Majoring in Marketing

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[About the Major] ALEX: Marketing is the art of determining
what consumers want and then figuring out a way to provide it to them profitably and
with more value than competitors. JASMIN: Marketing is a broad field with many
careers, so there are a wide variety of classes in this major. For students looking to specialize
in a specific aspect of marketing, an elective path is available in analytics or you can
choose from two areas of emphasis: Digital Marketing or Professional Selling. ALEX: Digital Marketing requires creativity
and analytical skills. You may write content for blogs, respond to consumers’ social media
posts, analyze digital marketing campaigns, and develop social media plans. Professional Selling prepares you to act as
a consultant and to manage major business accounts. Professional sales is relationship-based
but data driven, so you need strong interpersonal and analytical skills. [Careers in Marketing] JASMIN: Marketing graduates work for major
consumer companies, retailers, social media agencies, consulting firms, and many other
types of organizations. Our skills translate into a variety of careers
in sales, digital marketing, marketing research, services and many other fields. ALEX: The Marketing Department hosts career
fairs in the fall and spring for both juniors and seniors. Having an internship is important
because many companies hire former interns for full time positions. ALEX: I was a Marketing Intern for an IT consulting
firm, and I spent the summer branding a service. JASMIN: For my internship experience, I was
an Executive Intern at Target. I was responsible for insuring that 171 team members delivered
exceptional customer service. [The Terry Experience] ALEX: There are two competitions that hone
technical skills: the Digital Marketing Competition and the Terry Sales Competition. In the Digital
Marketing Competition, teams compete to create a digital marketing plan for a client with
coaching from an industry insider. The top teams present to company executives. JASMIN: In the Sales Competition, students
pitch a product to a panel of judges who are industry professionals. The judges use these
simulated sales presentations in order to find talent for their organization. ALEX: The UGA chapter of the American Marketing
Association and Pi Sigma Epsilon, a professional sales and marketing fraternity, host corporate
representatives who come to recruit and to hold professional development activities like
resume critiques. [What Advice Would You Give To Incoming Marketing
Majors?] ALEX: I advise incoming Marketing Majors to
get involved in clubs so you can interact with corporate professionals. JASMIN: Take advantage of all the activities
the department organizes. They will add to your skill set, and you may discover unknown
talents or even land a job. ALEX: If you’re a critical thinker and a problem
solver, and are interested in how products and services can satisfy the desires of customers,
then major in Marketing at Terry. [Outro music]

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