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In Retail the main aim of the shopkeeper owner
is to engage and seduce his customers to buy his
products and also here lighting can play a role. Let’s have a look at different shops
and see how lighting can be used to achieve this. We will start
very basic in a supermarket and if you look at the set-up of this
supermarket and specially the lighting here you probably see this is your discounted segment,
pricing is low and lighting is very uniform. Nothing
stands out. It’s not really engaging. Let’s change the lighting a
little bit because we want to focus the attention on the products that we are selling and we
want to make some products stand out. In this supermarket,
we try to focus the customer’s attention to the
products and not to the space we have used focus lighting in addition to the general
lighting but we can do even better than this. Have a look at this
shop. Now we have also used architectural lighting, colored
lighting anything to seduce my customer into buying these things but what did we do in
this shop, what did we change actually we didn’t change
anything because let’s go back to your discount. See actually
we did not leave the shop, the only thing that I did was change the lighting to match
the supermarket segment. In fresh food we would like all the
products to look good and fresh and for decades specially
for the meat and the bread the Philips SDWT lamp has been used for this which enhances
specially the warm colors and as you can see the effects
are good on bread and meat but if you look at the
cauliflower for example or specially if you look at the fish you will see that the effects
are less good. Actually what we would like to do is give
each product group its own lighting and with present day LED
technology that is possible. Look what happens if we change over to LED. Now we see that
both the meet, the bread the cauliflower and the fish
look good and appetizing. In genes retailing we see that the
brand has become very important because with this brand you connect to a certain image,
certain lifestyle and this is also what we see in
all the advertising campaigns but also in the way the shop looks.
Well this could be any genes shop, but let’s just change the light and see what kind of
buyers we might attract with it. If you look at this shop
we would probably attract a younger male buyers probably who
may be even looking for a pair of genes. Now let’s look at shop no. 2 and we see that
now we are trying to attract a completely different audience,
definitely female maybe even a bit provocative, so talking
about provocative, this is provocative. Here we see hardly any light. Here it’s the buying
experience that is especially important. In this beauty salon
we want to radiate a sense of luxury and that’s why we have
used quite warm white light and added some architectural lighting but especially in this
section there is another aspect that we have to take care of.
Especially in the beauty salon a sense of hygiene is
important and this we can radiate by using cool white light. Lighting should also create
an interaction between the buyer and the product and with
lighting scenes, you can even improve this.

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