Make an AMAZING WordPress Website for Small Business – 2019

What’s up guys. If you don’t have a
couple of hours to watch a long video on how to make a WordPress website
for your small business, check this out. In 15 minutes I’m gonna show you how to
create this amazing website you’re looking at right here, and absolutely for
free. You’re not gonna have to spend a single cent in the next 15 minutes. So
while you’re having your lunch, while you’re having your coffee, check out this
video. Follow along and start creating this. You’ll be able to have it up and
running like this, exactly like I have actually, in the next 15 minutes. And if
that does happen and I keep my promise please hit the thumbs up button share
with your friends, and ask any questions in the comments below. Here we go. So
as we start to make our small business website it’ll be helpful if you go to – what I’m going to make sure is that that
redirects to this page over here. It is a page on my website that will be the one
page help guide to this tutorial, and you’ll see the five steps listed here.
I’ll embed this video after I finish making this tutorial and I’ll add some
useful links and frequently asked questions. So the first thing is to go to
Step 1: Install WordPress. Click on the link over here, Bitnami, it will allow
you to install WordPress on your own computer without purchasing web hosting
or anything like that, and it’ll be absolutely free so you can start
practicing to set up and create your own business website. So I’ve got a Windows
computer so I’m going to download the Windows WordPress installer. But if
you’ve got a Mac just select the relevant one and just take me to the
download. It’s going to ask you to save that download file just wait till that finishes. After
you’ve downloaded that just open up that installer and follow the steps to
install the WordPress stack onto your own computer. So it’ll take about three
or four minutes and just follow that process through until that’s done. Leave
all of that is default, enter a name, your email address, a login username, and
you’ll use this to log into WordPress, as well as your new password, and then click
Next. You can give your website a name or
you can change that later. Leave everything else default. Follow through
and install that package and you’ll see that installation progress on your
computer. It’ll take two or three minutes. Okay brilliant,
and now let’s launch the Bitnami WordPress stack. You should see this page
here, and if you click on access WordPress you’ve successfully installed
WordPress onto your own computer. So I’ll just minimize that. Here are some
important pieces of information you should write down, so I’ll copy that and
just note that down you should note this down as well. That there is your
WordPress URL on your local computer. In the future if you follow the final step
that will be replaced with whatever your business name dot com is, for now
that’s our practice URL. Then that forward slash login will be your login
page if you need to log into your WordPress dashboard. If you’ve logged
yourself out and you’ll be able to use the username and password that you
entered during the installation process. And there we go that’s the dashboard of
your WordPress website. This is the engine behind your entire website, and
what you’ll be using to configure and create your website, and it’s going to be
super easy. So that’s step one done, you’ve successfully installed WordPress, simple as that. It was free and painless. Okay so now on to the second step –
Install the Web Design. And that’s also going to be free so now that we’ve
logged into our WordPress dashboard, using that URL there and the username
and password. You should be in that screen here. So now to install the web
site design you need to go to appearance, and then go to themes. In WordPress a
design is known as a theme. We’re going to add a new theme so click on that
button and search in this box for a theme called ASTRA,
and click enter. That is the one, so click on the Install button, and now
click on activate. Tthe next thing we need to do is go into plugins and click on
Add New. We need to install a plug-in called Astra Starter Sites, so search for
that. And what this will allow you to do is to deploy, in other words install ,some
ready-made website designs, and they look spectacular. And you’ll just have to go
in and tweak images pictures stuff like that. So a plug-in is just simply
something that extends the functionality of word person so that’s what we’re
doing here – we’re using the Astra Starter Sites plug-in. Click on Install Now and
when that’s installed click on Activate. Once that’s activated you should see
this green here if you don’t just hover over appearance your sidebar and go to
Astra Sites , and then the next thing I need you to do is click on Elementor, and
just like it says these are starter sites. You can click on any one of these
and preview any one of these with the click of a button, install this as your
new website design, it’s freaking amazing. Anything that has an agency next to the design like this means that it’s a paid design but everything else
is free. So as you saw that one looked amazing, it’s free, this one’s pretty good
as well. And again one-click deployment if you
want to use this design along with all the other pages. But the one I’m going to
use for this demonstration is this one here. There’s no real reason behind it,
it’s just what I choose to use for this demonstration . You can use any of the
designs that you like in the previous screen so once you’ve chosen the right
one that you want to base your website design off just click on install
plug-ins. It will install all of these essential plugins. And don’t worry if
you’re not sure, you can always go back to the previous step and choose a brand
new website design and then implement that one and it will replace everything
with the new design. So there we go that’s been activated and now we just
need to click on this import this website button. Yes, we want it to
overwrite everything and install this brand new website design, and this will
take about a minute so just give it a little bit of time. There we go the
import is complete and let’s view our website. So there you are go to your
website URL and that’s what your business website currently looks like.
It’s amazing and you can now start editing content, and that’s what I’ll
show you next. Don’t worry about this black bar over
here, that only shows because we’re logged into WordPress, your visitors will
never see that. Now the third step is to customize text,
images, buttons, and anything else you want to customize on your website, with
your own content. So what you do is you can either go to the page you want to
edit and click on edit with Elementor. You can go into the WordPress dashboard
and hover over pages go to all pages. Find the page you want to edit, in this
case the home page, and then click Edit with Elementor and you’ll be able to
customize basically anything and everything you want on your web page.
