Lawyer Internet Marketing: Google My Business Category Selection for 2019

Hey guys, its Andy Stickel again. One quick way that you can increase
your rankings in the Google Maps is to make sure that you have the correct
category selected for your law firm. We’ve seen law firms jump several spots,
even into the top three, just by selecting the correct categories. In Google My Business
you have a primary category and then you have secondary categories. The primary category should be
your main practice areas, such as personal injury or family law. We typically then select other categories
that are also relevant to the firm. We pretty much know
the appropriate categories at this point for each of our clients, but if you’re not sure what the categories are,
all you have to do is click the “pencil” icon and then type the word “attorney”, and that’ll bring up the list of
everything that you could look at. Some of these are really specific,
but some are also pretty generic. There’s categories like
legal services, law firm, lawyer. We even select general practice attorney
and civil law attorney for anyone that doesn’t do criminal offense,
just cause it’s an extra category you can add. Once you have these categories selected, it’s a good idea to try to include the words
on all the important pages of your website. And what that does is
it further solidifies them and it basically ties those pages
to your Google My Business listing. We found this works really well to increase
the presence of our clients in the Google Maps, and it’s something that really takes
no technical ability whatsoever and anybody can do. So give it a shot, let me know how it works for you, if you have any questions, let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Lawyer Internet Marketing: Google My Business Category Selection for 2019

  1. Andy, what do you mean when you say add these words to every page of your website? Do you mean in the copy on each page? Thanks for the clarification!

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