LinkedIn Marketing Strategy 2019 [Small Business Ultimate Plan]

– We love LinkedIn
because it is the most fun platform to be on. – What?
– Okay, it’s really, really not, but it is havin’
a resurgence in popularity at the moment, and we’re seein’ people with smaller audiences gettin’ huge, huge awareness on LinkedIn
by using some of the tips we are about to show you. – Plus, when you’re makin’
master Ls from LinkedIn it will be more fun, we promise. So let’s dive in and map
out your LinkedIn strategy. – We’re gonna start basic and build up, but step one is to optimise your profile for increased visibility. – Well obviously, everyone says that. But seriously, when did you actually last update your profile, be honest? Two years ago, wasn’t it? I know what you did last summer. – Wasn’t update your profile. 99% of LinkedIn profiles are out of date. That is a non-official official fact. So update it, put links to your website and how to contact you, you can have video in your profile now. Put in all your education background. LinkedIn will hound you,
and hound you, and hound you until you have that all-star
profile status, so get it now. – And for God’s sake,
get a decent headshot. These kind of photos are not gonna be good for your LinkedIn profile, okay? Trust us, we tried it, we got banned. – Really want to update our headshot with one of these now
just to see what happens. (lightly laughing) Deal.
– No. – Let us know in the comments if you think we should
update our headshots with one of those, we’re not gonna do it. Finally, make sure your
headline includes a key word that explains what you actually do. Doin’ this alone has
increased the amount of times that we get found in search over 1,400%. We did the maths on that one. Believe it or not,
people do actually search LinkedIn to find people, who’d a thunk it? – That’s a thing. (lightly laughing) Part two is to grow your network. You need to grow your
following consistently with targeted followers. – Connections?
– Connections. – Connections you’re goin’ with. Get in the habit of immediately
adding people on LinkedIn that you meet maybe offline at events, or even online on other
social networkin’ platforms. An app that we use to
love to use for reminders to do stuff is the Braintoss app. – And did you know that
when you are at events you can turn on location settings in your LinkedIn app and it will show you other users in the area
that you can connect to. – I actually did not
know that, makin’ notes. – I’ve got so many more
connections than you. – Shut up, it’s not a competition. – Another thing you can do is to connect your email provider to LinkedIn to find people that you should
already be connected to. This always throws up some surprises. Oh my God, I can’t believe
I’m not connected to you, aw. You can have one of those moments. – And finally, if LinkedIn
is your go-to place, remember to never miss a trick in linkin’ people back to your profile. Make sure the link is
visible on your website. On your about page and
your email signature. If you’re doin’ any guest blogs make sure you link ’em back to
your LinkedIn profile there. And actually call action, tellin’ people to go and connect with you. And a pro tip here is to call action, telling them to let you
know where they found you. For example, if you are
on a podcast episode and the host says let people know where they can go find
you, say I would love it if you would connect with me on LinkedIn. And when you send your connection request let me know that you
found me on this podcast. – Part three is to create status updates that starts conversations. The biggest change we’ve seen in LinkedIn is the algorithm, and it’s awesome. Because the feeds aren’t
quite as busy as Facebook you have this huge
opportunity to capitalise on the algorithm of LinkedIn
to get huge amounts of reach. – We recently did a post
about whether it was okay to smoke in business meetings, and this post got over 100
comments and 100,000 views. Basically, post content
that starts a conversation and you will get a huge amount of reach. – Our friend Janet Murray calls these types of posts grenade posts. – Boom.
(exploding bomb) – Boom.
(fire igniting) She knows that they’re gonna a stir, she knows that they’re gonna have people with strong opinions arguing for either side of the argument, and she knows that that
will get lots of comments, lots of interaction, and
lots and lots of reach. But she does this in a really clever way. So rather than taking sides
she just shows both sides of the argument and asks
people what their side is. Very clever. – When it comes to the content medium too, it’s always good to
test what works for you, but a lot of people are reporting that text-only posts on LinkedIn
are killing it right now, as well as video content
which is fairly new at the time of recording. – Part four is to add value
via LinkedIn Publisher. LinkedIn Publisher offers
you yet another opportunity to get more visibility from your following in a way that can be a
little bit more long form than just the standard status update. If LinkedIn is a serious platform for you then we would highly recommend creating content for LinkedIn Publisher. Or if not, even just repurposing your blog content via the publisher. – One of the things Neil Patel suggests is posting half of your
blog to LinkedIn Publisher. And at the end of that
blog, posting a link that says continue reading which
then links to your website. Now we’re not sure if
this is a genius idea or just a really, really annoying idea, so let us know in the comments
what you think of that one. – Part five is to be proactive
about building relationships. Get into the habit of commenting
on other peoples’ content. Even if you don’t know them, this is the only surefire
way that you can guarantee you’re going to be engaging
with your potential prospects. Besides, if you do that then
they’re much more likely to reciprocate whenever
they see your post. And after all those grenade posts you’ve been throwin’ out
there, they’re gonna see it. – Now LinkedIn has removed
the relationships tab for the free account,
so if you think someone is a good prospect then
it might be a good idea to add them to some kind of CRM system to remind you to keep followin’ up and engaging with that person. And a popular one that a lot
of people love is Nimble. – Another bonus tip here is to
actually use LinkedIn search to search for business
queries or prospects that are asking about
your services right now. You can dive in and comment right away. You might actually find leads in sales right now, today doin’ that. – Whoa. We’re gonna put a link to
an awesome article below, written by John Esperian,
which talks more about this. Go check it out, it rocks. – Part six is to take it private, oh la la.
– Ho ho ho. – Using an almost exact
copy of our Twitter strategy over in this video, you
can start moving people directly into your direct messages, your inbox on LinkedIn. And this is where the most serious, detailed conversations
happen to build that rapport, build the relationship and lead to sales. – On this point, check out what Carlos Gil has to say on this subject on one of the latest
episodes of our podcast. – I tell you, this podcast
has been almost been as painful as a rectal exam, like all the questions
you guys have asked. – Sorry, wrong clip
there Carlos, wrong clip. Put the right tape in Pete. – Sorry, here’s the real one. – I think a lot of the conversations that you don’t see happening
that occur in the inboxes and the DMs, you know, in direct messaging on these various platforms, that’s where the magic happens. You know there’s people that
consume all of our content, but how do you know if
they’re really engaged? I truly don’t think that a retweet or a click of a button is
a true form of measurement. I think that if someone
wants to do business with you they’re gonna find a way to
reach out directly to you. Those are the people
that you really should keep your eye on, you
should always be making sure that you’re checking your
inboxes in a constant basis. – Part seven is to fill your funnel. – Actually Pete, could you just say that in a bit more douchey
internet marketer style, just for me please?
– Oh yeah, sure. You better fill your funnel. Conversion, conversion, conversion. – Jokes aside, we still
love email marketing in a GDPR-infested world. So what we would definitely recommend is downloading your
contact list of LinkedIn and just addin’ them to
your email service provider. Okay no, sorry, I’m jokin’,
I’m jokin’, I’m jokin’. Do not do that, do not do that. – Do not do that, but if
you are providing value on LinkedIn natively then feel free to also post on there
links to your webinars, to your lead magnets,
and to your sales pages. If you’re already giving
value on LinkedIn, once you post sales messages
or links to webinars, or articles, or lead magnets, people are much more
likely to respond to it. – Also, feel free to directly ask people if they would like to
stay in contact via email. Not to strangers, that is weird, but to people that you have
built a relationship with that you think would actually get value from your email marketing. – Let us know if you’re
enjoying LinkedIn these days. And if you’ve got a tip
that we haven’t shared, why not pop it in the comments as well so everyone else can learn from that too. – We’ve got one more bonus
tip comin’ up for you, but I have been Andrew, – I’ve been Pete. – Make sure you have
subscribed to this channel and all your dreams will come true. – One more bonus tip. In the description below we’ve put a link to find out your social selling
index score for LinkedIn. This is an actual metric from LinkedIn, but take it with a pinch of salt because it does pair in to their strategy where they’re tryin’ to get you
on to their premium package. – However, it is completely free and it will tell you
how well you are doin’ based on criteria that
LinkedIn deems important. So if you are scoring low
on any of those criteria, that could be a great place to start. – It’s a buy from him. – And it’s a buy from him. – See ya.
(lightly laughing) (upbeat funk music)

