Launching a Web-based Business

BEN TYSON: Hello, and welcome
to 2016 here in the Google Small Business Community. My name is Ben Tyson
and it’s the new year, so it’s time to start
that new business. With that in mind, we’ve
invited small business expert and author, Julie
Gordon White, to give us her best tips and tricks
for business planning. Julie, thanks so
much for being here. JULIE GORDON WHITE: Ben,
it’s great to be here. BEN TYSON: Can you tell us
a little bit about yourself? JULIE GORDON WHITE: Sure. Well, I’ve had the privilege
of working with thousands of small business owners
over the last 12 years in my mergers and
acquisitions firm. And then also with
my book, “Exit– 12 Steps to Sell Your Business
for the Price You Deserve.” And then my company, The
WELL, for women entrepreneurs, where I have an online
program called Accelerate. BEN TYSON: Awesome. Well, today we’re going
to talk about starting a web-based business. And what’s interesting is
obviously doing business online is easier than ever and more
important than ever as well. But what’s interesting is the
global entrepreneur monitor says that 75% of
millennial entrepreneurs use the internet to sell
their products and services. So a question for
you would be how can a new web-based business
carve out their own slice of the web to be successful? JULIE GORDON WHITE: Yeah. Well, you would think you would
always want to cast a big net. But actually, online, you
want to go narrow and find your raving fans. People who love that thing
that you do so you can really rise above and
not just be caught in all the noise
that’s out there, because there’s a lot of
things happening on the web. So you’ve got to be specialized. For example, let’s say you
offer graphic design services and you create logos online. And so instead of just saying,
I create graphic design for everybody, come over
here, what if you said, I do graphic design for
authors of business books. Now if you’re an author
of a business book, would you gravitate to that
person or someone who just says, hey, I do graphic design? So be really specific so you
can really surface your raving fans, and that’s what’s going
to give you a lot of traction and attention. And then you’re going to use
those keywords over and over with your Google
Analytics to really make sure you’re paying
attention to the people who want those same words. Who are buying with those words. So it’s really, really
powerful to narrow your focus. Find your raving fans. Use keywords and hash
tags over and over so people can find you. BEN TYSON: Cool, and
I think that sales is a little bit different
in web-based businesses. So how do you use a sales
funnel to achieve success for a web-based small business? JULIE GORDON WHITE:
Sales funnels are all the rage
and really cool. I mean, sales funnels
have always been around, but they’ve been more manual. But now you can use automation
really inexpensively to move a lead all the way from
initial interest where they might download or give you
their email address, which is like money online–
your email address. So you can nurture them and
offer them things all the way until they become
a buying customer. And then if they
don’t buy right away, then they can be a part of
your ongoing email campaign. So basically, a sales
funnel takes a lead and moves them automatically
through your business until they become a
customer or opt out. It’s like having a 24-hour sales
force when you’re not there. It’s really awesome. BEN TYSON: Well, it sounds
like within all that, you have to have some pretty
interesting or unique content. So with that in mind, how do
you use strategic online content to drive traffic? JULIE GORDON WHITE:
Well, the keyword, Ben, is strategic, especially
when people are producing content or blogging, writing. They might just
write about, oh, what do I feel about
writing about today? Which is great, but it’s
better if you really are focused and strategic
about what you want someone to do after they read it. So based on this
content, you want it to be in alignment with
the service or the product that you’re offering so
it gets the reader to take that next inspired step. To go further in your funnel. BEN TYSON: Very
good, and do you have any cautionary tales from
web-based small businesses starting out? JULIE GORDON WHITE: Yeah,
it’s really interesting. There’s a lot of
gurus online teaching you this is the
best way to do it and this is the
best way to do it. So I would say do your
research, do your homework. Find two or three
people that you really feel that you can
trust, who are already successful in your area,
and then follow them. Otherwise, if you
start listening to every person,
every shiny object, you just get
distracted, and then sort of the paralysis of too
much information sets in. So just focus on a
couple of gurus, and just really make sure that you’re
making traffic flow to you because without traffic, you
just don’t have a business. You don’t have customers. So finding that way to keep
the traffic coming, flowing. Whether it’s through paid ads
like Google ads or social media ads, or organic traffic
through content. Gotta have that traffic. BEN TYSON: So no too many
cooks in the kitchen. That’s the goal, right? JULIE GORDON WHITE:
That’s right. Exactly! I love it. BEN TYSON: To sum
all this up, what is one thing that you want every
small business owner to know before they get started? JULIE GORDON WHITE: Yeah. You know, you’ve
got to think big, especially if you’re on the web. The whole world is
potentially– although, after you’ve narrowed down. But still, there’s
millions of people that could be your raving fan. So think big, think big. But start where you are. Don’t get overwhelmed
by the fact that you could potentially
have hundreds of thousands of customers right
out of the gate. Do the very next best step to
move your business forward. And then remember, whether
you’re on the web or in person, you’ve got to sell, sell,
market, sell, sell, sell, market some more so you
can stay in business and go all the way to your big
success that you’ve dreamed of. BEN TYSON: Fantastic. And if you want to
learn more from Julie, you can join her free
webinar every Wednesday at 10:00 AM Pacific called
“The 21 Day Business Plan.” We’ll also post more
details in communities on how you can sign up. Julie, thank you so
much for being here. JULIE GORDON WHITE:
Great to be here. Thank you. BEN TYSON: Absolutely, and
thank you for watching. As always, all of our content
is available at, and follow us on Twitter,
Facebook, LinkedIn, and of course, Google+. Until next time, I’m Ben Tyson. Thank you so much
for joining us here in the Google Small Business
Community, the place where you go to get the help you
need to succeed on the web.

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  1. "my business" forces you to put an address on there. it's my home address. I have a b2b service business, not a brick n mortor business. there's no indication, from an online company ironically, of how to remove a physical address.

  2. This is an AMAZING video it really is an eye opener for us because we are starting our web based business!

  3. I have a Wedding Planning/Information Business and a Frangrance/Wedd Dresses, Suppulies, etc. Called: "His and Hers" for now may change later. I also operate a Store called, " UlitmateWebDeals".com

  4. September 1, 2016 is very Lucky for me, Truth be told. Never have I seen such a beauty speaker like Julie solving small business issues at ease and simply comprehensible even to a non-native poor English Speaker surviving to keep their heads above water in Bangladesh.
    I believe at least I have many things to learn from Google Small Business and hopefully from the smart lady Julie.

    Thanks Google and its Bless-wings
    Mehedi Hasan Zaysun

  5. google is the proper way in giving solutions to manage a small businesses and to rise up into large .

  6. google is the proper way in giving solutions to manage a small businesses and to rise up into large .

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