Meet Lamia Shreim – Marketing Manager at Tamatem Games

[Music] hi my name is la Miriam and I’m the marketing manager at Watson I joined the multiple August 2015 as I was set to working in and way to start up from the very beginning I’m so I’m so happy to have embarked in such a journey in the field of gaming and marketing the marketing department at the Motum is very diverse it consists of five sub departments it includes performance marketing influencer marketing social media PR and data analytics each division is unique in its own way contributing to the overall success of the marketing department for example the influencer marketing team are responsible for contacting all relevant influences building close relationships with them and have them promote our games to their followers in performance marketing it’s all about a/b testing different channels and optimizing our ads on a daily basis as for social media we have a strong presence on all channels with PR we are always exploring on new opportunities and of course data analytics the superhero behind the success of all of our games the best part of my job is that I have a great team that I can’t fully rely on joining the bottom was a challenging experience I was given big responsibilities to a field that was quite new to me that said I was very determined to learn and to continuously be better and better which made the school challenge a very positive experience I had tremendous support from our managers along with hard work it led me to where I am today right now I aspire to do the same with my team we work together and share our knowledge with one another to ensure that you continue to grow and learn from our mistakes to be successful in marketing for me I believe research AV testing and data analysis are the key contributors to the success of marketing basic with a be testing we always test on different components different networks different channels and campaigns with research we always try to be up-to-date with gaming and the market itself and with data analysis we optimize our campaigns access and ads on a daily basis I enjoy everything about working at Martin my job company culture and the overall company strategy music what I value most about tomaten is that I got full trust from my team and from my managers to test out new ideas new concepts as I see fit I never do the same thing twice every day is a new challenge and four years on I continue to learn and grow every single day [Music]

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