Marketing Your Photography Business: Website Optimization and Strategy Master Trailer from PRO EDU

– Across the board, marketing is so often the weak link in a
photographer’s business plans. If you don’t know where your
next client is coming from, chances are you don’t
have a marketing strategy, ’cause I see so many photographers who take their beautiful
images and quickly and hastily just throw them up on social media, and expect that to be enough
to market their business. So, how are we gonna fix
your marketing problem? Well, we’re gonna start by
taking a top-down look at what it means to create a good
and successful marketing plan for a photography business. – How do I tell my story
through a blog post? – By creating content that’s
meant to answer questions, solve problems, and
inspire your target market. We’ll focus on how to bring
inbound traffic to your website. For starters, that’s what we’re looking
at when we talk about title, and your title is actually very important. We’ll also talk about how
to build outbound channels that broadcast your message
to your target market. We’re really really focused on taking that amazing content you produce, and push it out into channels
that your target market is already hanging out in. We’ll look at every single
one of the steps involved, including defining all the terms, and getting in to setting a course for your future business plan. Now, what I think we ought to dive in to, is a basic site audit that you can follow along
with live on your own website. This course isn’t about
trying to figure out how to just do more marketing tasks, it’s about starting over and redefining what you should be doing. Every company needs a
marketing strategy to survive, photography businesses are no different.

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