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It’s an interesting time to work in
marketing in the publishing industry, there have never been more ways to
connect our books and our amazing authors with potential readers. Our work begins right at the beginning. The value of marketing in that conversation about
new books that we can buy is trying as much as possible to think about who that
audience is how big they are. Would they buy a book on this subject or buy this
person? And also think a bit about what those campaign ideas might be. the world we live in now is obviously a digital one so we spend a lot of time working
with social media platforms: Facebook Instagram or thinking about great
content for those channels. We still do our fair share of what you might term
traditional advertising so that could be posters on the tube it could be more
guerrilla marketing so creating bespoke outdoor advertising in unusual locations. There are more ways that you might be able to engage with an author be on the
page and it’s really great to think about okay what are those connections
and when Margaret Atwood is here in the UK how can we create the best possible
event for 450 fans but how can we use technology to bring her closer to
literally thousands of readers across the world and that is kind of part of
our mission. I think the most successful campaigns are ones that have a really really
strong central core message and if it’s strong enough it should be adaptable. ‘The
author and agent like this so much and editor likes it so much that I think
they’re actually changing the direction of the final cover to look more like
this.’ ‘Marketing in action.’ To be involved in that process of
connecting those ideas that matter with readers is so rewarding and endlessly
interesting. Books continue to be the really really important central kind of
life tool that I see them as.

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