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We understand that every small business is
different and whether you’re following in family footsteps or following your dream,
you want it to be a success. We also understand that the relationships you have with people
working in your business can be personal, some maybe family members and others will
have become friends. Unfortunately, around one in five employees are likely to be living
with a mental health condition, which can affect their wellbeing and productivity.
Thankfully, there are a number of simple and cost effective actions you can take to create
a mentally healthy work place. Here are 10 ideas to get you started. One: Increase awareness of mental health conditions
by making information available in the workplace. Two: Increase awareness of people’s mental
health responsibilities by providing information on how they can look after their own mental
health. Three: Reduce stigma in the workplace by speaking
openly about mental health and encouraging others to do the same. Four: Build skills and confidence, so you
can approach someone who maybe experiencing difficulties. Five: Encourage staff to seek treatment and
early support from nearby services and information lines. Six: Assist staff with mental health conditions
to stay at or return to work by making changes to their role or environment. Seven: Monitor and manage workloads by encouraging
your people to speak up early and seek guidance. Eight: Increase the input from your people
on how they do their work by listening to their ideas. Nine: Prevent bullying and discrimination
by promoting an environment of dignity and respect. And ten: Provide regular feedback by recognising
when tasks are done well and highlighting the areas of improvement. To find out more on how you can
make your workplace more mentally healthy, visit because a mentally healthy workplace is just
good business.

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