marketing 101, understanding marketing basics, and fundamentals

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45 thoughts on “marketing 101, understanding marketing basics, and fundamentals

  1. This is a truly exceptional video in educating the essence and processes of marketing. i know i will refer back to this again. Thank you

  2. Deng Xiaoping has been reported to have said, “it doesn’t
    matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice”. Today’s
    marketing managers employing current marketing trends, would disagree, claiming
    that, you ‘can’, catch more mice with a little hair dye…

  3. this is Great!! am listening to the video and linking the information to my business am growing, seen where I must put in more work and where am doing good! let's get interactive and let's get more of this video's.

  4. I’ve heard it estimated, two percent of the world population
    have natural blond hair, blue eyes, about eight percent, these numbers are
    unconfirmed from an unknown source. So, how did these traits become desirable? I’m
    guessing because of their rarity among the population. With the advent of
    designer babies, their rarity will diminish, since everybody will want what is
    rare, as dark eyes and black hair will become more desirable for their rarity. These
    days, with common usage of hair dye and contact lenses, almost anybody can
    suddenly become desirable, at least as far as their pocket books will allow,
    and if there is enough room in a televison studio to hold them all.

  5. This is very educational! I always wanted to learn the different aspects that goes into a business, and this gave me a great start to look into the importance and implementation of marketing.

  6. Marketing is hard as shit…. I just created a marketing plan for my new marketing research business. So far I made no money:/

  7. 1: Overview : 0:07
    2: Understanding the planning process 3:10
    3: Assembling the team 5:02
    4: Creating the marketing plan 8:38
    5: Understing b2b and b2c marketing 11:39

    Analyzing your business
    6: Focusing on your core business 13:56
    7: Determining your marketing plan’s scope 15:21
    8: Researching the competition 17:44
    9: Analyzing your products 21:05
    10: Analyzing your customers 22:15
    11: Analyzing the business process 24:11
    12: Analyzing your marketing 28:14

    Developing your strategy
    13: Segmenting your customers 30:27
    14: Targeting your customers 33:10
    15: Positioning your message 35:27
    16: Setting goals 38:05

    Developing the tactical phase
    17: Understanding the 4ps model 41:04
    18: Creating the right products and services 43:58
    19: Setting prices 47:39
    20: Communicating price 50:15
    21: Setting promotional objectives 53:25
    22: Sending your promotional message 57:13
    23: Using social media to promote your products 1:00:15
    24: Understanding distribution channels 1:04:05
    25: Designing distribution channels 1:07:40
    26: Integrating all four ps 1:11:03

    Aligning the business
    27: Presenting the leadership teams 1:13:54
    28: Educating the sales team 1:17:06
    29: guiding vendors and agencies 1:20:37

    Launching and measuring your plan
    30: Budgeting 1:24:05
    31: Measuring key performance indicators (kpis) 1:27:17

    Thanks a lot for the video, those shortcuts will help when reviewing the video again.

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