MCC-Business & Technology – Electric Utility Line Technician

[instrumental music]    …I’m a
field line instructor at
Metropolitan Community College in the Line Tech program. This is a program designed
to, uh, get people ready to the apprenticeship
for a electrical lineman. Uh, there’s a big shortage,
a need for them
in upcoming years. Right now,
there’s probably a need for,
the next 10 years, 180,000 lineman
in the United States. And this program’s designed
to familiarize, uh, young students
that want to be a lineman or think they want to be
a lineman with the program to see if they’re really
cut out for it.    …I’m in the
Electric Utility Line program here at the
Business and Technology campus. Uh, I got interested
in doing this, um,
always been interested in it, always been
a hands-on type person,
always wanted to work outside, I can’t stay inside
for too long. Love every bit
of what we’re doing so far, love everything
that I’ve learned here. [instrumental music] [Brittney]
When I started, uh,
I didn’t hardly know anything and we went into climbing,
the safety of it, working safe, and now I’m confident
in what I do. I’m confident in working,
I’m confident in climbing
and it’s not even a year yet. At the beginning
I was freaking out
over everything and now it’s just easy.    …I’m going to the
Business and Technology campus. I’m in the
Electric Utility Line program. I’m-I’m coming here to get started
to become a journeyman lineman.
I’m learning how to climb. I’m learning
basic transformer hookups
and connections and safety. Safety’s a key when you’re going
to work on electricity. You don’t want to have any
chance of being injured
or anything like that. You get your basics
out of the way and then you work
on just being safe. [instrumental music] The whole reason why I wanted
to do this was it’s outdoors,
it’s physical. Um, I can’t stay inside.
I can’t do an office job. I’m too fidgety.
I can’t sit still long enough. Always been interested in it
ever since I was in high school. I was gonna go
for heavy equipment operator
and I changed to this, started studying it,
applied here, got in,
and love every bit of it. Just love it. [Ed Budy]
This program’s one year. We try to familiarize them
with electrical theory,
stringing wire, building transformer stations,
lighter stations, and three phase power banks
for commercial customers. Uh, we try to get them
a little bit of-of everything. We stress safety extremely.
I’m very, very strict
on safety rules. I’d like to see these people,
uh, go out in the real world, get a job, and live long enough
to retire. That’s why I’m a stickler
on safety. All your large companies,
anymore, require this program
as a predecessor
to the apprenticeship program. After I graduate here I plan
on, uh, getting into the
apprenticeship. After the apprenticeship,
I plan on getting my card
and being a lineman, furthering more my career,
getting better at it,
learn every day. [instrumental music]   

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