Local Video Marketing – Online Video Marketing For Small and Local Business

Hey, guys! What’s up? It’s Brandon from
SoldWithVideo.com here and today we’re on site at the Flying High Pet Resort in Camarillo.
But I want to take a moment and show you guys how to set up an affordable yet effective
and powerful online video marketing campaign for your local or small business. So let’s
jump right into it. When it comes to video marketing for local
and small businesses, most people don’t know where to begin. They think they need
to hire a videographer. They think they need to pay thousands of dollars for a video ad,
and that’s just not the case. And there are two problems I see with hiring a videographer.
One: they’re going to come in and charge you thousands of dollars to produce one video
ad. And the second problem is they’re not going to know how to market that video. They’re
not going to know how to use that video to get you more customers, leads, sales or even
Facebook likes and Yelp reviews. And yes, all of those things are possible with the
proper local and small business video marketing. And in this video I’m going to show you
guys two tips on how you can get affordable yet powerful video ads made for your small
or local business that will be less than half the price for hiring a videographer. And at
the end of this video I’m going to give you guys one bonus tip on how to use those
videos to get more Facebook likes. So be sure to stay tuned until the end. And the first tip to get affordable, yet powerful
and effective video ads for your local or small business is to find a company that will
create video ads using your footage or photos. There are companies out there that do not
need to come in and film your business to create awesome and powerful, and effective
video ads for your business. They take your photos or video footage and combine it with
professional music, on-screen text and a voice-over to create these effective video ads for a
fraction of the cost of a videographer. And you may be asking, “Well, what companies
do this?” I’ll let you guys into a little secret. SoldWithVideo.com does this! Alright, alright. Sorry for that shameless
plug, but that is exactly what we do at SoldWithVideo.com. We create affordable and creative video ads
for business owners who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to have a videographer
come in. And you may be asking, “Do I need to send you top-quality HD video content?”
The answer is no. You can send us regular photos taken with a still-shot camera or even
video footage taken with your iPhone and we can create effective video ads from that.
In fact, they even make these awesome lenses that you can put on your iPhone or Android
that will allow you to capture top-quality HD video content right from your phone. If
you guys are interested, you can check out this one right here. Alright, so now the second tip to creating
affordable and effective video ads for your small or local business is to go to a college
right around your area. Go to the film department and put up flyers or even ads on Craigslist
looking for college students who need to build up their portfolio. There is a ton of local
college students looking to build up their video portfolio, and most of them have the
equipment to be able to film top-quality video ads for you. And the best thing about this
is that college students are known not to have a lot of money. So when you offer them
a few hundred bucks to give you a top-quality video ad – almost the same type of quality
that you’re going to get from the videographer – they will jump on that, no problem. Or
you can even have them come in, film the footage and send it to a video ad company so that
they can professionally edit it for you. So the bottom line here is that when you want
some video ads done, you need to hire someone that knows how to market them and construct
the video ad to be able to drive people into your business, and most videographers will
not know how to do that. Alright! Now guess what time it is. Bonus
time! I’m going to give you guys one bonus tip on how to use your video ads to get more
Facebook likes. When you create a video ad, you want to get it ranked in Google and YouTube,
and when you do that, you’re going to get targeted visitors visiting your video. At
the end of that video, you tell them, “Click the link below because we have a special running
for all new customers.” And when they click that link, it brings them to a Facebook landing
page where they need to like your page in order to get that coupon or discount. So now
what happens is you’re actually getting a new Facebook like and you’re getting a
new customer coming in through the doors. It’s a double win! Alright, so here’s the deal, guys. I’ve
been working with local businesses in my area to bring them more customers, Facebook likes
and Yelp reviews through video marketing. And I’ve actually put together a completely
free three-day video course for you guys to learn how to do video marketing for your local
business. We start from the beginning and go through to the end teaching you guys exactly
what you need to do to get more customers, sales, leads, Yelp reviews, Facebook likes
and even build an email list, all from video ads. So go ahead – click the link below
this video and you guys can get instant access to this completely free video marketing course
for local business owners. Go ahead – click that link below. Alright, guys! Thanks for watching this video
and do not forget to subscribe to my channel because I’m going to be doing more awesome
marketing videos just like this one. And I want you to have access to all of them. Alright,
guys, this is Brandon from SoldWithVideo.com, signing out. local business, so let’s get right into it. Are you recording this? I thought you said
we were on a break. We have the music playing. Blooper reel! Alrightyyyy!

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26 thoughts on “Local Video Marketing – Online Video Marketing For Small and Local Business

  1. Another great video Brandon. Thanks for putting out so much useful free information for all us small business owners.

  2. Wait… so we shouldn't just pay $1800/month to have YellowPages come and make a video that they never promote and only link back to their site?

  3. Solution, just exploit poor college students with massive debt and huge equipment costs?…. I like you, and your videos dude, but I have to be honest, this left a bad taste in my mouth… I'm finishing school, and videos like these are making people feel like they can bully me around for video work because they don't want to pay me anything for a product that will make them money. Keep making great videos man, I just didn't feel the love in this one.

  4. Jake, I appreciate your opinion and feedback but I think you took my message the wrong way. Video students need to make a film reel and need samples to show. Most of the time they have to do it for FREE! That's what I had to do. But, I am telling business owners to pay them for their work…not exploit them. Most students needing to build their film reel would be stoked to get paid to build their film reel.

  5. It ends up being a win win. The business owner gets video footage done for much less than a videographer would have charged. And, the college student wins because they got paid (for something they would have done for free) and they get to build their film reel/demos.

    Plus, the film student doesn't have to do it if they don't want to. No one is forcing them to do it. But from my experience, they are more than happy to do it and get paid for it.

  6. I just check it and it seems to be working. You can also click on the link in the video. If you are still having trouble with it feel free to email me from my website and I would love to send you the course.

  7. That's a hurdle for a lot of companies thinking that videos need to be expensive and that you have to come onsite to produce them.

  8. im on day 1.
    Sold w/ video… can u add me on facebook. Id love to pick ur brain and also trade information too.  I want to start this business and really excited. please add me and thanks for incredible knowledge. You could have been selfish and charged so we all thank you. Please add me @ facebook.com/kjohnson777

  9. The second tip is really useful for small businesses! I must commend the perky and enthusiastic man behind this video too. Thumbs up! 

  10. All great marketing should begin with a strategy in order to make all your tactics work together to produce the greatest outcomes. You have to think like a programmer by beginning with the end in mind. Before you begin creating your videos, you should think about what you want to accomplish with them. For example, do you want to educate, build brand awareness, market a specific product/service, build a list and so on. Beginning with the end in mind, allows you to be focused and not adhoc in your approach. Great points, Bravo!

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  12. This win-win situation will stun you.. 😀
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    I hope we can collaborate with each other
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