’s son
kidnapping our CM? Maybe Possible But for your information
last year this very same day… …according to our reports
Kumaran died in a road accident Then is the kidnapper
Kumaran’s spirit, sir? That’s a smart question But my experience
in spirits is zilch It seems many roam around with a fake
death certificate to claim insurance May be one of those kind After further investigations
I’ll be able to give you more answers Thank you Mr Arivazhagan? Sir…? There is already bad blood between
Mr Thillainayakam and Mr Kumaraswamy You’ve nabbed the right man Congratulations You have a free hand But get to the bottom of this Yes, sir ‘Grandson and social worker
Kumaraswamy’s son’ ‘Reports also claim
Kumaran died last year’ What is this? They are declaring
my kidnapper as dead You are sitting here
like a block of stone You’ll know as time goes by, sir Let me see how long
time will keep ticking! Soooper, sir They know only too well
that I befriended Kumaran Brother, aren’t you Karthik? Karthik, take a good look at this photo Didn’t I come with him
to the mechanic shed? Didn’t I come with him? True, he came, sir But- You know I kicked with my right hand
and punched with my left foot I ended up with a swollen finger When I bought him
a glass of tea that day- ‘Why did you get
just 1 cup?’ ‘Go and get 1 more’ ‘Don’t hang around’ ‘What’s wrong with him?’ ‘You drink first’ He was talking all to himself
but pretending someone was with him I don’t know what
has got into them No clue why they are lying Ignore him He knows me very well When we broke the street light
and we were fully tanked… …he rattled a string
of cuss words – Ask him
– I saw him that night ‘Hey! Who is that?’ ‘King, I say!’ He broke the street lamp When I yelled at him, he hid What he’s telling, sir? I have to get Telugu
into my head now He broke the street light You saw him doing so Was there 1 person
or 2 of them at that time? ‘King, I say!’ I saw only him, sir They are lying Don’t believe him It is 1 year since this chap died You have befriended him And had a couple of drinks with him Right? Do I look like a naive
nincompoop to you? I’ll be back
1 minute I got him Shobi, what a sensational news, okay Just follow my instructions ‘There is a new twist to the abduction
of the Chief minister Mr Yogeswaran’ ‘The kidnapper Kumaran is the son of
social worker Kumaraswamy who is incognito’ ‘…according to police sources’ ‘Home Minister Thillainayakam’s victory
in the previous election by 5 votes’ ‘…is not considered valid
and above board’ ‘So saying, Kumaraswamy filed a case
in the High court against the minister’ ‘While the case was pending
Kumaraswamy went underground’ ‘Regarding our CM’s abduction…’ ‘…Kumaraswamy going into hiding and
Kumaran’s mysterious death may be linked’ ‘We have got in touch
with Mr Thillainayakam…’ ‘…over the phone to throw
some light on the recent findings’ ‘Good evening, Mr Thillainayakam’ ‘Tell me, madam’ ‘For winning the last election
through dubious means…’ ‘…apparently Kumaraswamy
filed a case against you’ ‘His son is our CM’s kidnapper
is the latest report we have got’ ‘What is your ‘take’ on this?’ ‘Madam…madam ‘ ‘You are tying up
2 unconnected issues’ ‘Some counterfeiter files
a case against me…’ ‘…when I am a staunch
supporter of democracy’ ‘What has happened now?’ ‘The police force
is looking for him’ ‘A rumor has spread that you may even
be the cause for him being incognito’ ‘That’s funny’ ‘You’ll next blame me for someone
who is hiding due to love failure’ ‘Or because he is head deep in debt’ ‘Forgive me, sir’ ‘But why has your son Pratap
been arrested by the police force?’ ‘Who arrested my son?
