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Welcome to KORONA. A superior point of sale solution for retail
businesses of all sizes. KORONA has a unique architecture. The backoffice portion you can see here is
cloud based and can be accessed through the web browers from anywhere with any device. Imagine being on vecation and checking on
your daily sales for multiple stores at the same time on your smart phone. The point of sale portion is a software that
is installed on the POS terminal, allowing the POS to work fully offline if needed and
control peripherals without requiring additional software. What you see here is your personal dashboard. You can customize the dashboard to your needs,
providing a quick overview over the information you need to see always right away. The back office is also where you manage your
inventory and all point of sale related settings. This allows you to manage most aspects of
your business even if you are not at any of your stores. Let’s have a look at the product list. You can access your products under the inventory
tab where you can find all inventory-related data including products. This is your full product database. Taking a closer look at a product you can
find a variety of settings. On the left you can find the most important
settings such as product number and name. In addition you have three categories. The commodity group which is a combination
of department, item category and sub-category. Commodity groups can be nested without any
restriction on the number of sub-levels. The assortment is a unique but truly powerful
way to categorize items. It allows you to categorize items based on
how you order the item. Good examples for assortments are seasonal
item categories such as spring or fall assortment. Another example is a slow seller assortment
containing items that you would like to discontinue. KORONA can even do the work for you and move
items into new assortments based on rules that you define. The last categorization is the sector. This is a financial item category defining
how the item should be taxed. You are able to create more sectors and assign
all tax rates that apply. This can also be done based on location, allowing
you to sell the same items in different counties, states or even countries and always collect
the appropriate taxes. In addition, you can create your very own
categorization system without any limitations by tagging items. Tags are also very useful for promotions such
as mix and match. The next important section here is the price
section. In KORONA, all price changes are scheduled. This means you can schedule a new price in
advance. You also have the option to add multiple price
groups, which allows you to maintain several price levels. You can assign price groups to stores to manage
different prices at different locations or also customer groups allowing you to set custom
prices for your membership program or wholesale customers. The lower section here is where you can manage
your ordering settings such as suppliers, size options and your cost. KORONA is unique as it allows you to have
multiple order options for each item. KORONA also enables you to quickly do your
purchase orders. You can create orders based off of an order
template, reorder levels or sales history. Once you’ve completed your order, you can
email your stock order directly to your supplier with your customer number, delivery address
and other key information automatically populated. Now let’s move from the backoffice to the
front-end and check out a customer. This is the KORONA point of sale screen. KORONA’s point of sale interface is optimized
for touch screen terminals but can also be operated via mouse and keyboard. The first step is the cashier login. A cashier can log in by entering their personal
login code. If you are just getting started the default
code is 1. You can also use login key cards or cashier
locks instead of login codes. After logging in the cashier automatically
gets into the checkout screen without any delays. Now the cashier can either scan in products
using a barcode scanner or use buttons to add items to the transaction. The POS buttons are fully customizable. You can freely create new buttons and groups
in your KORONA backoffice. There are no limitations — you can customize
KORONA point of sale to your business work flows and not the other way around. On the right side you can typically find POS
function buttons. KORONA will provide three function tabs. You can customize all buttons for each tab. KORONA is optimized for checkout speed. Therefore most functions requiring an input
will allow the cashier to set the value prior to pressing the function button. For example, for quantity changes select the
item on the receipt, enter the desired item quantity and press change quantity. The price change function works exactly the
same way. Enter the new price and select change price. This eliminates the need of confirming the
input by pressing enter or apply and potentially eliminates thousands of key strokes during
a cashiers workday. Once all items have been added to the receipt,
the cashier can move on to taking payment using the TOTAL button. Here the cashier can quickly enter the customer
payment by selecting the bills or entering in the given cash amount. If the customer wishes to pay via credit or
debit card you can select the appropriate payment option. Of course you can also take partial payments
allowing customers to pay with multiple payment options. Once the received payment covers the receipt
total the POS will automatically close the transaction and print the receipt. Again KORONA eliminates and unnecessary key
strokes and goes straight to the next transaction. The change from the previous transaction is
displayed down here until the cashier starts ringing up items for the next transaction. A common feedback from KORONA users is that
KORONA is the fastest retail point of sale they have ever worked with. Some customers have reported they were able
to run close to 3,000 transaction on a single point of sale in a day. As mentioned before the point of sale application
is able to run offline without any delays or restrictions. However if the POS has an internet connection
available it will upload any sales immediately. In the back office you can find transactions
under Sales>Receipts coming in immediately. A sophisticated set of filter options will
provide you the necessary tools to drill down and find individual transactions. Under the evaluation section you can find
reports and statistics. The organization report will provide you with
all the important numbers for your business. Customers per hour will provide some insight
on peak hours. Under “edit menu entries” you can select reports
available from KORONA’s extensive report selection providing you all the sales analytics to better
understand the details of your business. Many business owners and managers have reported
that KORONA allowed them to increase their revenue and profits significantly by utilizing
KORONA’s powerful sales analytics. Under settings, data exchange you can find
import and export options and even set up data connections to many third party applications
such as Quickbooks or bLoyal. If you would like to find out more about KORONA’s
advanced features and how your business can benefit from KORONA point of sale please don’t
hesitate contacting our team of experts. We are looking forward to working with you.

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