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Hi, I’m James Palmer, Vice President
Sales and Marketing for Great Little Box Company The company has been around since 1982,
the owner Robert Maggie actually bought them out of bankruptcy in 1982 with three employees
and two machines and has developed it from there to be one of the largest action
companies in Western Canada. Getting out in the marketplace that we’re a great
company to deal with is definitely a full-time job here and takes a lot of energy and effort. In order to do, that you have to make
sure that all over employees are extremely motivated so we have a lot of
plans in place to make sure that our employees come in every day and
find it a great experience to come in to work. The awards that we apply for definitely
give us lot of good exposure in the marketplace. Being a very good employer, we won Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies we’re now platinum
which means we won that awards 7 years in a row. Being one of the Mclean’s Top 100 Employers and
BC Business’ Top 200 Employers year after year really ingrains in people’s minds that we’re a good
company, when they think of boxes and packaging they automatically associate the Great Little Box Company. In addition, we put a lot of energy into winning design awards. Every year we win 3,4,5 different awards
for innovative packaging That also reinforces that we can supply them with
the great packaging that they need for the products. Social Media has definitely come to the forefront
of most companies into marketing campaigns. For a company like us, we find it more and more
important; making sure it’s up to date all the time and we add content and value to it and month
after month, year after year the number one way you’ll get new business is
word-of-mouth, the number two is referral. Over the past decade, with sustainability and
responsible practices, the company has become much more prevalent so when we built this building its state-of-the-art,
energy-efficient, no poorly ends up in the landfill. In return, all of our boxes contain a minimum
of sixty percent post-consumer recycled. We actually manufacture a 100%
biodegradable minutes here. You can dissolve them in water and leave no unsafe residue. One piece of advice I’d be willing to give to
other senior executives in marketing is I think the first thing that you need to know is who your customer is and how you want to track them so at
Great Little Box we’ve definitely focused on what’s a good business fit for us and that’s where all of our efforts go to
attracting companies that are a good fit and and not putting a bunch of energies into customers that aren’t a good fit.

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