Lego 40145 Lego Brand Retail Store Exclusive Set

Hi everyone, thanks for watching! I’ve got a really cool Lego set that I’d like to show you today which is a promo set that I got when I went to the opening of the Lego store in London’s Leicester Square. It is set Lego 40145 Lego Brand Retail Store and it’s an exclusive set because they’re only given away at the grand opening of LEGO stores which means they are rare and if you want to get hold of one you’ve got to go to the opening and queue to get in there early but that’s what I did and I’m really happy that I did that because this looks absolutely fantastic. The set is really cool and is easily one of my favorite sets. In fact, it is probably my favorite promo set. I really like the facade of the Lego Shop. It has Brickley the dragon on it and it looks like he’s working his way through the store. His mouth even opens as well which is really nice. He does look cool. They actually have Brickley in the Leicester Square store but he’s on the inside of the building not the outside. I’m not sure why that is but even so it looks really good. The windows are nice. The Lego sign here is actually a sticker – unfortunately it’s not a printed piece which kind of sucks but the set does have a nice little bit of sidewalk. There is no street lamp like you get with the City Square set, which is set number 60097, but nevermind it is no big deal. There are some really nice window displays as well. The sides and and the back of the store are not that exciting really, it’s just plain white but let’s take a look at the inside. I really like how they’ve made this open up and you can also take the roof pieces off as well to make it easier to look inside and access it and there’s a few pieces which can come out as well. Let’s start on the left over here. It’s laid out pretty much like a real LEGO Shop would be. It’s got a yellow area in the middle and I put some of the spare pieces in this box here. I guess this is meant to represent the part of the store where you can sit down and build what ever you want using the pieces they have got there but this looks really nice and as always I love the birds when they are brick built like this. Over here is a brick built aeroplane and a brick built house which look really nice and there’s a red brick display here. Just over here I put a trans-clear stud with a flat plate on top. It is not actually part of the instructions to do that but I had quite a lot of pieces left over so I’ve used it there and I put some pieces in the box or the basket here as well. I think it looks really cool. On the other side there is a cash register with one minifigure and originally I put this person behind the counter thinking she was a salesperson but actually it’s just a customer. There’s nothing particularly exciting about her. She’s got a printed blouse and a hairpiece which I think is from the Detective’s Office set which is set number 10246 in the Lego Creator line. I don’t think this minifig is particularly rare. She’s got a little brick-built shopping bag which is quite nice but I’ve seen something similar in the City Square set but anyway I’m not keen on the minifigure so let’s put her aside. At the back we have this really cool Pick a Brick Wall full of Legos which looks fantastic and I know that in most of the stores that I’ve been to the Pick a Brick Wall is right behind the cash registers like it is here so this looks really good. It was a bit of a pain to build and to put together but it looks really nice now that it’s done. There are a couple of jars and containers at the front a little printed till piece as well. The sides will come out so let’s take a good look at those. These are meant to represent some some shelves with some boxes of Lego on them and I like that they have put a little window space and the circles to represent the displays that they have in the real stores. They do actually have it laid out like that which is really cool and if you look closely there’s a sticker for LEGO Creator sets, LEGO Ninjago sets, LEGO Friends sets, for LEGO City sets and also one for LEGO Juniors sets too. The idea with this is that you can take one of bricks off and then you can have your minifig holding the box like that which is a pretty cool. It looks nice and effective. Something else I like as well which is not a major deal but I still think it’s pretty cool and I don’t think they do this in real lego shops but when you close the shop and put it together at the top you can see it’s got a yellow two-by-four lego brick style which looks really cool. It has got some yellow trans-clear plates on top which look really nice. It does have a bit of the sidewalk on the front with a little mosaic here and if you open both sides this is rather plain but it is supposed to be just the back of the building. There is a little bit of space there for your customers to walk along to get in to the shop if you want to display it that way but I guess most people want it this way because it looks absolutely fantastic like that. I do have from the LEGO City Square set which has a brick built lego shop which is this one and although you don’t get much sidewalk in this one you do get street lamp which is nice and a bit more detail on roof. The inside is pretty similar but not as as exciting really but even so it’s quite nice. So I’ve got two brick built stores in my city and this one is definitely my favourite! OK that sums up my quick look at the set. I hope you like it, I certainly do! I think it’s gonna look really good in my lego city. I haven’t decided yet exactly where I’m going to place it but i’m sure make a little Lego City Update video so you guys can see where I place it too. So, if you like this video please remember to hit Like if you liked it or dislike if you didn’t like it and leave a comment if you like. It would be good to hear what you think about this promo set particularly because it’s quite rare and exclusive, and as always please don’t forget to hit subscribe if you think I’ve earned it! Alright, thanks a lot for watching! Bye! :o)

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4 thoughts on “Lego 40145 Lego Brand Retail Store Exclusive Set

  1. Great set……shame about the stickers and the boring looking customer. Would have been so much better with a Lego employee minifig and printed tiles.
    The Leicester Sq store is on my 'must see' list when I next get down to London. Hopefully sometime during 2017 lol

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