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15 thoughts on “LinkedIn Marketing Strategy 2019 [Small Business Ultimate Plan]

  1. Hi Andrew Pete or should that be Pete and Andrew?

    Perhaps I'm being totally thick here but I could not find your link to YOUR LinkedIn on your website!

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  2. With regards to following Neil Patel's suggestion, he's not exactly the most trustworthy person to listen to in the online world, so I'd be wary about following his advice.

  3. Good work, guys. Regarding the articles thing, I'd paste in the full article and end with a sentence that includes a link back to the original (to help Google and other search engines understand the source content to rank).

    Top tip: don't add links directly to your LinkedIn posts, as this will kill engagement. Instead, use my workaround, which will get you 90–95% of the reach you would have got by not including a link at all:

  4. Hello, dear Andrew and Pete! I LOVE that you're finding it useful to spend more time on LinkedIn! I spend a lot of time in LinkedIn training and coaching because my clients are lawyers and their legal marketers in business firms, so LinkedIn is used more than any other site. I personally use all of the main sites, but find all of the same points that you have mentioned to be true. To answer your question about just posting a portion of a blog post in Publisher, inviting people to follow you "home," I wouldn't do that. We need to meet people where they are, and, at that moment, that is on LinkedIn. It's easy enough to add a paragraph bio that links people back to our sites, or to hyperlink the graphics we place within the articles that could lead people back to our sites. I just sent both of your invitations to connect because I just KNOW you want more of me on more social media, right!! (Haha) 😉 Hugs to both of you!

  5. Great Vid, I would suggest getting your connections that you have worked with to recommend you. 🙂

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  7. Great video guys. Just had a question, I have a personal profile as I'm both employed and self-employed. I also set up a company profile which is linked to my personal profile, but I don't think anyone is viewing the company profile! Should I just post about my business (e.g. blog posts) from my personal profile instead? Thanks 🙂

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