Meet The Truck-Driving Mom In A Business With Hardly Any Women | American Jobs (HBO)

— I’m a truck driver for Price Chopper
right now, it’s a local company. I’m gonna have my breakfast coffee,
and then I’m gonna go. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed. I don’t think you’re going to be
going to bed before Mommy leaves. Make sure you help Jeff
clean up and put everything away. I’ll miss you. Bye, honey! Love you. I leave the house at 9, I clock-in at 10. Drivers can work 14 hours on-duty, 11 hours driving. They can send me a really long dispatch,
or I could do a bunch of short ones. I became a truck driver because
I was a 19-year-old single mom. Trucking has provided me with financial stability. It has made me a financial provider for my son. I would say being local is almost harder
on the driver than over-the-road, because when you’re over-the-road, all there is to do is sleep when you’re not working, so it’s real easy to get your rest. When you’re local, your family’s expecting you. But you have an obligation to get your rest
before you drive this massive vehicle. And then there are the people who think, because I’m a female, I have it easy, which is not true. When I was in a sleeper cab for a different company, I was outside the produce market and
the manager of the receiver was saying, “You must get so lonely in that truck,
how about you come out to dinner with me,” “and you can use my house to shower if you want.” I declined, and I had to keep going back there. Because I declined, he wouldn’t unload my trailer. He’d make me sit there and wait,
and make me the last truck. We’re heading to the warehouse. We’re going to drop it in a door so that
the warehouse workers can unload it. They’re going to clean up the trailer, it’s gonna go back in the line to be
filled again for another dispatch. There’s really no one to call at 3 in the morning. All you have is a radio. That’s one bad thing about working nights, but everyone knows that driving
the truck is easier at night. It’s open roads. I don’t know about the future. Drones are never going to be
delivering the palates of food. That’s not happening. It’s not gonna apply in my lifetime. I know our lifestyle, and we’re not going
to be able to advance if I lose this, so… My license is my resume. I treat it seriously, I take the job seriously. It’s a good feeling, having a career. No one’s gonna stop me from
giving my son the life he deserves. I’ll find a way.

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100 thoughts on “Meet The Truck-Driving Mom In A Business With Hardly Any Women | American Jobs (HBO)

  1. Nicole Strickland is one mother trucker.

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  2. I am not putting her down but 50 to 70 hours a week????. $70,000 a year for those hours????? Am l missing something?
    Where is the overtime, as a union tradesman after 8 is 1 1/2 to double time.
    Can some one explain?

  3. I've worked long haul overnight and day and night shifts round town, in Australia and New Zealand. Everything she says about it being hard to get your rest working local is 100% true. Great to see a young person making it in the industry. Keep up the good work. All the best from New Zealand.

  4. A woman supposed to be at-home while the man Is the man provider for the family , for the sake of money and material driven society she has to be otr sometimes weeks or even a month away without seeing his or her child , nobody see nothing wrong with this pictures.

  5. Girl power….. But Vice TOTALLY didn't make this story with this woman because she's attractive…. No no no….

  6. I am long haul and from what ive seen, i would say maybe 10% of truck drivers are female. I cant imagine being local or even regional, it would be so much harder. I like as many miles between shippers as possible. The more youre driving, the less it feels like work. When youre at the shippers…. THATS when it becomes work again. Much respect to this hard working mom.

  7. That motherfucker should get his ass kicked For being disrespectful Toward her we all got ladies show respect

  8. Be a truck driver is a hard work I’m a driver for 20 years. The job no pay the money the driver deserv. Is a hard job to many idiot people driving and texting and crazy people driving makes stupid decisions from a heavy truck.

  9. Drones arent coming for your job, Nicole. Smart trucks are. Dont need to take my word for it, you'll start seeing them on the roads next summer.

  10. I'm a female..and have been long haul for 24 yrs.. it was different back then..but now with automatic trks..Morris women…not that rare any more

  11. Now if she hadn't gotten knocked up and didn't ink up her body she could have got a rich man to provide for her. She could be really cute.

  12. Good for her, shes a gorgeous young lady with goals and a career, and I promise you there's no easy way for a driver, shes earning it.

  13. Must be nice to have a good paying job doing dedicated topped with video footage pay must be nice for those who are doing this show plus the ice road fakers but I will say thanks for the laughs

  14. I've been a truck driver for 27 years and yes, there more women behind the wheel than ever before. Good for them!

  15. How bout a video on the young independent owner operators getting choked out by the commercial trucking insurance industry? If youre under 30 insurance premiums are outrageous

  16. She driving an automatic lmmao thats not real truck driving…and by the way female drivers are not rare at all

  17. I'm a truck driver, it's really hard here in TX I gotta drive 600 miles daily and wait for my load, I work 14 hours a day .

  18. So where’s the father?
    Nobody even asks
    Ok , cool, she’s a single parent providing for her offspring
    Men have been doing it while lazy women spend , sleep and cheat on them for centuries
    Just not seeing what’s so damn remarkable about this story
    Female empowerment
    Yeah, we get it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. I’m a trucker myself 34 just started 2yrs ago. In a few weeks I’ll be a owner operator. It wasn’t easy. It ain’t easy being OTR & away from ur kids. Keep up the hard work! It all pays up in the end. My best advice to u is get a lease truck or become ur own boss & hire a driver to drive it. That way you’ll spend more time at home. You can also buy another truck & drive that one in case u wanna make extra cash. Best of luck!

