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The PhD program in Marketing in London Business
School prepares you for a career in academia at top international institutions. I graduated from here in 2009, and I got a
job at Columbia Business School where I’m an Associate Professor of Marketing. My research
interests are in general, empirical models in marketing, trying to understand customers
preferences and behaviour. I find Marketing an exciting discipline because
you can do research and teach in a variety of different areas and topics. In my research, I explore online marketing
problems using principles of economics, econometrics and efficient computing techniques.
Iris Steenkamp: In my main interest of research, are actually
social and economical development in emerging and developing countries. Now, I’m mostly interested in financial decision
making and in particular, their role of self and identity in the context of financial decisions. I apply empirical models of consumers’ and
firms’ behaviour to the market data, but I also used different methods. In one of my
papers, I complimented the analysis of market data by conducting an experiment in the lab
and online. From a financial perspective, the most recent
statistics for 2016 about the annual average salary for entry-level PhD in marketing is
about $150,000. The PhD program at London Business School lasts four to five years.
Students receive full tuition waiver and also, nano-stipend for five years that allows them
to live comfortably even in expensive cities such as London. Students also get covered
for their expenses to attend international conferences and of course, for the cost they
incur when they do their research. Students are not required to teach. So, they
can focus on their research and also, make the most of the intellectually stimulating
environment that is offered at London Business School and in the Marketing department. In the first two years, we take classes and
then, we just focus on our research. And, compared two or three or four-year programs
which are much more common in Europe, it just means that we have more time to develop our
skills and develop our project. Given that I’m interested in field research
in developing countries, my supervisor has provided me with the opportunity to go to
these countries. I think one of the best learning experiences
in the program happens in seminars and in the summer camp, where LBS host guest speakers
from around the world from prominent schools. And actually, we as the PhD students get-get
the unique opportunity to talk with the speakers afterwards. We discuss with them our research
ideas and get feedback. I focus a lot of my research on emerging markets,
and I’ve taken many courses at the LSE and at UCL in development economics. The PhD program here at LBS is relatively
small and which means that we get a lot of attention from faculty and specifically from
our advisors. Having professors’ office right next to
the PhD student office, we often discuss my research outside the class. So, having that
easy access to and interactions with faculty members who are world renowned experts in
various theories and methodology was an essential part of learning. I like the fact that the program is situated
in London, which is a great multicultural city as well as it has access to so many different
industries. For example, in two of my research projects, I obtained data from companies that
are currently operating in London. And so, it’s just so convenient to just take hop onto
the tube go for a small ride and pick up data and come back. Beyond education and all the courses I took
here, what LBS was crucial for me was the way they helped. The department help me getting
a job I have right now. They helped me both navigating the job market, getting to know
to the right people – didn’t just apply to the right places, and that was crucial for
me because I didn’t even know how to start. Our students get placed at premier research
institution all over the world. Most recently, Stanford and Columbia universities in the
United States, and HEC Paris, and Bocconi University in Europe. Would I choose LBS for my PhD? I mean obviously,
I did and I would do it again. Why? Because LBS has the resources, the research interest
and environment to actually get the skills you need as a PhD student. So, while it was
challenging, I got the support, and the help and the role model of many people in this
building that actually helped me be what I am right now. We are looking forward to welcoming bright,
motivated, driven, ambitious PhD students into our family. So, don’t miss this life-changing
opportunity and apply to a PhD program in Marketing at London Business School.

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