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hey everyone and welcome to another SEO
tutorial this one is about some broken links stolen links or some well bad
links that you might see inside of your Google my business listing so let’s get
started and first see how to find this the first thing is if you simply go to
Google and you search for your business name in this case we’re gonna look for
495 HVAC in the town where they are Alexander II or Virginia we’ll go ahead
and do that search and we’ll see over here on the right is the business
listing that comes up right it’s the proper company 495 HVAC their website
link is fine it goes to 495 HBC com the problem is here inside of product and
services we see that this link now goes off to this other site we’ll go ahead
and take a look and see what it is okay so this obviously is not 495 HVAC com
it’s this and it doesn’t even show all of their services and I don’t even know
what a swamp cooler is so let’s go back for a second here instead what we I’m
sure this company would like instead of going to this places single platform
comm which had the wrong listings the wrong services the wrong products
instead this link shall be going to their website on their services page I
mean they spend a lot of money they have built a lot of pages here they have to
throw in a video inside of it they’ve got residential HVAC a big long list of
all the things they do for a residential you know in another video right and
that’s just one we could go through all these but right geothermal or you can
see they put a lot of effort into their services pages and it’s not going to
there is it’s going off to another and that’s the problem even down here
they’ve got a nice call to action type of thing and I’m sure the company would
much rather have the the user the potential customer come right to their
site and get ready to use instead of this broken link okay so
what else is a problem with it well it’s the same thing if you do a search inside
of Google Maps again a broken or a bad link that goes off instead of to their
products and services it goes off to this same problem and it’s that bad link
now we can help you with that in fact we’ve been helping folks with SEO
services and tutorials on how to fix these for a long time now we’ve got over
13,000 completed projects so if you have a problem with us where you see that
your Google my business listing has a broken products or services feel free to
come see us at BT phoom com you can contact us and we can get you
the tutorial so that you can have this fixed not only that you can get a new
tutorial every other week to help your business to see how it can do better how
you can fix it yourself and if you need help you can contact us and we’ll help
you to solve this we hope that you can solve it yourself with a step-by-step
tutorial if you need us we’re here to help come check us out at BTFoom.com

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