Loyverse POS System. Retail Point of Sale System

100% Free POS Software for Small Business My name is Nuncio Georgo I’m Gaelle This is a coffee shop and we specialize in coffee, teas and gluten-free pastry When we opened the shop obviously we understood that we had the requirement of a till and I didn’t want to buy a big till because I didn’t have any room So I went on to look for an app or something that could help me in that way and I tested several apps Loyverse impressed me first of all because of the interface It’s very easy to use, very ergonomic as well. Looking good, big buttons, works well on a tablet and little by little it’s the one we adopted very easily I do like the fact that it’s quite easy to actually add new items You go to “Items”, you press the plus button type in the new article or new item you put a price on it, and that’s it, it’s done. The other thing that I ready like is the paperless receipt I think it’s really awesome as soon as you get the tenders from your customer you tap it in and then it says “do you need a receipt?” you put the email and then automatically the e-receipt is sent to the customer as soon as I press a button We can review that at home we can run our forecasts we can run our day-to-day expenses, fixed rates, and so on You have all the data You can go back months or weeks and you can actually also export it so I don’t have to copy it to an Excel spreadsheet anymore the system can do that for me So I think any business would love it There has been a couple of instances where people would come from other businesses and they looked at the app and they were actually quite amazed on how nice it was So yes, I think it’s an awesome app for any businesses

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