And for what crime?’ ‘Cut this call’ ‘I will get back soon’ Sir! Commissioner, what is this
new drama you’re enacting? Why did you arrest my son? Have they arrested your son? What are you saying? He has political clout He might have played some prank They would have locked him up So you are not aware, right? You don’t know How can they arrest him
without your orders? I think it’s enough if the DGP
is given a report regarding this Are you being sarcastic? If anything happens to the CM
I’ll be occupying his seat Are you aware of that? On that day I’ll strip you
of your uniform You’ll make me uniform-less? I’ll make you underwear-less! Sir, please sir Let go of him Sir, please sir Where is Kumaraswamy? What did you do to him? I don’t- I don’t know We don’t know anything, sir Let us go, sir Where is Kumaraswamy? What did you do to him? Don’t know, sir Listen! His father has
less political clout than yours I made him sit there Your father is a bigshot
I’ll make you lie down here Sir, I don’t know Yov! Why are you standing there? Strip him to the skin I’ll tell you, sir I’ll tell you the truth Tell me, Mr Arivazhagan Home minister His son Pratap and Kishore Come here Is this the guest house? Yes, sir Open the gates Mani, Dhana, Kathir
Quick, come here Open Show me the place Where? Next to that tree Kumaraswamy, does this
seem right to you? Ages since justice
and integrity died Those values are not dead They won’t die either You are trying your best to kill it
through the ages, that’s all You’re rattling out your philosophy
like a broken record, I say I’ve spent 300 million
to win this election My opponent Perumal also spent
300 million hoping he will win Somewhere my calculations went wrong And 5 jobless jerks tried to
vote for him and make me lose I called Perumal and
settled him with a fat sum And I won by those 5 votes What’s your problem if I win? I’m not bothered how much you spent
and whose palms you greased It’s true Perumal won It is also true you lost That’s why I filed
a re-counting case You think I’ll pee in my pants
if you tie me up like this? Aiyo! Pratap, didn’t our men file
a counterfeit case against him? Yes, dad One word from us and
he can be locked up for good He can’t be silenced even then Okay For the 5 votes I won,
10 million for each vote I’ll pay you 50 million You withdraw
the re-counting case My men in turn will withdraw
the case they filed against you Are you okay with this deal? What I saw is true You lost and that is the truth Why should I withdraw this case? People should know the whole truth Why waste our time
arguing with him, dad? If we shoot him
only a bullet gets wasted We save 50 million Instead of that
you keep bargainin- Hey! Let him go He’s a staunch supporter of ahimsa He doesn’t like handling a gun
or killing with a sickle Dig a hole and bury him alive He will have a natural death Saves us the trouble of killing Lift him! “Where did righteousness hide?” “Why was justice buried alive?” “Today’s crime on nation’s spine” “Hurt became trauma multiplied” “Why was fair play nullified?” Fill it up with mud Truth has been buried “Was war declared only on 1 side?” Most important information
to the Press is… …this is Kumaraswamy
Freedom fighter Kumaraguru’s son ‘Skeleton unearthed in the farm house
owned by minister Thillainayakam’ ‘Pratap is the son of Mr Thillainayakam
who has been recently arrested’ ‘He parted with this information
during interrogation’ ‘Assistant Commissioner Arivazhagan
in the presence of the Press and media…’ ‘…investigated this information
at the minister’s farm house’ ‘A human skeleton was found’ ‘This has created a wave
of shock to everyone’ Sir, if you have access
to power and position… …is it okay to kill? We believe you will be our savior Isn’t that why we place you
in that position, sir? After committing a grave injustice… …is the position used to
safeguard personal follies? It’s agonizing Just because one politician
committed a crime… …you shouldn’t look at
all politicians with a jaundiced eye Shouldn’t cite that as an example Weren’t you the one
who gave him that authority? How can I not
link you to it? Politicians represent millions of people
in each and every constituency There is just 1 Chief minister
