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welcome to our second vlog from NRF Expo. It’s been a really busy show, really interesting and got some insights to share with you some of these will be on further update on cognitive computing, use of augmented reality in the retail and hospitality sector use of RFID and NFC technology but by the customer and their mobile devices and finally smart glasses and use of picking in the warehouse. Hope you enjoy what we’ve got to show you we’re here in the innovation lab and we’ve seen some interesting takes on augmented reality. What we’ve seen is that use in the leisure and hospitality sector whereby you might check into a new hotel in an area that you don’t know what but you want to go to a restaurant so you could scan a local map and up pops information in terms of restaurants in the area the type of cuisine that you might want to select and then bringing in reviews and the ability to book online so whether you choose to use through augmented reality or just going to phone simply booked it yet to be seen but it’s an interesting take on visiting a new area. You go anywhere hopefully with a map you would start your experience by tapping on it, and then back all the way up follow me this way, now we’re looking at the city of Baltimore where we’re going to be you know staying for a while and then you would choose from there so you could say like oh I want to go get food so we put the eye there and you can tap it and then what you do is you do I want Italian food so we’ll do that it does is it will show you everything available to you and you can walk around the table you walk around the map and choose what you want but if you want to just go let’s see what pizzeria DeMarco is, so what it will tell you is everything put together so the amount of people that are going there that have used visa, yelp, travelocity, facebook and twitter the number of stars comparable between the sites and also the cost compared between the sites so and then you can also see it links up with Uber so if you want to book a car at the same time you can and then you would just put it on book here it would book it and then you’re ready to go. Everyone’s talking about that dress, that’s because it’s changing colours based on people are tweeting to the dress is making sense of emotions this is because IBM Watson is making sense of unstructured data and continually learning about what people are saying, making sense of data and interpreting a response the reason why it’s changing color is based on the emotions people outputting from their Tweets and the result can be seen behind me We’re currently showcasing our experiences solution. We’re currently embedding the NFC tags underneath these Spyder jackets this is where Li & Fung get involved because we’re the guys actually working with the factories currently currently working with 15,000 factories worldwide. we can we ensure that when this tag is embedded, it is actually coded to this specific product this works with your mobile phone just touch the tag, straight away when you touch it that content is going to be delivered now it’s not just basic content is literally like the products let’s say the catalog for example is a little bit more sophisticated than that so this content it can be all pulled down from different factors, so let’s say depending on your location, where you are, temperature, what time of day it is, possible for example Spyder you’re gonna be on the ski slope you’re gonna take that jacket you can find out a bit different ski conditions you can find out where your closest bar is and then also find out more social media content, and when people are tapping on those tags you also get the brand retailer analytics that go behind this so for example you can find hey this person is continuously tapping my jacket. Lots of times they have been shown the content that they have been receiving company receiving. Therefore we know there’s suddenly a cool kid or a brand ambassador, that retailer brand they can actually start giving specific content to these people knowing full well they’re gonna share it and really drive that brand message that they’re trying to do even invite them to, i don’t know, ski events let’s say so this is the type of content that would pop up say for the Spyder experience it’s all fully customisable and we work with their partner at the moment to create products that are your platforms so consumers can directly tap instead of going through third-party to get that content we’re here and seeing some smart lenses in action, used for the picking in the warehouse, what it uses is a head-up display to select your items and you can do this by using a connected handheld scanner or by visual sight and then check the items that you’re picking and then put them in the relevant bins it can then connect then know if you are putting them in the right bins, collecting the right product this removes the need for complex handheld devices devices, it’s more comfortable making it more efficient for your warehouse we hope you have enjoyed our roundups from NRF 2017 bringing you the latest in retail technology if you’re interested in anything that we’ve highlighted at the show then get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it further thanks

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