Madan Padaki’s Unstoppable Story | HP Asia

The hinterlands of India consist of around 650,000 villages and 850 million people. I started 1 Bridge in 2016 to bridge the rural urban divide and empower young people to become entrepreneurs and change-makers. The youth of India are so full of optimism and have a go-getter spirit. Many of them have very little work experience, but it doesn’t take much to get them going. A few weeks of orientation and they’re transformed into ‘tech gurus’, helping their village community use e-commerce for the very first time. I used to be unemployed, but now I am proud to use this technology to earn an income. Since having this idea I’ve been unstoppable, working all hours of the day to bring this dream to life. And this project has proved to me that when you give capable young people the right opportunity and reliable technology… They’re unstoppable too.

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