who leads all of them How can 1 man
do moral policing- He should, sir That’s why we gave you
the seat you’re occupying Otherwise good Samaritans like
Kumaraswamy and Kumaran …will perish from this land What is that supposed to mean? So did they kill Kumar too? Your minister killed Kumaraswamy Kumaran was killed… …by me ‘Rainbow Home’ ‘I don’t have anyone’ ‘But I won’t call myself an orphan’ ‘In the predicament
they were in, that day…’ ‘…my parents left me
in ‘Rainbow Home’ and left’ ‘That haven gave me everything’ ‘It was from there I passed
journalism with distinction’ Welcome to News 7 ‘I got a job with
my very 1st interview’ ‘That is a new world’ Access card ‘Everyone there reached out to me’ Hello Hi ‘A girl working there
was very special to me’ ‘My life was smooth sailing
from then onwards’ Hey! How are you? ‘After a long time, I went
to the Home that raised me’ Bless me, sir Why are you teary eyed? Nothing, sir This is for you What is all this? New dress for you
and some cash What little I could afford You’ve just now got a job
and earned money of your own You’ll need this for yourself No, sir, I got this for you After you become a big shot
and earn a fat salary… …like the person who sponsored you …if you sponsor 10-20 children
you’ll find peace of mind so divine You’ll be contented Do I have a sponsor? Tell me, someone sponsored me? I should not divulge
that information They will expect anonymity Even if I never knew
I had a sponsor… …it is okay But now that I know… …I should meet him in person
and thank him for his gesture The life he blessed me with
will lose its meaning otherwise, sir Please tell me his name You’ve just changed
your residence, that’s all But your obstinacy has
followed you like a shadow I’ll tell you his name But you shouldn’t trouble him at any cost I can assure you of that Boss, which is Mr Kumaraswamy’s house? I don’t know This is the place Upstairs Excuse me! Sir…excuse me Who are you? Can I see Mr Kumaraswamy? That’s my father He has gone out He’ll be back soon Sit down He has gone out
He’ll be back soon My father has gone out He’ll be back soon – Sit down
– Okay Will it take time? It has been ages I’m waiting for him But he will come He told me he will be back You can wait here I am also waiting Kumara, are you done? I’ve piled it up over there, anna I’ll deliver this
and get you lunch Okay, anna Sir, I’ll be back in a moment I’ll be right here
You come back Okay I’ll be right here
You come back I’ll be back See you Hello, brother? Isn’t this Mr Kumaraswamy’s house? Yes, sir Where is he now? Ages since he went missing No one knows what happened to him His son told me
his father will be back now He is like a child Mentally not alright He can’t grasp
whatever we tell him If we tell him
his father is missing… …he doesn’t believe us What happened to Mr Kumaraswamy? No idea Long time back, they said
he had a show down with a minister Then he got involved
in counterfeiting And went underground it seems No one knows
what exactly happened See you, sir Okay, thank you ‘When I investigated…’ ‘…I found out a few facts
about Kumaraswamy sir’ Kumaran? Oh! It’s you My father will be back Please wait – Not that
– He will be back Your father won’t come I know he will He told me and stepped out He will come He told me and went He’ll be back Kumaran If you want him back… …you have to complain
in the police station Police station?
I haven’t seen it at all If it’s the police station, we can go Let’s go If it’s the police station, we can go I haven’t seen it before You should explain the facts
to the inspector properly ‘My father has been missing for a long time
Minister is only responsible for this’ Okay You’ll say it, Kumara? – Yov! Wait
– Sorry, sir Where are you going
in such a hurry? He wants to give
a missing complaint Who is he? He’s my brother, sir Who is he? Officer! I don’t know He doesn’t know you
You claim to be his brother Go and sit down I’ve come with him
He is very naïve Give it to me
We’ll handle it Give me your complaint Kumara, give it directly
to the inspector, okay? Sit down I’ll take care Come in Hello Inspector is inside Go and meet him Go Who are you? I was asked to give this to you – What is it?
