LAST TO LEAVE THE SWIM CENTER wins $1000 Kids Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts

(Music: We the #Legends) We are doing the last one to leave our dads business. wins one thousand dollars! But don’t worry we have consulted some medical experts to see if this challenge is safe. I declare the last to leave the swim school challenge is safe. Step inside! Step inside! Welcome to our dad’s business as you can see there’s lots of fun stuff to do here so it’s gonna be very entertaining And now that we are in his business we can’t go out. It’s okay It’s okay The challenge hasn’t started yet The challenge to see who gets the biggest budget to spend at the shops for things that are going to help them stay in the swim school the longest is called… That’s just a bird sab don’t worry FASTEST DINKY WINS! So what you’ve got to do is ride your dinky and first one across the finish line is the winner and will win the biggest budget Who do you thinks gonna win? Biggy: me Naz: Sabre Sockie: probably sab Sabre: Sockie Competitors. Are you ready? SET Sorry Biggy, bad news. You got a handy cap You gonna go back to that line. Ready? Set? GO! *continuous yelling* Are you okay? Oh my god! Naz got belted First place we have the lovely Sockie Norris This is not a very common thing one hundred fifty. Sabre, one hundred, Biggy has fifty Naz a great job with $25 Competitors. Are you ready to buy everything you need to stay at the Swim School for as long as you can set that was just a trial, just a trial I need to get there fast, to the escalator, then I need to block everyone No Bigs! What I’m gonna get, Legends, is I’m gonna get a sleeping bag Can you stop blocking us? I’m sick of it. Yay! He’s gonna get a penalty. I need to be the first to the store I was gonna buy a guinea pig Naz, man, you say that every time. You can’t buy a guinea pig. I don’t think I can even buy a guinea pig with 25 dollars. What should we talk about, holiday? No, Minecraft Hurry up, you only have 20 minutes So legends, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna buy a bunch of scary masks and then I’m gonna scare the girls I could some headphones so I don’t have to hear Biggy. Sticky date? Oh, they’re all like caramel flavours, they’re like my favourite. This might be the last time you see me. I see SLENDERMUM! *Continuos shouting* Legends, I just wanna say my last goodbye. Always do catch me knuckles! I’ve been a little bit bad lately; so I could get this card and I could write in it to say sorry to everyone. So I’m gonna get a kids sleeping bag Papa, this is for you. We just have to change the coolest to cringiest. I’m gonna ask Biggy what he thinks of my top. ‘Dad is my hero’. Since we are going to our Dad’s business, he doesn’t have beds there so I’m going to get a sleeping bag. I was just walking and like I just.. That’s such a good looking guy, dude Hi, man I don’t actually even know what I’m looking for. I’m just trying to go round the place thinking ‘Oh, what should I get? I’m honestly just in Sockie’s, like, territory with all the dressing gowns. And for some reason I always forget this legends, I need a trolley. Hey Legends, this is biggy the dinosaur here, I think this is definitely gonna scare those girls I feel like Ive been through a lot in life and I deserve a face mask this is gonna make the girls so scared because, there gonna go blind for a couple of seconds. What are you two doing umm, fashion let’s get a glitter-filled shower cap, ’cause I want to be fancy Biggs, you might lose your crush if you wear that NO, you see this is just my mask. this is how pretty I look on the outside, I mean handsome not pretty oh my gosh, I can get food for my hair, hair food Legends, I just found something that definitely going to get someone out of the challenge, this splat ball, Its a poo My gosh all these masks are all so creepy. I don’t know which one to get. So I feel like we will be at the swim school overnight. So I’m gonna bring an eye mask so I can sleep better legends. It’s not normally like me to get a nerf gun But I feel like if everyone’s gonna try and stay in this challenge because they want $1,000 so I need to do anything I can to get my competitors out. Biggy: This looks ok on me Maybe I should get nails you know how in movies you see grandma’s with curlers in there hair watch