Luxury shoe retailer Serena Whitehaven chose LS Retail solutions

We are at Serena Whitehaven. It is a brand of custom-made
luxury ladies’ shoes, founded in 2012. I am Ignacio Pancorbo, the Managing Partner,
and I run the company with my wife. Our company specializes in shoes made to order. Right now, we are working with a partner in
the US in order to open new stores there, and we are quickly expanding from a small
company to a business of a considerable size, with a much more intense activity. The brand name is a tribute to my wife Belén´s late grandmother, who was a dedicated fashion-lover and shoe collector. When Belén had the idea to start a business,
she decided to honor the memory of her grandmother, whose name was Blanca Serena. Hence the name Serena Whitehaven. My wife´s idea was to create a different concept, something that other brands hadn´t done before. We saw many luxury brands in the market where
you might spend 1000 – 3000 Euro, and even though you got good service, it felt a bit
like shopping at a supermarket. They serve you, you pay and then just walk
away. Given the nature of the business, which is
a luxury brand, we knew we would need to coordinate stores in different places around the world. We started opening boutiques in other cities
and other countries, and we needed to control the production, stock, purchases and sales
from our headquarters. The inventory for our online store is imported
from our physical stores´ stock, so it is crucial, once a shoe is sold in a store that
it is instantly removed from the online site. We needed a solution that would allow us to monitor the whole process from production to sales. Once all the business data has entered LS
Nav, you can use the system to monitor in real time what is happening, what is available
and what is not in stock. In a way, the system becomes the beating heart
of the organization. With LS Nav, we have also been able to connect
all our stores to a single CRM system, which has helped to solve persistent challenges. We have also implemented a loyalty program that ensures that it doesn´t matter whether our members are shopping in Barcelona, Miami or Madrid.
They have the same access to loyalty points and get the same high
level of service in all our stores. LS Nav accompanies us throughout all stages
of the business, allowing us to monitor the financial side, production side, purchases,
store inventory, shipping and so on. We can keep track of everything in a consistent
way, across all our stores, as well as in the multi-brand stores we work with. To us, the fact that LS Nav offers a cloud
option was a key factor for its implementation. The fact that we don´t need a dedicated server
greatly reduces the implementation costs and we have the benefit of being able to work
in multiple devices. Ekamat was our LS Retail partner for the implementation. They worked very fast and
understood our requirements
perfectly. For the technical side they provided invaluable
advice on details that could have escaped our attention. They made it easy and simple to implement the system and get it up and running for the company. From the start, Ekamat really understood our
philosophy and what we were looking for, and did their job in a professional
and friendly manner. They were actually ahead of our needs
from the start.

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