“I’m just too old to start the business”.
Is this what you’re thinking? In this video, video #3, in my
series of videos on starting a successful business, regardless of your
age, I’m going to take a look at our increasing long life, our increasing
longevity, and why it is never too old to start a new venture. Hi, my name is Sue
Ferreira, Founder of Wisdom To Wealth Mastery, where I show you how to take
your wisdom, everything you have up here, to the world with video, which is your
most powerful tool you have to grow your reach, your influence, impact, income.
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icon alongside, to receive a message each time I upload a new video. In my second
video in this series, I talked about how absolutely amazed I was to witness this
rapidly increasing long life that we were having. Over my – get this 50 years – as
a physician – and how – unless we screw up globally in some way – you are
very likely to have Bonus Decades that you might not have planned for. I
know some of the new medical technologies that are coming down the
pipe in the next decade or so, that may allow you to live to 120 – 130 and perhaps more, in good health. We may even be able to reverse aging in
the near future and even immortality is a possibility! That will
put the cat among the pigeons, wouldn’t it? I’m not smoking anything and I
haven’t gotten completely crackers – these are likely scenarios in your lifetime.
About 10 years ago now, say maybe around 2009 – 2010, I realized how
much had changed. One afternoon in the OR, I was the late call person and I’m
starting the list of emergencies, at the end of the day. I was told my next
patient was a 96 year old lady, who had broken her thigh bone in a fall. The only
person in the Receiving Area was this elegant – what I thought was 65 year old –
lady, sitting up reading a book, so I went back to the nurses and said
“When’s the patient coming?” They said, “There is your patient” and I thought “96!
This lady can’t be 96” but she was. She was elegant, she was sharp as a tack, she
was amusing. We took her into the OR, fixed her broken thigh. She sailed through
her surgery and went home a few days later. This was the first moment when a
Light Bulb of Longevity went on for me. These amazing, independently
living patients, they’re nearly all women in their mid to late 90s – they kept
on coming, in increasing numbers. I remember a delightful 94 year old lady.
She had a cheeky twinkle in her eye, a terrific sense of humor and she was so
excited at having her second knee replacement in a year. She was so
happy because she said to me, she’d be able to get back to her Tai Chi and her
gardening! This 94 year old was some going concern and remember currently, by
the age of 100, women outnumber men 5 to 1, because most men have
shuffled off the mortal coil by then. If you are a woman, the chances are very
high that you will be alone and solely responsible for your life and your
finances, at some time in your life, and most likely when you are older, so start
planning for this now -just in case! If you’re in your 60s, you’re going to have
maybe another 50 to 60 years of good quality life ahead of you, so why
wouldn’t you start a business, realize your dream, because you have plenty of
time to make it a success. If you liked this video, click the “Like” button below
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I’ll see you in the next video where we’re going to look at the subject of

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  1. I'm very grateful for your having been so transparent in terms of your journey, Sue. I'm an older entrepreneur myself, so this all really resonates with me! 🙂

  2. I think the best time to start a business is now! I don’t think it’s based on age, I feel that if you put off starting you’ll never get it done. Great video as always Sue!

  3. There's no excuse for someone not to be able to do what they love in life! no matter how old they are, there's always an opportunity to grasp. My grandmother is a very simple example! She was 65 when se returned back to college to get her degree. Education means a lot to her and she wanted to get a degree so badly that her age didn't stop her 😀 Loved your video!
    Check my channel and subscribe if you love travel videos <3

  4. I love listening to you! You're so enthusiastic. What a wonderful message. It makes me hate my last birthday less. 😉

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