Launchpad: Automate ecommerce campaigns, flash sales, and product drops

It’s the
busiest time of year. With new products to
release, events to schedule, and sales to manage, your to-do list is getting long. Caffeine-fuelled
all-nighters are the norm. And you wish you could put
the manual tasks on autopilot. Now you can with Launchpad,
an ecommerce automation tool that lets you schedule, monitor, and manage events on your Shopify store. In a matter of minutes you
can automate your to-do list, eliminating sleepless nights. Schedule front-end customizations
to drive conversion, creating a great customer experience from product page to checkout. You can also track
performance in real-time to better understand customer behavior, so you can focus on making
your customers happy and boosting revenue. Now you can sleep knowing
Launchpad is awake. (dinging) Stop worrying, and start selling.

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