Mapquest To Chipotle (by Carl Doonan) – Game Grumps Animated

[D] You are Mario, are you not? [A] …Yes! [D] It is pleasant to meet you. [A] Okay. [A] I’ve go– I leave now.
[D] My– [D] I’m the main computer of this fortress. [D] I am TEC. [D] I must tell you something. [D] Princess… [D] Peach. [A] Princess Pee. [A] HI!
[D] Uh…I– [D] am sus– [D] Sorry,
[A] Hello! 😀 [D] Most of my Data was e-erased [D] And my main power unit was shut [D] …Down. [A] Hi… [D] You know that Peach is not here, do you not? … [A] Who is Peach? [D] Please save…Peach. [D] Please. [D] PLEASE. [A] Should I get Chipotle…? Or…. [A] Oh, the TV doesn’t work anymore! [D] Ba– [D] Back-up power failing… [D] Mario, please hurry. [D] I will cease all Al functions [A] *laugh* Al functions?
[D] To send power to the…teleporter for you [D] To send power to the…teleporter for you [D] Poor Al. 🙁 [A] But what will happen to Al?! [D] When the power is all gone I will– [D] Cease to exist… [D] But if it will…save Peach, [D] I–
[A] Computer Map-Quest to Chipotle! [D] Because I– [D] Really? [D] …Map-Quest? [D] Because until I met Peach, I knew nothing of…love. [A] Why’s Map-Quest being all emotional? [D] Do not worry about me, I am just a computer. [A] I know. Chipotle. [D] Mario, you must save Peach I ask you…please. [A] ALEXA. [D] And tell her… [D] The way to Chipotle is… [D] Aww, are these his last thoughts of her? [D] *Bzz* I will always remember her… MEMORY DELETED. [D] TEC System Failure Reported. [D] Oh… [D] That’s so sad– [D] Mario. We’re must to save the princess [D] For that tech fellow as well as ourselves! [D] But in the meantime… [A] What the heck was going on with the-the computer? [D] Yeah, you just…
[A] It’s just… [A] Wasn’t giving me the GPS directions I needed…? [A] I need to catch up on my Amazon shopping! [D] Was it anything- oh there is something else down here. [A] That’s her changing room. [D] Hell Yeah! [Sub to Game Grumps and Carl Doonan :D] [D] Goodbye… [D] You can’t hear this but [D] PRRRRRRRRRRR.

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100 thoughts on “Mapquest To Chipotle (by Carl Doonan) – Game Grumps Animated

  1. I was watching this video and after Arin said Alexa, my buried Alexa started playing Bohemian Rhapsody under the couch. It was the most surreal thing to hear while the computer was dying. >XD

  2. I love how Mario is portrayed as a few mushrooms shy of a pizza. That's a mouse, not a microphone, tu stupido figlio di puttana.

  3. That was so cutie. I loved the Thosand Year Door playthrough. One of my favorites. Happy to see it masterfully brought to the world of animation!

  4. Is it ok to make funny Italian stereotype voices anymore? I mean, Arin and Dan have become such PC virtue signalers lately, I'm not sure… I guess "Italian " isn't a protected class….. yet

  5. This is awesome! Theres sooooooo much material in their Paper Mario Play through that i hope ppl do more animations of!

  6. When Arin fucking shouted “Alexa” in Mario’s voice, my echo dot started listening then spouting some utter buttshit in response

  7. Oh god, Mario talking into the mouse like Scotty did in Star Trek IV (The One With the Whales) absolutely killed me.

  8. at the age of nine I was born without a face, but then as I got older I got rid of all of that. To this day, my nose gets all scratched up.

    You've spent a lot of time developing your acting career for TV shows. Do you have any advice or lessons to teach others?

    I did my first short film a year or two ago called "The King of the Biker Gangs".

    The title story I'm playing is from our previous shorts called "The Good Guys" and "Horse Boy".

    My main advice is to try and do small and not much involved films, if you want to make a film.

    If you're making a film of nothing more than a photo or storyboard, you're not going to do that. You can make a very good short film, and if you have two people work side by side it allows everybody to get away from each other and work together.

    How has it been for you to develop as an actor?

    You know, I've thought about it all my life, and now I can really think about it, with a little bit more self-awareness and maybe just making more sense after a while when things start to add up.

    What inspired you to take on something other than acting?

    When I was a child we lived

  9. This animation style is just… absolutely incredible. It captures the feeling of the games perfectly ;; One of my favourite Grump animations for sure, now.

  10. It's pretty ironic that Bobbery was comfortable with Mario and himself in the dresses. Jerry, Luigi's Bob-omb partner, was given psychological trauma from catching one glimpse of Luigi in a dress. Irony.

  11. Arin. Dude. That’s a sensitive moment, and all you did was babble on about chipotle while dan was trying to get into it. Fuck Arin.

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