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I want to start today’s video by showing this photo there, look! See? Do you know what it is that costs R $ 185 reais? It’s written on the product, look there. That’s right you’re thinking. This is mud! Earth, clay … one hundred and eighty-five reais. If you were interested in mud … At the moment I record this video, Rock in Rio is happening. and there in the little shop of the event you will find this little box full of clay. And, best of all, it’s selling! People are buying mud! People are getting there and buying land. A box full of earth, of clay. How can such a thing ?! Already, I’ll explain it better. I’m going to tell you why this box of land is being sold. Rather, let me speak to you who now imagined, in a somewhat prejudiced way, that the people who are buying this one hundred and eighty-five reais mud are at least idiots. For you I want to ask a question, look at those two glasses there, Which of these two glasses would you choose to drink? An American cup or a cup, that little stick on the side, you see? Probably you will answer the cup, and if I ask you why this choice, you’re probably going to answer me something like: “The cup has the widest mouth making it possible for my nostrils to have more close contact with the exhaled wine vapor making the palate sharper, and completely transforming my experience of tasting. ” But who said that to you? Who said you need a cup like a goblet with wide mouth, so you can smell the wine, Who told you that? probably a sommelier, or else you in a book about wines, or a friend of his said at some point in his life that you might not even remember, since when you were a child you might hear people saying that. Well, I’m not an expert on wine. so I guess if I drank the wine in the American glass or the glass, for me it does, I would taste the same wine, but because I’m not an expert, I’m not telling you that you’re wrong, you’re right, by the way! You are the wine expert, you realize this difference, I do not realize, because it’s not my specialty, it’s not my taste, I’m not a big wine drinker, so I can not differentiate one thing from the other, So much if the glass is American or if it is plastic cup if it’s coffee cup, if it’s cup, I’ll feel the same taste, this is the reality. Now come on, you chose the cup, ok, wonder, but I’ll complicate this question further, just look at those two glasses, which of those two glasses would you choose to drink your wine? Is it on the left side or the one on the right side? I imagine you were in doubt, Not because the two bowls are binary, but because they are very similar, the material is the same, the format is very similar what’s up ? Which one will you choose? you may have chosen this one because it is more fulfilled, or else, this one here because the mouth is wider and its nostrils enter better in the glass, but are two bowls, I can not believe you would feel good taking your little wine in this cup here. or else in this one here, do you agree? both are beautiful glasses, are wine glasses. Now, if I tell you that this cup here costs eleven reais and this one costs three hundred and fifty-three reais? Well, those who are not interested in wine will choose the cheapest, I would choose, but wine lovers are certainly already wondering, “Wait, Bruno, why does this cup cost three hundred and fifty-three reais? What does she have better than the others? What’s so great about her? ” The first difference of these two bowls is that, are different companies that produce them, the one of R $ 11 is of the brand Blumenau sold in the super-market, the sole. This one is produced in Austria by the Riedel brand, sold at a large wine shop, Grand-Cru. ok, “Bruno, so it’s expensive why is it imported?” No, even because a glass of a hundred dollars, eighty or a hundred dollars, It’s an expensive glass even by American standards, right? Even the guy earning a dollar for a hundred-dollar glass is money to hell, right? Do you agree? So why does this glass cost three hundred and fifty-three reais? And why does the whole world buy? Well, according to the Riedel website their bowls are produced with formats developed specifically for each type of wine, preserving its message, its aroma and bouquet, reaching the human senses in the best possible way. Well, according to her the taste of a wine, whether it be a bottle of fifty reales or one of ten reales, has improved taste if drunk in a suitable bowl of the Riedel brand. Well, several tests were done with American and European experts placed a wine, a common cup and in a cup Riedel, put for them to try, and really was unanimous, the experts pointed out the cup Riedel like the bowl that offered a more intense taste experience. Now this is revolutionary, because a simple cup can improve significantly the taste even of cheap wines, you get that 5-liter vine, that 5-liter bottle, I put it in the Riedel cup, it became port wine. But these tests with the experts were done in a way with which, these experts saw the wine being placed in a common bowl, being placed in a cup Riedel, they touched the cup, they saw the whole process. But blind tests were also done, bandaged the specialists and did in a scientific way, following rules and standards, You know what they found, do you know what conclusion they got? detectable adder of different cups was absolutely Zero! Tanta made a cup of a dollar when one hundred, the impact of the glass on the wine was not one! so why sommelier, sperts and spatials in wines, said they had a different experience, more intense, more tasty with the Riedel cup and not with the common bowl, and because the scientists easily succeeded which has no difference between one cup and another, because? You who like wines, believes that Riedel’s raffle leaves the taste of wine tastier, and period, against faith, not facts, you believe and point, and you’re not wrong at this, what’s the problem ? Do not you think? you do not realize? Are not you feeling this? So ready, wonder, wonder, the important thing is to be happy, is not it? Riedel sells millions of dollars every year, selling to smart, influential, wine lovers, from all over the world. And they start to taste the wine with more pleasure, much more pleasure than before, How fantastic, because, it seems, Marketing can transform the knowledge of any wine, the marketing, in the form of an expensive cup along with a story coming with it, can transform a wine’s flavor much more than a cork, than an oak barrel, than its aging time, Riedel improves the taste of your wine by telling a story. And the mud of Rock in Rio? When you buy the acrylic canister where it has the mud inside, will look behind that little box, and you will find the following text: “The periaries found pieces of T-shirts, shoes, sandals, glasses, remains of those fantastic 10 days still clutching the mud of 85, when one million three hundred and eighty-five people were there, now a little of that mud is yours. It was made of earth, grass, sand, rainwater, sweat, tear, beer and lots of excitement. ” People who bought, they did not buy clay, they bought a little of their happy past, a single materialized moment, who once was only there in his memories, and who may now be on the shelf of his room. They believe that this mud is a reminder of that happy moment, in the same way that you believe that coffee nespresso dolce gusto is much better than a conventional coffee, that skol descends rounder than the others, and that opening a coke is opening up happiness. People do not buy products, people buy happy stories. If you liked this video and are enjoying the brand value series Like I liked you, you’ll be helping the people who also want to have access to this knowledge about marketing and entrepreneurship, when I click I like the video becomes more relevant and ends up appearing to those people who are interested in this subject. Thanks and until the next video of value brand.

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