Marketing your online presence

Okay, so you’ve established
your online home, and now you’re looking to bring in more
customers to your virtual front door. Let’s discuss some ways
of doing that using search engines, other websites,
social media, and email. But first, Rachel, the owner
of Rachel’s Kitchen, takes us through some of hers. We use a number of marketing channels,
as part of our online marketing, including paid search, social
and also email marketing. We use paid search
for our core products as well as to highlight
calendar-based events, for example, Valentine’s Day
and Mother’s Day. We use social together
with email campaigns, particularly to engage
with existing customers getting them to interact
with social media, leave all sorts of feedback, post pictures of how their cupcakes
arrive and people’s reaction. Which is fantastic because it’s
great for feedback for us that we’re doing a good job. And equally, those customers then act
as ambassadors for our products. How are you going to get
your customers to find you online? There are a few ways
you could do this using digital. Let me start with search engines. When people type something
in a search engine, they’re letting it know exactly
what they’re looking for. If you offer relevant
services and products, search engines will show
your business in the search results. There are two main ways
you can use search engines. We’ve got lots of info to share on both. The first is search engine
optimization, or SEO, which helps you promote your business
in the unpaid search results. The second is search
engine marketing, or SEM, which lets you buy ad space
in the search results. SEO is all about getting your site
in front of the right people who are searching
for your products and services. There are lots of ways to do this
and we’ll explain them in detail later on. But the key is knowing what words
people actually type in– the keywords. These are the most relevant words
to your business. Understanding these
will help you improve the way you show up
when these words are actually searched. SEM, on the other hand, is when
businesses pay to advertise to people searching for specific keywords online. Most major search engines use an auction
system, where lots of different businesses compete to show their ads by bidding
on the keywords they’d like to target. Search is a great way to reach people,
but we do lots more on the internet. We read news, check sports scores,
browse recipes, watch videos, and generally browse all lots and lots
of interesting content across the web. Alongside this content you might see
ads; this is called display advertising. Display ads appear everywhere online
and come in many different formats, like text, images, video, and ads you can
click on and actually interact with. They can be a great way
to get your message out there. And you’re also able to choose
the people you want to see your ads and the web pages and websites
that you’d actually like to appear on. Social media sites like Facebook,
Twitter, or Google+ give another option for boosting
awareness of your business. And they’re especially useful
for building relationships with customers. On most networks you’ll create pages
or profiles for your business. You can connect with lots of people by starting meaningful conversations
and sharing content you’ve created, whilst growing your business’s
online social presence. Before we wrap this up, let’s not forget
one pretty important way businesses can use digital:
email marketing. We’re not talking about junk email
or spam that clutters up your inbox, but sending relevant information
and offers to people who’ve already said
they’d like to hear from you. You can get people to sign up or opt in
to receive emails from you. Then the rest is up to you. You can send coupons to people
who have made an appointment on your site, maybe advertise a special event,
or promote sale items. Knowing all the ways
you can find people online and knowing how they can find you,
can help launch your business big time. The more types
of digital marketing you try, the more opportunities you’ll have
to reach your most valuable customers wherever they happen
to be in the digital world.

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