Lead Forensics – track your online marketing activity with this website lead generation tool

We chose Lead Forensics because we were investing
in a new website and we wanted some intelligence to find out who was actually going on to that
website from the company perspective as oppose to sort of raw numbers of how many people
go on to the website. Well Lead Forensics helps drive return on
investment because we can really focus our sales activity much better, so rather than
phoning or contacting lots of different companies who we think maybe has an interest in what
we have to offer we can contact companies who we know have some form of interest because
they’ve been on to our website. It kind of goes one step further for us because
it tells us the terms that people have used to actually go on to the website so how they
found our website, so when we call them we know what sort of product area they’re really
interested in and that in itself really has given us a great return on investment because
we can just be as I say much more focused with our sales activity. There’s a variety of areas of Lead Forensics
that gives us a lot of value, particularly personally I really like the real time updates
because we can see who’s on the website at different times and if they’re the sort of
company that we want to be talking to. I think in this day and age Lead Forensics
is a real essential part of our marketing toolkit because things are very competitive
now in our sector and we need to not only attract new prospects all the time to become
clients but we need to retain our clients too and I find that Lead Forensics allows
us to spot when a current client has been on our website so when we call them we know
that they’ve probably got a project in mind that they’re considering us for, so it’s the
right time to call. But also with the other marketing activity
that we do we can trace where it’s actually having an effect, for example we send a direct
mail brochure or we send someone one of our newsletters we can see if those people have
actually been onto our website following that activity.

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