L’e-commerce est dans le pré (with English subtitles)

I love walking in the countryside. I walk for between an hour to an hour and a half and sometimes I pick some flowers. When I was living in large cities,
the way of life there bothered me. Life was too fast-paced all I wanted was to return to the countryside. I love that, in the evening for example, if I don’t know what to eat, I can just pick a tomato or two from the garden and make myself a salad. I live about 4 km from a small village called Molières. Luckily, there’s a small grocery store in the village. Even better, it’s an old-fashioned one. I like being by myself. I also enjoy company I’m not a lone-wolf, but I also like being by myself. I don’t get bored. I do crossword puzzles, watch TV, read…
I read a lot. I started shopping online when I was living in Creuse. When I want something I have it
within 2 days, sometimes 3. And I know I don’t have to stock up on lots of things. It’s perfect for me. A lot of people are rather isolated in the country. We might be the only people they see that day so it’s nice to stay and have a chat
for 5 or 10 minutes and make them happy. I order nappies for my grandson, the youngest one. I order grain for my other grandson’s, Sacha’s, chickens, and cat food. I love coming to grandma’s. So we opened the parcel and he was happy. He got a kite in the shape of a dragon. But he couldn’t make it fly. But at grandma’s, there’s always plenty of space. Sometimes things are tough, just like for everyone, we all more or less have moments like that. But when something does go wrong you just have to think that tomorrow’s a new day and eventually whatever’s wrong today will be fine tomorrow. I’m definitely an optimistic person,
so I should enjoy life myself as well.

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