Let’s take this image for example. Let’s click on this button here, let’s go to
Style. I’m going to delete that image by clicking there. I’m gonna add a new image
and select one from my computer, that’s uploading insert media. And then I’m
going to align this one position Center Center, there we go. Just a little tip
I like to use Unsplash for my photos. You can basically type in anything you want
and they’ve got a huge bank of really cool photos you can use on your website
and they’re all royalty-free. That’s where I got this one from. So we’ve
updated an image you can update your text simply by clicking there and making
any updates. So simple, I can even edit buttons, so if I click on that over there
anytime you click on something you’ll see some options in the side area over
here. I can update the link – I know in the future I’m going to have a page called
services. You can always come back here and change that at any time. You can
change alignments the size of the button styling all that kind of stuff. Now let’s
take this for example, if I click there on this icon I can actually click on
that and choose a completely different icon. If I want to or I can get rid of
that altogether, so let’s do that. Of course you can click here update the
text like I showed you before, very very easy. Now say I don’t want
this module over here for example let’s click on that, let’s click on this cross
icon, it’ll delete that entire section. What that deleted was that component but
if I want to delete this entire section I’m just gonna click on that section and
hit the delete section area cross button over here. So that’s a very easy simple
rundown on how to make changes, and you can make changes to any part of your
website on any page simply by clicking, looking at what’s available in the
sidebar, and making the appropriate changes. So anytime you make an update
make sure you click on the Update button over here then if you go to your website.
So if I click on those over here and click on view page you’ll see those
changes have been reflected on the front end. And just in case I didn’t make it
clear these pages have also been automatically deployed, and you can use
any one of these pages. And to edit them it’s the same process – click on edit with
Elementor that will take you into the Edit dashboard and you can click on any
section that you want to change, just like, that and you’ll be able to make
those changes in this side area. Over here you can change images text headings
icons buttons and anything else you want. you can add modules, remove modules, but
that takes me on to the next section. The next step to making our small business
WordPress website is to Add New Pages. SO if I go back in here, click on these three lines, I can exit to the WordPress dashboard. What I can do is click on pages and add new pages and I can give this new page any title I want. For example let’s
call it some sort of a service that you may have. I can click on edit with
Elementor, and now here’s the cool part I am going to add a template, so see this
icon over here, click on that I’m going to add a fully functional brand-new page with the click of a button.
So let’s scroll down. Let’s have a look at this page. Ok I like the
look of that page, I can simply click insert, and there we go that entire page
and design has been inserted and I can click Publish. That now exists on my
WordPress website. there we go. Let me give you another example. If I go
back and add a page, edit with Elementor, click on that templates icon, you can
click on the magnifying glass to preview any particular page. That one looks
pretty good, and I can even go up and search for a contact page. For example, so let’s have a look at a nice free website contact page. This is probably one here I
think that’s pretty cool. It’s got a map as well, you can put your business
location. So ok I’m going to click insert and there we go we’ve read our contact
page. I can also add individual modules so if I go to blocks instead of pages I
can add individual blocks or components to a particular page, and I can choose
from any one of these, and then once I add it I can then style it in any way I
want with different colors, fonts, text images, just like you would for any other
section. So there we go simple as that to add new pages to your website. So we’ve
with a click of a button added a Services page, and we’ve added a Contact
Us page. Okay so that brings us to step five –
Adapt the menu over here and perhaps even add a drop-down menu so that
customers can find information very easily. So to do that go back into your
WordPress dashboard, hover over appearance, and go to menus. this
interface you’re looking at here is very very user friendly. you can do one of the
few things, if you’ve already created a page you can click on the check box and
click Add to menu and that will add that to the menu structure, you can also add
some custom links so for the purposes of a demo I’m just going to copy that home
page URL ,and call it home. Add to menu. You can also delete things. And so as you
can see you can really customize your menu and its structure and like I’ve
just done there drag and drop an item based on where you want it to appear in
the sequence. Now if I just add one more page let’s say this one for example and
click Save menu, make sure also that the primary menu is enabled. I’m going to
refresh the site, you’ll see that that now appears. However I want my services
to appear under services. So you may have various sections to your website you’ll
want to manage your hierarchy of your website so customers can find what
they’re looking for, so in this case we want these things to appear as a submenu
so when someone hovers over this it appears as a sub-menu under it. That’s
very simple, all you need to do is drag and drop that under the item you want it
to appear and then indent it like so, and that will be a sub item. Let’s get that
one as well. You can also rearrange the order in which sub items appear. You can
also rename the labels, so let’s say Services one, and I think you get the idea. So if we
click on Save Menu and then refresh the website you’ll see that that has taken
effect, there’s now a drop down arrow, when someone hovers over that they can
now easily navigate through the various parts of your brand new website. So that
brings us to the end and the final step is to launch it live because you
probably don’t want a URL like this, you want to launch a live for the public so
that your URL looks something like this, and you can use it for all of your
marketing material It’ll be life the public and you can
start attracting more business. So I hope we’ve been able to help you create an
amazing WordPress website in just 15 minutes, and please I urge you to help us
by hitting the Thumbs Up button sharing with your friends. And also subscribing
because I want to put out some more amazing content in the future that helps
you progress your business and make it as successful as it can possibly be. But
if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask me either in the comments
or contact me via the contact form on my website. Thank you for watching and I’ll
catch you in the next video.

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