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Hi, I’m Tricia Clements with MuttButs.com. Today I want to talk to you about local SEO
and your business. Local SEO that is what you want to focus on. If you have business that services a local
Geographic area, so you can be either brick and mortar store that people come into or
you can be business that service a geographic location whether your service business or
someone that goes to your clients locally. Your focus is in that local geographic area. For instance, I often catch Margi on the phone
searching for “dog treats near me” and she come in finds different places in the
area that have dog treats. She’s looking in Marietta, Georgia for dog
treats. But what happens if let’s say when we went
on our tiny house vacation Sebring, Florida, she got my phone and she was online looking
for “Dog treats near me”, she’s looking for dog treats there in Sebring and not here
in Marietta. Well, on your phone most people have their
location turned on and Google can tell where you are. Because of that it’s going to pick up that
she’s searching there. You could also – when people are searching,
they’ll open the map and say find things in this area. People are going to be searching online looking
for different things and if they’re searching in your area for your type of business that’s
when you want to come up and you want to make sure that you are coming up on those search
results and that’s called “LOCAL SEO (Search Engine Optimization)”. One of the most important things for that
is Google My Business, setting up and optimizing your Google My Business account. Over 46% of all searches online have local
intent meaning that when people are searching on google or the other search engines, they
are searching for something local in their geographic area. They’re not looking for something across
the country or just anywhere, they’re looking for something whether they’re going to go
in and get it or service they’re going to call and ask about, they’re looking for
local businesses. You want to make sure business comes up. Google My Business – you have got to claim
that account it is really crucial for a local business to claim your local Google My Business
account. It’s going to allow you to input all the
information for your business’s name, address, phone number. Google may already have that in there but
let’s say you move or let’s say there’s something that’s not exactly right about
it, you can correct it and update it. You can also put links to different areas
of your site. If you have a menu, there will be a different
place. If you schedule appointments, you have a place
to put that in. If you haven’t claimed it you don’t have
access to that. Another thing about claiming your account
is REVIEWS. You can actually go in and reply to reviews. You should be replying to every single reviews
on your Google My Business account whether it’s a positive review – thank the reviewer
for coming by and letting them know that you appreciate the review. If you have a negative review, you also need
to reply to that so that people know that you are there, that you are addressing any
concerns that people have. So, make sure that you are in, looking at
your account – optimizing it, complete everything. All the questions that google ask on your
Google My Business account – answer them and post weekly. This is where you have an opportunity to go
in and basically have free advertising space and post about your specials, your promotions,
anything you’ve got going on to draw attention to you and your business. Now, google has something called “The 3-Pack”,
what that is that when someone is searching on google the top 3 searches come up – results
come up with the map that’s called the 3 pack. Now, every business area is different whether
or not it is going to be really easier, really hard to come up with that 3-pack. What you want to do is your category of business
that you’re in – search that on Google and see what comes up, take a look at them. If they got some really good Google My Business
accounts, lots of reviews, lots of information in there it maybe harder, it’s not impossible
but it’s going to take a lot more work to do. However, if you search for your category and
find the ones coming up have a lot of low star reviews, doesn’t have many – either
it doesn’t have many reviews at all or the reviews they comes up with a lower like a
2 or 2 and a half or 3 you can go in and do a lot of things to optimize your account and
to tell people what you do, respond reviews, ask for reviews – respond to reviews, when
you ask for reviews do NOT give compensations, Google does not allow that and you’re not
want to do that just ask for reviews. You’ve got costumers they’re really happy
with you, they will be more than happy to leave you a good review and also, specially
for dog businesses, tell them to post pictures of their pets with their review that’s going
to really help it as well. If you got a business and you’re in a category
in your area that doesn’t have very many businesses that come out there in the 3-pack
that have lots of good reviews you have an opportunity there to really get your business
in that 3- pack. So, here’s the take away. Make sure you claim your Google My Business
account, it’s crucial for local business that service a geographical location. Claim that account, optimized it, post to
it weekly. If you have questions about Google My Business
and local SEO let me know I can definitely help you with that I have several upcoming
presentations in the Atlanta area and also, I have a free consult you can click on and
I can talk to you about your business’s local SEO needs. I’m Tricia Clements with MuttButs.com. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon!

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