– I don’t know He asked me to give it to you
for my father’s sake I’ll look into it You can leave now Go, I’ll handle it ‘Home minister Mr Thillainayakam
has murdered my father’ ‘Since I am 100% convinced
I request the police to investigate’ ‘And take necessary action’ I told you to kill the whacko
when we killed his father You didn’t listen to me True, when you kill
there should be no leftovers Ins! If he complains
you will accept it, huh? Where did I accept it?
I’ve given it to you, right? He has become brainy enough
to go to the station and complain! Just rough him up a bit
and he will know our clout You think he’ll understand
after he is dead? We’ve reached
Turn at the end of the road I love traveling in a school bus Ages since I sat in a bus like this Are we going very far? Only you will go real far – Long distance, huh?
– Get up, dear boy Can I stand and travel? Come in A body hit by a water tanker
matches your description You came here at the right time Otherwise we would have
got rid of it as an unclaimed body But the face is smashed
beyond recognition The lorry just ran over him You take a look And on your way out
take care of my small needs In my quest for justice… …I killed Kumaran How long will you be depressed? I am very worried about you Kumaran’s death was
beyond our control If you keep obsessing about it
and blaming yourself…? Shouldn’t we move forward? If it was beyond our control… …we could spit a few
cusswords and move on But he died because of me That’s why my mind
is unable to digest it Yesterday Mr Kumaraswamy Today Kumaran Tomorrow someone else Those who should be saviors
are the predators! We must start an end for this How? If I get an opportunity
to meet our CM alone… …that’s enough You want to talk to CM alone That’s all?
I can do it Listen! I’m serious Don’t believe me? Minister Manavalan’s son Bala
is a close friend of mine I’ll make arrangements for you
to meet our CM through him He will definitely oblige I’m telling you I can
arrange this for you Even if our CM wants
justice to prevail for us… …the present system won’t let him Don’t get you I’ll explain Bala owns this place He is here Hi Bala How are you? I’m good Brother…? This is the person
I told you about Welcome, brother Please come Sit Here you go, brother You wanted to discuss
something very important He wants to share a few issues
with our Chief minister Brother, you can meet him easily My father is a cabinet minister He is the personal adviser
for our Chief minister Small matter, brother Bala, the hitch is- He wants to meet our CM That’s all, right? Not meet our CM, brother Kidnap our CM “Come, check, close in
This witch hunt you must join” “Go…get up and hit the road
Be a sleuth, sleeper and decode” “With th…thi…thir…thirst unquenchable” “Try…try every twist and turn possible” “In this world there is no peak
unreachable so to speak” “Search and seek” “If you know it is a misdeed
gather your guts, attack with speed” “You are not an also-ran
Show your attitude, man” “Yes, you can” “Buddy, push your weight around
Kick ass, knock them to the ground” “With fury if you defy
your feet can reach the sky” “Enraged if you march
your pace will easily match” “If you have your target in sight
distance will bridge the gap alright” “If you’ve planned it poised and calm
your quest will be in your palm” “Don’t let go or lose hope” “Reach out, you can cope” “Don’t lose heart, be strong” “Grab, you can’t go wrong” “Brave the wind blowing on your face
Swim against the tide always” “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth
Your dream will come true” “Brave the wind against all odds
Swim against the tide, nab the frauds” “Hand for a hand, foot for a foot
Your wish list will be ticked for good” “Justice has always won in history” “Bhagavad Gita opined the same theory” “With fury if you defy
your feet can reach the sky” “Enraged if you march
your pace will easily match” “If you have your target in sight
distance will bridge the gap alright” “If you’ve planned it cool and calm
your quest will be in your palm” “Don’t let go or lose hope” “Reach out, you can cope” You are fully justified in
being angry and anguished I totally agree But if everyone started kidnapping
for their own selfish reasons? Look how you’ve become
a bad example now No, sir At all times only a leader
