Legal Marketing – Still working with keywords your website

Alright, you’re adding content to your website
but not watching bounce rates and fixing issues, you’re obsessed with ranking, with keywords
that don’t even bring in the perfect clients. It’s very expensive to get rated in any town
for bloc personal injury attorney. Really Expensive. Would you rather pay all that money
to say, “Look, I have arrived,” and there’s no one there except the worst people in the
world, the people who watch Judge Judy all day. They don’t have any insurance. They are
not your perfect clients. They’re not typing that in. Ok, so don’t be obsessed with that.
You keep doing the wrong thing but don’t even know it. React quickly to pages that are bringing
in traffic. you already know what pages you’re getting because Google Analytics tells you,
and if you’re a DSS client, DSS tells you what your top pages are and if it’s sucking
or not, and we tell you what to do to fix it. Know which keywords are converting and
which are not and prove your strategy when necessary. Alright, now I just said this:
look at your Analytics, improve your landing pages that have high bounce rates, stop focusing
on keywords that aren’t attracting the right clients, and then, you thought it would be
easy. The number one mistake: “You thought it would be easy to do web marketing.” I’m
a lawyer right? Cause being a lawyer is so easy! Couldn’t I just be lawyer if I wanted
to? So I go to you and I say, “Hey Scott, I want you to do my probate thing.” You tell
me, “Oh it’s 5 grand.” What? I’ll do it myself. I’ll go on the internet, I’ll go to, what
is it? Legal Zoom? They’ll get my shit, fill out my paperwork, waste hours, days, months,
doesn’t work. Ok? It ain’t easy. Do you see the entire, I did this for a reason, not for
vanity but so you guys could see the team it takes to run a successful web marketing
program. It’s a big team. I mean just like you guys have team members. Ok, no one told
you you would actually have to spend time and money to get those perfect clients and
you’re still waiting for the easy button. The easy button of the internet has come and
gone, ok? All the keyword stuffing, all that stuff has come and gone. It’s backed down
to the big thing which is content. Alright, you need to recognize that it takes work but
the rewards are worth it. So what if it takes you 6 months of adding content and conversion
if you sign a $7 million case and you don’t have to work for years. So what if it took
you six months of adding content and you had to stay up late? Think of the prize! The award!

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