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Enterprise Web Portals. Building your business in Internet Worldwide organizations make their business grown in Internet with Liferay Team sites, websites, or full enterprise portals. With Liferay you will build your solution quickly and seamlessly. We chose the Liferay platform because all the market references, the partner support available… …and all the benefits that the last release brought like the Document Library, the easy administration and above all, the quick deployment of portals It has become a product of reference leader that competes with the big players in the market and, from my point of view, it surpasses them For any kind of business We have not only users and customers for whom the features offered by Liferay are just what they need But also, those customers that have projects more specific, so there isn’t any product that fits to their needs So, it’s an ideal solution to start working with a platform that allows you to build what you really wanted in much more less time Liferay Portal. Customized web platforms with the most avanced technology Whatever your needs are Intranets, procurement portals, customer portals Management portals for technical support services We built our Intranet, and as we are a multinational firm, it has extended from Spain to the rest of the world offices Content management, user management, social networks, team sites… More than 70 tools out-of-the-box… Intranet is a very important project for us to support all our employees needs Basically, we have three main user groups: administrative services staff, teachers, and students and each group has access to profiled information and additionally, they have access to a set of tools via a single and unified identity Liferay was the solution that more features offered and that better fitted our needs The fact that it is a very versatile tool was key in our decision Ready for the future Take advantage of a flexible and modular architecture to make your projects evolve according to your needs It’s a plataform very easy to develop with It allows you to extend the platform and even collaborate with it We can work seamlessly as it integrates perfectly with our infraestructure It’s not only what we’ve already achieved Now we have a platform ready for the future that can provide a full set of web 2.0 features It’s an Open Source product very extendible You won’t have limits to extend its features and adapt it to your needs in the future A clever investment Its strongly extendible so your investment is guaranteed since it’s open source and moreover, you can adapt it to your needs whatever they are Local support, training and consulting services… Having a company that provides official support gives us security and serenity from the beginning of the project Our own experience is really positive not only because of the product but also for all the partners that work and develop with it …and a connected worlwide community You can see that everyone contributes and this is something that is diferent from other existing communities and tools Every year we held a Symposium attended by hundreds of people from all the ecosystem where conversations and communication are stablished impacting hugely in the evolution of the product Growing together The product is developed and built in a totally open way This is a model much more participative where a lot of users and developers are working with the product they participate in an open discussion And that perhaps this is one of the reasons why every time we launch a new release the feedback that we get is “That’s exactly what I wanted!” “How did you know it?!” Well, the answer is: “Because you told us” Liferay. Build your Business in Internet

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