Meet Salesflare – the intelligent CRM that startups and small businesses love to use

Managing data is the salesperson’s curse but Salesflare can lift it this intelligent sales CRM allows you to focus on customers instead of data you get started in just a few clicks and immediately see the magic happen your address book automatically fills as Salesflare gathers contact and company info from email signatures, social profiles and more so you save time entering data your meetings and phone calls are automatically logged so you save time reporting actions and even the files you exchange with customers are automatically organized so you save time finding them that’s a lot of time saved and this is just the beginning with Salesflare you readily stay on top of opportunities because you see all opportunities in one smart overview you get notified when and how customers digitally engage with you and you get an automatic to do list of which ones require action today just follow Salesflare’s lead to make more sales and check the dashboard to see how well you’re doing Salesflare easily integrates with your mailbox bringing all valuable customer information right at your fingertips supported by hundreds of other apps such as MailChimp, Slack and Trello it’s simple to set up yourself and for the techies: yes, you can build on the API Salesflare: Less work, more sales grab your free trial today and start boosting your productivity!

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