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Before launching any product or service at any place,you have to understand its marketing environment Today’s topic is about marketing environment. What is it and what are its types? Hello friends,my name is Sahil Khanna,you are watching Intellectual Indies and today we will talk about Marketing Environment Every country is different. they have different needs and people have different purchasing power Environment,temperature,conditions,legal system,government is different and there are many other similar factors due to which either a product gets successful or not All these are known as Marketing Environment Marketing environment is divided into 6 types For better understanding,I call them PESTLE P for Political Political means that country or state is run by which type of government Do they want Enterpreneurs or they work for their own profit? Govt plays a major role in success of a product in any country or state You can see that Modi ji has reduced many legal complications Every thing is made digital to minimize corruption And additionally,new startups are opened in our country So govt plays a major role in any startup’s marketing strategy Next is Economic Economic means the consumer of that country has how much purchasing power What is the per capita income? How much percent of people have how much money? Consumer over there wants to purchase costly or cheap products? In US,people prefer buying costly whereas in Europe,people prefer buying cheap products If you want to launch product in Europe,then pricing must be acc to that and if in US,pricing must be acc to that place Next is Social. “Unity in Diversity” After some kms in our country,language changes Many cultures allow non-veg while many doesn’t So Social factor,what is the thinking of that society comes under Social Environment Next is Technology How is the technologial environment of that place? India is the leading literature audience in terms of software If you go oustide India,you will realize that people over there are fools in terms of technology 5-6th standard student of India formats Window easily whereas in US people pay high amount of money for formatting They also pay high amount for installing anti-virus So technological environment of any country is a big defining factor If someone buys smartphone in India,we ask for RAM,its processor and camera In other countries they buy Apple for show off. They have no idea what features they provide or anything Next is Legal Legal means what is the legal environment. How much paper work is done there? If you have to launch any company there,then how much documentation levels are required? To launch any product what all these need to be done and how much time will it require? That country have good intellectual properties or not? if you are making any product,is there any fear of copying by another person? Next is Environment How is the environment? What is the temperature and amount of rainfall? How much humidity is there? There are many other factors which defines the success of your product If you are making phone for rainy area,then your product must be water proof If you make water proof phone for that area,then you will get edge than your competitions So guys,this topic ends here. I hope you liked the topic If you liked the topic then please like,share and subscribe

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29 thoughts on “Marketing Environment-PESTLE | Philip Kotler | Hindi

  1. One of the best thing is that you give whole content written too in description… I make notes from that.. Thanks sir

  2. Bhai smjaya to bht bdya bole to aundha pradarshan , Lekin thoda dhire or lmbi video bnani chahiye thi thoda xplain m

  3. i wouldnt say they dont know about tech but comparing it to other countries in terms installing windows what the fuck he is talking about. For a minute i started liking his videos and suddenly he starts talking like chutiya

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