shouldn’t become a bad example I tried to bring the Hyde side… …of Thillainayakam to
the people in a very just way I lost in my endeavor, sir I even thought of murdering him But that will give him a martyr status
And I’ll be branded a murderer No one will know the actual truth
in this sordid mess I wanted to somehow ensure
our people get to know the whole truth I need you for my effort to bear fruit Now the whole world
knows his true colors The blemish on Mr Kumaraswamy
has also been cleared Seeing all this, if even 1 person
wishes to live like Mr Kumaraswamy… …that is enough for me, sir That is not the problem Thillainayakam will be punished
for his crimes, he cannot escape But only I know why you spread
this net to catch him The police force outside
has no clue Any moment they will
barge in to save me But they will shoot you without
a second thought, what will you do? ‘Home minister Mr Thillainayakam
was arrested today’ ‘For killing social worker Kumaraswamy
accused as a counterfeiter unjustly’ ‘For burying him alive
in his farm house’ ‘For being an accomplice in killing
Kumaraswamy’s son Kumaran…’ ‘…he has been remanded to custody’ ‘This has created a shock wave amongst
the people and the political circle’ You ridiculed me You said I forgot my people I thought about it How do I manage
this coalition party? How do I handle the opposition? I spent a lot of time
thinking only of all this I looked at the people
as merely a vote bank But you made me realize they share
a special bond with me and look up to me Thanks Sir, please don’t thank me First I want you to forgive me A journalist is one who pats you
on your back with a bouquet The same journalist spats
and throws brickbats at you I just did my duty
as a journalist At the same time, through you
I could thank Mr Kumaraswamy I am truly blessed So your ‘Mission Impossible’
became possible What should I do now? Mr Commissioner, in another 5 minutes
Chief minister will walk out a free man You wish list was
only for the general public But you didn’t ask
anything for yourself Tell me what you want I just want good leadership
for all of us to lead a good life Our CM is coming out (babble of voices) Throw some light into this, sir I haven’t as yet come out of
the shock of being kidnapped I don’t have the right mindset
to comment on anything now I can identify my kidnapper Do not point out only
the flaws of this Govt Don’t forget the good
we did for the people See you 1 second What transpired inside? Give us a detailed account, sir Sir…? Relaaax! What is this, Mr Arivazhagan? You went into the building
and coming out on this side Sir, from this post box and
the bunker inside the building… …there’s an underground route Because it was an old building used by
freedom fighters, there is a bunker, sir We can catch him with Top squad’s help
by surrounding this area with check points Come on Let’s go, sir Nab him and then
do what, Mr Arivazhagan? What do you mean? He is a good man
His intentions were honorable Due to God’s grace and
Kumaraswamy sir’s blessing… …our dream came true Only sad thing, Bala got
caught by the police force Don’t even ask! – Your training was of no use there
– Then…? Commissioner who was more like Kalakeya
from the film ‘Bahubali’ was in command Whatever I said, he would
roll his doughnut eyes… 1/4″ inch from my
face and torture me Thank God, bro My favorite film is
Mani Ratnam’s ‘Thalapathi’ ‘I have only one resource’ ‘My life’ I have only one resource ‘My love’ And ‘Kadhal Desam’
helped me out of the mess ‘The girl in that black dress’ ‘She is my-‘ ‘Bang on, bro’ ‘The girl in that white dress-‘ ‘Great, bro’ ‘You’re truly my best friend’ Film…? I flicked 3 scenes from
‘Thalapathi’ and ‘Kadhal Desam’ Garnished it with my creative fibbing I narrated a triangle love story to him That Kalakeya clone swallowed it You are the heroine, my dear I’m starring as the heroine? Even you can’t believe it, eh? Same way the Commissioner
had a huuuge doubt I somehow covered it up Brother, you have 2 duets
you should dance to! Plus mass fight scenes
like a typical Telugu film Brother, you are too good
with the stunts But only when it comes to dancing
you have 2 left feet! But we can ask
our Kala master to fine tune it Good idea! Subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini

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