Logan City Council’s new corporate website.

You may have heard that our Council will shortly be getting a new corporate website. This is an exciting project which has a lot of great benefits for our Council and our community. Why did we need a new website? Our current website has been in operation for ten years. A little while ago we surveyed over a thousand members of the community to see what they thought of the site. Overall they agree it had served us well. But they noted that things were a little hard to find and wasn’t as user friendly as it could be. They also wanted to continue to do more things online. When we sat down to do a review we found that the site was comparable to an over-full cupboard. So we started to see what needed to come out and what could be better presented. As part of this task, we went to market to see what other systems might be available and we ended up getting a new cupboard. The new site allows us to start again and build the website to work better across all of our services and information. A big part of the project was to review every single piece of content on the current site. This is over a thousand pages and nearly six thousand attached documents. Once that was done, we started to rewrite the content to meet both the requirements of the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines as well as Plain English Standards. This will ensure our content is written in a way that is concise, understandable and accessible for all our customers and the community. We have also simplified the layout of the site, updated our My Property tool and are developing web chat functionality. We are upgrading our virtual assistant, LARA, and rebuilding Council’s disaster management dashboard. Go live for the new site is at the end of the year and once done we’ll start on a few more updates and improvements including the careers section, the art gallery, a booking system for the events and the City Works – the single view of potential disruptions and impacts on the community.

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