  20. Honestly, trucking is the perfect job for a woman. So many out of shape men that waste away in trucks when they could be doing construction or labor

  21. She fell for the american trap. Kids don't deserve nice shit, they deserve their parents. She will b sad when her kids want to b wit daddy for everything instead n will prolly end up resenting them n gitn divorced cuz it's hard to maintain a relationship wit 20 hours every week. she can't see that she ain't doin it for her kids, she's doin it for herself n convincing herself it's for her kids. Trust me, all of America fell for this bullshit, work hard, make a lot of money cuz my kids deserve it, retire n live the good life. But life's even harder after 65, millionaire or not n wit no bond wit ur kids it's all duty n obligation. my foster parents bought me everything that they could n I even went to London n Disney world once, n tbh as an adult I don't really remember it, it was koo I jus woulda rather had parents, I ended up running away at 16 up until last year wen my shorty turned 2, n I'm 31. I don't blame them, I blame myself for handling a hard situation in an unhealthy way but also the mentality of capatalism n materialism over family. Makin money Koo n God knows I've done that in many ways, but it shouldn't b more important or even the same as family. Now that I got my own shorty, I keep my bills down so even 15,000- 20,000 a year goes a long way. I still will have to work n am on my last couple weeks for my class A, but once I pass my road test, get my endorsements for tanker n hazmat, I'm Makin sure I'm finding a regional job wit daily home time wit a company that values family time over or as much as work time, go part time after a year n then have my BM go part time too, now that I'm a stay at home dad I see the value of time and it'll b MORE then enough of that AND money cuz my priorities r in order in the context of my expierience. Maybe it's cuz im an orphan, maybe it's cuz I've almost died a lot (I got shot 3 weeks ago) but moneyz only good for one thing n that's to afford you time, fukk saving that shit wen it takes away from actual time wit my kids. My goal is to not save them much money (only for funeral n if I have any debt n tell um to get cheapest box or fire me up n spread me half thru the hood n half in the ocean but I'm dead aredy who cares lol) but TEACH them how to make money themselves then ion have to worry bout that shit. Last generation learned to enable n it's so unhealthy to the family dynamic. Maybe my kids won't b goin to London, or even Disney land but to kids, everything's new, I can take um to the public pool in my hood in Chicago or to the dunes a state over n they'll react the same, kids r not kids cuz just their bodies, they kids cuz of their level of expierience so take um to something new n their as wonderous as ever, no need for Mickey mouse to show um u love them. kids do deserve shit but it's not stuff or money, a lavish lifestyle, it's time. In fact more convenience will only make them weaker when they r on their own because convieience is fine until it becomes an inconvenience or u can't live without it. Maybe it's cuz Im from Chicago where it's tough all the time but sadly, wen ppl realize this shit in retirement age, they will have wasted much of the only currency that really matters, time, and then they will feebly try to form a bond that shoulda been done in childhood but u can't do that wen ur kids r adults n u don't really know or understand them n they only know love as recieving stuff.

  22. I never will forget at my dads business in Vegas we ordered a rock crusher. I pulled in with my 8 axle and shortly after came in a 78kw pulling a 2/3/2 and a 5’2” older petite lady got out. I about fell over seeing her. Gorgeous and long nails dressed very nice handling 1/2” chains and binders. Never tell a woman she can’t do something.

  23. OTR is easier than local?! I dont think that is true… some have better options than others, but they just depends of the person and their situation.

  24. so she's only making $16.50 an hour? I average $25/hr hauling gas, work 4 days a week, about 10 hours a day. and I work for a company which can't keep drivers because their pay is so low.

  25. You make a great roal model an you do a great job you are just as important as any other driver say safe

  26. I'm 38yr old male nanny. Combined with my part time job at the nail salon, I know how she feels. I'm a man living in a female-dominated world, but it's SO empowering.

  27. In a job where she makes the same CPM as a man, but you know it’s coming…………..”we should be paid more because………uh……..WE HAVE PERIODS” hahahahahahahaha

  28. If truckers would work together on our common problems, this industry would be so much better. They can't force poor working conditions on us if we all (at least the majority of us) said no. If the trucks stop the economy stops.

  29. I love this and i like it , i'm driver too , and a the job of a driver should be in the country where I live in Indonesia, the system works like this, there are standard work procedures, and make sure their skill drivers are guaranteed and have evidence such as driving licenses, proper maintenance of their vehicles

  30. theres plenty of women truckers vice, cmon now. this is not ground breaking documentary. yeah 20, 30 years ago women were rare driving trucks but not now

  31. Here's what's said…

    She has to put in all those hours AWAY From her family…just to make $50K-$70K…and I personally know people who make that anywhere from 1 week to 1 month w/their online businesses…working 1/2 the time!

    One does Amazon/FBA…(sends traffic to their Amazon link) another friend does Shopify (Sends Traffic to their store and offers upsells during checkout process) and my best friend does CPA marketing…all through paid traffic…which is either Facebook/InstaGram, Youtube or Bing!

    I'm not quite there myself, but at the rate I'm going, I won't need my day job ($3K/montly working just about 50 hours/weekly…) much longer and am shooting to walk away from that job by September!

    It's not always about working hard in life, but rather, knowing how to work smart!

  32. Night driver here. I like working nights because mainly less traffic on freeways and when delivering, most places are closed making manuvering on what would be busy streets during the day, are empty.

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