this panda dance biggy sings let It go mama: biggy, its belle not elsa I have a magic trick Biggy: Is it getting scared I think it can’t hurt us to get a massive box I’ll share it with mom No way are the other norris nuts as smart as me to get a sleeping bag innaudible innaudible aww I could get a dress for bunny Believe me from biggie to be the best youtuber ever kids, you know, I got a train, you know I’ve been training my siege packet last time I failed this time. I’m gonna go well Assessment tallying chocolates Our mama was 84 the Italian legend. So my auntie Mom and me have been fighting a little bit like me and our relationship hasn’t been gone with this So I’m gonna get my bucket challege with my own money from winning the companies. We’re not winning it hummingbird. I’m asking puppet bunny Mommy’s in worth is much T. Oh, yeah your budget forgot We’re gonna play a quick game. It could guess the price. How am I stuck in this box a chopper easy. How’d you know? Because the price line right there saver Time I’ve already got this and with our we’re atop this as my mom is the best she’s gonna definitely forgive me You know what teach and that’s it. Like I love my mom Yeah, that’s fine, thank you For your bad knees we didn’t have anything that like, you know, we’re quiet or like related. So I love my mom Sookie you’ve been a good pasta What’s ringing it quick Oh, how much did you spend nice? booty mojo budget 25 Her name is Sookie. She loves Tom model. Naki. Oh, yeah, that might be Some games in the car Yeah, so he can step into the swings good with you gotta come out I Was just trying me some nice like time the alarm off and just fully backfire on me I cannot believe what it’s like he needed playing it fit Like I didn’t I did walking dude place about my stuff do we get some stuff? I think so I can’t go back to her. It’s like she’s just doing like it’s all bad. Yeah Has a nerf gun, oh, maybe we could just take that one out Are you gonna tell you to get in that guy with like dole Justice being a little bit bad With my hundred fifty dollars and he’s been semi-sentient box of chocolates and a slime stressfully by sleeping bag wouldn’t they recess and Finally my nerf gun, which is sadly not With $100 I am spent sitting because I am responsible with their money. I bought Mm-hmm a bath bomb face, huh? I my face can pick the super Calculon and it’s ready. Oh, Just between you and me You know, I love scary Stable when you add movies for the compilation of all types of skin because I’ll be scared and be happy You’ve got it with so many times, but that’s just with my handsome face. Imagine. He’s gonna be with that creepy blue mask So I can’t who wants a cupcake I Was thinking we could play a game of pilot seat in the last person found wins a cupcake And I might hide here The best hiding spot ever we’re doing okay We have time to duck down So like she was I mean the cabin now, I think this is gonna be the winning hiding spot 61 62 106 and lollipops in the staff room That’s a BA when she was three and sucky when she was two I can suggest you with me I’m gonna talk about the holiday. I’m still trying to convince okie that going to America or like I overseas She’s still like a little bit, you know Scared but we’re getting there 502 Come on legends six wants and our stops Ready or not? I Bet you any money sake is in he eating lollies Sake nope. Okay. Nice lucky Like your dad okay, is it anyone in the kids area? No Like Rihanna, no, oh my goodness. Where’s the nurse nuts? Okay All right James but we see to squint that I got a feeling biggie will be here because he will think I Wouldn’t come in. He okay, no wrong again Legends see that door there. That’s where Naz ease let’s get off Nazi Nazi knives I’ve got to find the others So come back wherever you are I Am a hundred percent sure big E’s in this cupboard look he even left it open Good job Anyone in the cupboards, no Biggie he’s not in the capsule. Oh That’s I said, you might get a cake honey sock So q1. Yeah, it’s all yours Ball game Okay My Pepsi a personal ball myself I’m gonna try and speed bother me look good Yes, when we used to draw things when we were really little and this is hockey stick easy drew there’s a potato Pressing mama is a punk. He’s messing me Hey-oh Chuy’s get us online What nothing keep doing something