Make $250 a Day Online w/ Affiliate Marketing Basics

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you guys back to yet another video here on the channel where
today guys if you want to make a full time income online you’re gonna need to
watch this video to the very end because today I’m gonna be showing you guys the
top three affiliate marketing skills that you’re gonna need to master guys if
you want to become a super affiliate online and make thousands and thousands
of dollars every single month you’re gonna need all three of these skills one
won’t cut it guys you’re gonna need a combination of all three of these to
really become a super affiliate and really be super super successful online
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wind-up into my computer right now so I can show you guys the skills that you’re
gonna need alright guys you know in my computer as you can see big title top
three affiliate marketing skills to mastery because like I said that’s
exactly I’m gonna be showing you guys in today’s video every single box has a
different skill I’m gonna go through each and every single one of them it
could be sent have some details and explain exactly why you need to master
them and how to do so now you guys can become that super affiliate and earn
that full time income online but that being said guys we’re gonna start
straight off real quick take the first box away guys
the first thing you guys are gonna need to master is copywriting guys writing
good copy is an extremely essential skill for any affiliate marketer because
being able to write and hold a person’s attention the entire time is an
extremely vital skill it’s extremely important because when you write you
want the person to read the first line hook them in that first line and then
keep them hooked through the entire article the entire blog post or even the
entire video about you that’s what you do what you guys want to do is you want
to hook them in the first like five 10 seconds that first one two sentences and
then keep their attention to the entire video you want them to read the first
one and be so intrigued be so interested they just have to be the second one then
they’d have to read the third line the fourth line by the time I know what they
want do the entire article the entire post whatever it is and you held their
intention the entire time because guys good copy can make a ton more sales and
bad copy can and that’s just the truth if you have good copywriting and your
article is your blog post and guys especially on your sales pages as a view
of a sales page where there’s a ton of copy on it you want to make sure that
copy is optimized our course guys if you don’t know how to write
yet there are a few things you could do number one being you could always
outsource this you’d always pay somebody else to do it on Fiverr or some other
website but then of course I’m not looking to spend any money and the
number one thing you guys can do is to learn buy a book watch a few videos go
through a few articles and guys what you can also do is if you don’t even want to
learn just look at what other people are doing look at some of the top people
some of the topics like marketers either in your niche or any niche and look how
they write look how good their copy is guys they have fantastic copy that’s
what they’re at the top they have the essential skill of copywriting and if
they don’t then they’re paying somebody else who’s a really good copywriter
but regardless of whether they’re doing it or not look at that copy see wait see
what they’re doing how are they grabbing your attention what are they saying what
are they doing and us color in that way the copywriting is definitely a skill
you guys are gonna need if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing
good copy sells way more than bad copy does you guys have a sales page you
really really need to have some good copy on there you’ll be really trying to
sell people a product internally if it’s a high ticket product you guys are gonna
want to need really really good copy with that being said guys that’s up
number one skill guys are gonna need being copywriting I’m not gonna spend
too much time on each individual skill because this week um this would become a
super super long video and it’s not what this is guys pulling away the second box
is gonna be advertising I’ll pull it all the way away I guess the number two
affiliate marketing skill to master is gonna be advertising because of course
you guys know advertising is huge people are advertising to every single day
every in any way possible so as advertising is gonna be huge he’s being
able to create high quality attention catching ads is an incredible skill to
have as Facebook Ads is probably of the biggest advertising platforms in the
world right now and if you look at it some of the people that are really
succeeding in Facebook ads I have really high quality ads they’re really well put
together and they’re crafted in such a way that they can sell you on pretty
much anything guys so another thing if you want to get a ton of leads for a low
cost it is as simple as having good ads because I’ll go back to Facebook guys
people that are getting a ton of engagement on their ads are the ones
that are really succeeding so how do you get engagement on your ads well the
first thing is guys you want to have a good high quality advertisement you want
people to engage with it you won’t people to see it and feel good about
seeing that ad you want it to be a nice high quality creative you want it to
really be a high call guys not chorus cats if you don’t know
how to create high-quality ad set there are plenty of ways to learn same thing
there are books on advertising there are tons of videos or courses there’s a ton
of free information all over the internet I just have to find it and guys
learn how to advertise because like I said guys having ads that can do the
selling for you is so much more important than almost anything else you
guys guys if you want to make a passive income online advertising is definitely
the best way to do that because you guys having ads I can do the selling for you
is huge of course doing target customers all day every single day that’s taking
time out of your day to do the selling guys if you have advertising they
actually can do the selling for you can sell products courses offers for you and
you guys are golden isn’t you guys can just have your ads run have your ads
work for you well you can sit back and just collect checks it’s really that
simple guys if you have high quality advertising and
then also extremely good copywriting you guys are already looking gold and you
guys are already in a really good spot if you ask a master does these to you
guys will have a really good business but guys this last one I’m gonna show
you guys right now I’m gonna pull the box away that’s gonna be selling guys if
you guys know how to sell you’ll be in an extremely great spot because guys
selling is an art and you can master selling you can almost definitely be
rich one day as there’s so many people on this world that know how to sell
really really well guys they have books they have courses they’ve videos if you
learn from them you’ll learn how to sell because a lot of these people can sell
almost anything anybody which is my second point they can do it over and
over and over again they can sell whatever it is to whoever because
they’re just that good at selling now of course they weren’t always that good
guys they took time they learned they
practiced and that’s exactly what you guys have to do with pretty much all of
these skills all these skills are learn about none of this is impossible guys no
one kind of record copy can definitely be learned
advertising selling all this stuff can be learned will definitely go out there
and try to acquire some of these skills guys back to selling though guys it’s an
extremely important skill to have and it can be extremely valuable you guys can’t
sell for yourself for some reason maybe you’re really good at selling but you
just can’t sell people on offers or affiliate products nobody will pay you
to sell for them well if you’re really good at selling if you’re that good I’ll
pay you to stall for me because guys selling is an extremely valuable talent
a skill it’s an art guys if you can sell anything to anybody you’ll be
in an extremely good spot now guys like I said if you can if you just learned
one of these you’ll be in a lot better position if you don’t know anything
about any of these 110% recommend you guys start with one mastered moving on
to the second one then go on to the third one don’t try to master all two
things at one time definitely try to improve on all three things I don’t try
to match every single thing because guys this takes time to learn takes time to
learn to practice these thing it’s not gonna happen in a day unfortunately as
being a super affiliate making thousands and thousands of dollars every single
month it doesn’t happen overnight unfortunately that’s just a cold hard
truth and I’m not gonna lie to you guys it takes time to master these things but
you can master all three of these things you can master and combine every single
one of these copywriting advertising and selling and put them into your affiliate
marketing campaigns I can’t guarantee results guys I can’t
guarantee you’ll be successful but I can almost assure you you should be in a lot
better position especially because a lot of people doing a flip marketing don’t
know how to do any of this they might only know how to do one maybe two but if
you guys can really take all three combine them you guys will almost
definitely be killing it with that being said guys I pretty much wraps up this
video these are my top three affiliate marketing skills to master if you
enjoyed the video maybe learn something leave a like on the video and definitely
subscribe guys I upload brand new videos on this channel every single day just to
try to help you guys out and with that being said I will see you guys in the
next one my name is Anthony Billa peace

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