strange? I can say you love your face. No not Where you’re gonna go easy you’re eating no not here no not The screen I think What the heck are you wearing? Oh where my shower cap because we’re gonna get for a swim. Oh, that’s dr. Kunze I didn’t even scare saver or he found the camera. I Bury any help With nice cause I’m sorry. I’m High Like my mom disband me from playing Minecraft like well, I’m into do like I’m really sad Why can I make it up to it like how I meant to make it up like I’m really sad So sorry about your video game center, oh, sorry I’m by It is patron rock high We’ll have to get dinner and be a little bit late there better be it would be not whoever loses you Since I got lemonade I’m on the way to get some dinner I decided to get KFC because we haven’t got that in a really long time who wants to do a challenge So We’re gonna cross the pool on that pink surfboard all the way across change of plans we’re going back and we’re gonna scare the Nacho, sauce out of the girls Me and slendermum just made it in now we are gonna, umm, scare the girls Can’t help her. Kenny said you go do it. Sorry. I need a Sockie has gone to the bathroom and Nazzy’s going pretty well. I’m not sure if that’s cheating Because she technically not fully in the pool Ok so, there they are getting off the surfboard, and while they are distracted I’m going to quickly duck down behind there and sneak my third chocolate. Will she get out or will she splat. She got out!! Oh, no, not my team wearing something, you know, okay. I’ve got to be a friend I know how I didn’t because there was a distracted but I’ve got the curry from the hall they realized I Think might be a pall over heating things up close to see body face. I wonder if I do what She actually is in the exact middle Oh, how’s he going to get Deena? Yeah I got you peez box of chocolates And it says for you on them It says me there because I feel like I feel like I’ve been my kind means I don’t mean to you know Yeah, and every time we can eat one you can think wow. I’m so lucky. I have a son that go Mia Bullough We have Thanked us balanced with breakfast pervert. It’s a plan because close looking so boy to like Having a swim in the pool and with a flashlight. Oh my gosh, the girls gonna have a blast Little boy biggie brainwave IG, we’re gonna do a little let’s say it’s gonna be a big prank of the girls We’re gonna get them hot ones. You just say the normal chicken nuggets and then their mouths are gonna burn Exact fire. Who’s that bang nothing? Look at how excited they out for the hot roads With baby in the crib, but one time So he lit my union sweet Hot-hot You see I didn’t feel for money Inside all day Okay, see but still think it’s a cake you can eat it just don’t tell the others That’s why I bought my achilles don’t get all like, you know built it Oh, Competition is whoever can spin the fastest underwater from this side all the way the other side of pool Choose anything they want to make you ask anything who you thinks gonna win? New Competitors. Are you ready? My goodness guys, it’s neck-and-neck Likewise, I think that’s is gonna wean Buness Miss you take some cookie for me Hook well I’m leaving now and hey pup. I want to have a table nourishing I’m so gonna go ping one or something’s gonna get too scared and they’re gonna leave it’s not a food thing not Look at that dog. It is You know a lot this whimsical Papa’s they weep them but I Just like I know I just want to be there to protect them. I got good toilet It’s all right. What? I just bring my flashlight. Don’t worry. It’s you spit too dark It’s fine I still go again I felt lonely because The girls thought he is sleeping with me and they know he’s sleeping with me. So I really miss them. She’s doing something strange He’s been acting suspicious all day So, can you okay? What are you doing, you know, that’s a chocolate I’m gonna help it. Oh my god saw I can’t Hotel mom, please I’ll leave you give me some jewel. Hey, why? Are you guys doing this is that Yeah, you mean to be this late now So chocolate Aziz Nestle You guys hear me trouble that’s not cool man, it’s like stealing Sorry this honey gray smiley sulky it’s not cool. He knows I’m messy trouble. This is any trouble you guys after that? Yeah, you don’t you be any more money

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